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u/Kramasz · 3 pointsr/PepperLovers

I use CloneX and TakeRoot. But I think they work better if using more than just water. If you absolutely need something to clone, I'd try these. If it's just an experiment, then water is fine and will probably do the trick.

Tomatoes clone super easy in water. Had one shoot out roots in 2 days.

u/voluptuousTTs · 1 pointr/PepperLovers

Yep, first time ever! Zone 6.

I have all my plants in a small pop-up greenhouse and I've gotten pretty lucky with pests I guess. I just spray with neem oil and this stuff about once a week.

u/Justinmplatt · 2 pointsr/PepperLovers

Thanks. These have potential to be really cool if they survive the beating they took to fit in such a small pot.

Succulent Pots | Ceramic Bonsai...

Amazon! 7.99$ and you get em next day.

u/mynameisanto · 1 pointr/PepperLovers

With advanced nutrients i mean this: . At the moment the plants are growing in similar way. But the AN is a 3 part fert (GMB), so I can modify the ratio of the three parts in the various stages of growth, (f.ex: more grow in veg stage, more bloom when plant start to flower) instead CF which is a 1 part fert (but more specific for peppers, AN is formulated for 420)

u/flameout56 · 1 pointr/PepperLovers

Sorry - I must have botched the upload of my photo. Here's a link to one of the Amazon vendors that has a photo of the Zambia.