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u/NSFWies · 1 pointr/PetiteGoneWild

vegetarian just means it's harder to get good protein. one of the things a plant based diet can be low on is Branched Chain Amino Acids (bcaa). These are a few amino acids the body triggers muscle protein synthesis from. to make sure you get enough, have a bcaa drink once or twice a day

i have a large tub of the watermelon flavored. to save money, you can mix half a serving of that, with plain BCAA

the plain stuff is really gross tasting and doesn't mix well with water. but the drink mix flavor covers it up, and the ctiric acid + lecithin emulsifiers help it dissolve really quickly.

ya, nuts to the mass gainers, they're just going to be carb powder. you're better off eating more low glycemic veges or beans. beans are a great source of low glycemic carbs, and you can cook up a lot from dried, all day in a crock pot.

glute/quad/ab heavy physique is a good choice for women. due to the lower starting muscle mass, thanks to less testosterone, lower body workouts can show more desireable thanks to walking around and casual use promoting more slow twitch muscle development.

i've seen girls with more average looking bodies at the gym who told me they competed. i think the hardest part is those weeks of not many calories trying to get the body fat as low as possible. after that, bam, get almost naked and show yourself off to the world. i don't think any of us are going to win any body building awards. think of it more as "fuck ya, i did it".

for now, to help with more muscle growth, try to aim for 25-40 grams of protein every 4 hours. protein shake as soon as you wake up. normal lunch, protein shake for dinner, protein from food source before bed.

the protein shake right away in the morning is because you just got done with "a fast" by not eating while you sleep. the protein from real food close to bed time so it takes longer to digest and helps promote muscle growth during your sleeping fast. and bcaa drinks don't count as protein shakes :).

only around 10% of excess dietary carbs are used by the body to make additional bodyfat. so if you're going with a surplus of calories, add more low glycemic carbs.

for now, to pack on weight, try for 150g of carbs, 150g of protein and try to keep fats to no more than 50g. if you can't hit your carbs and protein goal, try to at least hit the protein goal.

you will add some body fat during a bulk, it's impossible not to. that's why you'd bulk for 3-4 months or so, then cut and try to lose weight for 1-2 months, and repeat. when you do a cut (trying to lose weight by eating less calories than your body needs) you will lose muscle and body fat. after a few weeks, 2-3, your body will be much more efficient about NOT losing muscle. so a minimum of a 4 week cut is recommended.

i like as a female body builder. she's smart and i think has a good physique you could aim for.

good luck, enjoy the only sport where you try to look good naked, and the sport where no one would give you funny looks if you stripped down to your underwear to talk about your physique (it's so funny what i've seen happen in the gym and no one thought anything odd about it).

u/Marie_Dean · 1 pointr/PetiteGoneWild

I’ve looked into white corsets. The next one I buy I would like to be similar to this ♥️

u/Dollywinks · 6 pointsr/PetiteGoneWild

The frilly white socks? Bought them here. :)

Or did you mean the socks I was wearing in the original posted pic? They were gifted to me awhile ago, so I'm not sure.

u/slutanddaddy · 1 pointr/PetiteGoneWild

It's just called an anal hook. You can get them almost anywhere, even amazon lol, here's a link

u/itsagoodtime · 1 pointr/PetiteGoneWild

i think if you had a few colors of this wrapped around you, then you would start to feel better.

u/brocolicookies · 2 pointsr/PetiteGoneWild

Alright, but there's one catch... you can name the time and place. Our team name Hufflepuff Puff Pass.

u/mouseroo · 2 pointsr/PetiteGoneWild

You know what makes a bed even more appealing on cold days? Heated comforters.

u/AntiSocialTroglodyte · 1 pointr/PetiteGoneWild

I cam across this gorgeous pop Dracula play by Edward Gorey a long time ago and I still kick myself in the ass for not picking it up. Here it is on Amazon,