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u/GaryV83 · 2 pointsr/Pensacola

I live pretty close to the corner of Fairfield and Gulf Beach, so I wouldn't say that makes me the definitive authority for the West Pensacola/NAS area on antenna television, but I think it makes me pretty close to being an expert on the subject.

This is the model of antenna I have, made by Terk. The main element is relatively average in size, as illustrated by the picture taken with the water bottles. If I were to estimate, though, I would say it's about 12" tall and 18" wide and deep. The "rabbit ear" elements, though, are inestimably tall. It sits on top of our rather large (6' tall) entertainment center and easily can touch the ceiling with them. Fully extended, though, they're probably about 36" long, each.

Now for what matters: reception. In all honesty, it's not entirely bad. I regularly receive: 3.1, 3.2, 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, 15.1, 15.2, 21.1-5, 23.1-4, 33.1, 35.1, 35.2, 42.1-3, 44.1, 55.1, 55.2, and 58.1. All-in-all, not too bad. Now for the bad news: there are a couple of channels that are intermittent, if present at all. Fox is one of those channels. As a fan of football, this infuriates me! So I researched the signal levels for our area. Alas, Fox is one of the weakest stations for our area. It's based out of the west end of Mobile. So, unfortunately, if you're like me and are craving any shows from Fox (like my fiancee does for Glee), you're going to have no choice but to go with an outdoor antenna.

If you want to shop for that locally, try RadioShack. Truthfully a great selection there. Otherwise, every review I've gone over has pointed that the model of indoor antenna I have is one of the best on the market. Good luck out there!

u/Grumpntug · 1 pointr/Pensacola

I home brew, though my equipment's still in boxes as we've only been living here in our house for about 4 months. I usually brew hefeweizens because the wife loves them.

It's very easy to get into and there are great kits for first timers available online. I believe there are a few brewing shops around here (still new to the area so have to research)

I highly recommend a kit like this

You will end up replacing a lot of it over time but this and a beer kit will get you up and running easily without missing some needed equipment, introduce you to brewing, and provide everything to make more beer if you like it.

Once you've gone through a brew with a kit like this, you'll be able to more confidently walk into a home brew store and purchase things you need. Plus you get beer! (About 50 bottles) have fun! Remember you're just boiling stuff, so no need to panic!

u/tagelthebagel · 3 pointsr/Pensacola

Yeah that's what I thought too. But this one has a pretty neat. It is an iPod nano like this

Probably good for running if you didn't want to take your phone it is really small.

u/Failosaurus71 · 5 pointsr/Pensacola

Absolutely, it really depends on what you want. My first dash cam was the Rexing V1 Dash Cam. It is one of the cheapest on the market that is still very reliable. However, it only covers the front of the car. I recently upgraded to a BlackSys CH-100B. This one is a little bit more expensive, but it comes with a rear camera as well. Blacksys has an app that can connect with the built-in wifi of their cameras that allows you to change settings and review footage from your phone. If you want more information there is a subreddit devoted to dashcams. Hope this helps!

u/BattleSausage · 3 pointsr/Pensacola

Here is it mounted to my fence, and this is the amazon link. It can be pole mounted, but what I would do is grab a 4x4x8' and put it in the ground 3 feet, then mount it to that. I am sure your landlord won't have a problem with that.

u/jtrez · 2 pointsr/Pensacola

Friend showed me this the other day, said it's awesome. I haven't tried it yet but I am intrigued.

u/MossyHarmless · 2 pointsr/Pensacola

\>Chooses to live somewhere with three Class C airspaces

\>Complains about airplanes doing airplane things


Joking aside, shooting earplugs + alarm clock designed for the deaf. Never be awakened by jet turbines again.

u/LeavingPcola · 2 pointsr/Pensacola

off the top of my head right now the only one I can think of is this one and the first three dark tower books. At work right now i'll come up with list ASAP.

u/The_Neck · 3 pointsr/Pensacola

I put a motion detecting water sprinkler near my porch down town. On amazon it is called “scarecrow” and I drenched that assclown that was letting is dog shit on my porch. I think it would work wonders here.