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u/upstateboro · 5 pointsr/PhishPrints

Get an archival grade portfolio from amazon. One 18X24 (most fit in this) and one bigger eventually. This will allow them to be stored flat and you can flip though it like a picture book when you want haha. This is the one I use and it’s been great.

u/mocksong · 7 pointsr/PhishPrints

Psyched to hear about your first show - welcome to the party!

You should typically be in line about 20-30 minutes before doors open if you want to ensure you get a print in hand - if there is a ticket taker or arena employee nest the entrance line ask them where the nearest merch stand in and once you are in make your way there as quickly as you can without endangering those around you.

They will provide a tube at the merch table along with your poster but I recommend buying one of these if you plan on doing the same in the future as they are sturdier than cardboard and are much more enjoyable to sling over your shoulder and forget about than having to carry around a tube in your arms (it inhibits ones ability to boogie!)

As for your stub - just toss it in the tube - it will bend slightly, but nothing that 24-48 hours under a stack of books won’t fix.