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u/camobit · 3 pointsr/Pennsylvania

first and foremost, find a hunter safety class and take it. there is an online option now but I really recommend going to an in-person class. I did this when I was 11 or 12 and remember some very experienced old timey hunters explaining everything. we even got hands-on experience with some old 22's and got to shoot them at a range.

they will cover most of your questions, and will go over gun safety and how to hunt safely (identifying your target, whats behind your target, etc). They should also cover the basics of field dressing (removing the organs out in the field).

If you want to hunt deer you're going to want a rifle of at very minimum .243 caliber (preferably higher, i hunt with .30-06). Hunting rifles as of this moment cannot be semi-automatic although there is a real possibility this will be changed by next hunting season. (Even so the most common AR-15 which is .223 caliber is too small for hunting deer.) A .270 is a common whitetail caliber, big enough to take down a deer but not going to kick as hard as .30-06 or .308.

When you buy your hunting license, it comes with one tag to harvest an antlered deer. The rules of what makes a deer count as "antlered" vary from region to region but for most of PA it requires at least 3 points on one side. The paperwork you receive will also have a form you must mail in to your county treasurer to apply for a doe tag. The doe permits are limited and the earlier you apply the better your chances are. A doe tag is only good for the zone you applied in.

If you want to hunt rabbits and birds such as pheasants or turkey you'll want a shotgun. Most people would hunt with a 12 gauge but if you've got a smaller frame you might want a smaller gun (16 or 20 gauge). Turkey requires a tag similar to a buck, which are included in your regular hunting license.

Ducks require a special stamp you can buy when you purchase your license, and there are rules about the metal in the shot shells when you hunt waterfowl (it can't contain lead).

if you're interested in squirrel hunting you can use a shotgun, but the more challenging way to do it is with a 22 rifle. This is a very small and inexpensive bullet.

If you've never handled a gun you're going to be nervous carrying it around with a shell in the chamber. The best thing you can do is take it a range (such as these) and go through a few boxes of shells practicing. A State Game Lands range is free to use as long as you have a hunting license. The one by me usually has a game commission officer there who would be happy to answer questions. Just practice, learn where your safety is, be aware of where the muzzle is pointed, and keep your finger out of the trigger guard. Also protect your hearing! You will need hearing and eye protection at the range!

you need to wear orange on your head and chest/back for most seasons in PA, the exception being some archery/muzzleloader and turkey hunting. Just get a hat and vest and you'll be fine.

Other gear: knife (I prefer a small fixed blade knife to a folder for cleaning deer; less places to get hair and gunk stuck), lighter, maps, emergency whistle, emergency blanket, drag rope (to get the deer out of the woods), rubber gloves (so you aren't a mess after cleaning a deer), and I bring a spare phone battery.

Like any other adventure in the wild make sure people know where you're going and when you should be home.

u/discogeek · 4 pointsr/Pennsylvania

He's written a few books. Here's one of 'em from 2013.

God in Our Government

"Contrary to what we've been told recently, our history is by no means secular. It is rich with the influence of God s hand and God's word. His presence is apparent in the documents of our government, on the memorials we cherish most, in our government buildings, in our art, and in the words and writings of our greatest leaders.

"In a time when our culture is spiraling downward into a moral abyss we have lost touch with God. We have fashioned a moral vacuum into which all manner of depravity is allowed to rush in, while any trace of virtue, God or the Holy Scriptures is being systematically expunged.

"There has never been greater need than today for our people to hear the truth of our Godly heritage. There has never been a greater need than today for our people to hear that truth reaffirmed by their leaders."

u/Sunkitteh · 9 pointsr/Pennsylvania

OH, there are a few products!

Botanigard-ES, available on Amazon

Biopower is based in India, I can't find it for sale on Amazon or in my nearby stores

Naturalis-L is only available "for crops under permanent protection" (farmers and growers?)

Ha ha ha ha ha. Fuckers.

u/NicCageKillerBees · 10 pointsr/Pennsylvania

There's an interesting book about this, The Big Sort by Bill Bishop. It looks at how people have moved to areas that align more with their politics, consciously or unconsciously, over the past 50 years. Worth a read if you like this sort of thing.

u/susinpgh · 1 pointr/Pennsylvania

A friend of mine wrote this book, A Film About Billy, that is a dystopian work of fiction about an increase in suicides. It's set in PA, too.

I don't know, just sayin' is all.

u/Or0b0ur0s · 5 pointsr/Pennsylvania

13 Bullets, by David Wellington. A modestly interesting vampire story, which happens to be primarily set in central Pennsylvania. Obviously, it was cool to read something set where you live, or at least somewhere you're familiar with.

The two main characters are an FBI agent and a PA State Trooper. At one point, they are passing through eastern-central PA and stop for some reason, at which point the FBI agent gags at the sewage smell as he gets out of her cruiser.

She points out that it comes from mushroom farms and isn't a sewer line break as he suspects. He retorts that mushrooms do not smell like feces, and she informs him that the mushroom fertilizer (cow manure) must be boiled in order to be sterilized for use... and that's what he's smelling. She mentions that you get used to it when you live here.

He incredulously replies "You get used to the smell of boiling shit?!?"

The mushroom industry can burn to the ground for all I care. I'll happily never eat one again if it means I don't ever have to have the experience of my head being shoved into a gas station toilet just for being outdoors under a clear sky... I'd rather see homelessness and poverty go up from the job losses than have to smell 10,000 cows' asses outdoors again, while in a residential neighborhood nowhere near a cattle ranch or dairy farm.

u/AgentSkidMarks · 2 pointsr/Pennsylvania

There's a book called Weird Pennsylvania that has a ton of information on cool places to visit.

Weird Pennsylvania: Your Travel Guide to Pennsylvania's Local Legends and Best Kept Secrets

u/webauteur · 3 pointsr/Pennsylvania

Yes, many films have been shot in Pittsburgh. I bought this book Pittsburgh Film History: On Set in the Steel City

u/Yerdonsh · 2 pointsr/Pennsylvania

I bought this off Amazon, it is one of the ingredients recommended on the Penn State lanternfly page

Compare-N-Save Systemic Tree and...

u/cbsauder · 1 pointr/Pennsylvania

You need to get your hands on the Mennonite Cookbook. I'm almost certain the recipe would be in there.

This is the one my parents have. I can't guarantee your recipe will be in there, but If it isn't then I don't know where it'd be.