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u/professor_throway · 2 pointsr/PipeTobacco

Lord Eden is one of many names produced by Norma de México S.A. for B&M tobacco stores in Mexico. Pipedia doesn't have more than that so I wouldn't worry too about ruining it (provided you didn't pay a lot for it).

I am still learning restoration but I have a few under my belt. Take my $0.02 for what its worth. I don't see any problems with the finish, dents that need steaming, or fills that have fallen out. Here's what I would do.

  1. Ream cake back to almost bare briar. I have a Castleford reamer and it works really well for cleaning up flea market and antique store pipes. If you don't know if this is something you will enjoy, and don't want to spend any money just wrap some fine sandpaper around a dowel and go carefully.

  2. Remove the stem and clean it throughly. Do the oxyclean treatment to remove oxidation. Do a quick google search there are plenty of descriptions.

  3. Clean the shank. Some people use everclear, I like to use 92% isopropyl alcohol because it is dirt cheap. You will use more pipe cleaners than you can possibly imagine. Bristle cleaners help. If you have a shank brush or other nylon brushes they will help too. try really hard not to get alcohol on the finish it could ruin it.

  4. Keep cleaning the shank. You are lying to yourself if you think it is clean. Does a damp pipe cleaner come out looking new? If not you still have more to go. You might use dozens of pipe cleaners.

  5. With a cotton cloth lightly dampened with alcohol gently clean the rim as best you can.

  6. If you have access to a buffing wheel setup (my first one was buffing wheel chucked in an electric drill wire tied to a saw horse) give the whole thing a once over with brown tripoli followed by a good coat of carnauba wax. If you don't then just buff will a good paste car wax by hand.

  7. Smoke it a few times with a simple burley blend (I like Carter Hall) that should exorcise any ghosts. If it is still strongly ghosted, and you are sure you cleaned it really well, then try the salt and alcohol treatment.

u/dashn64 · 4 pointsr/PipeTobacco

I don't know the ins and outs of pipe restoring, but this website has all the info you'll need:

/u/Flatticus, /u/scriptonic and /u/federalmng are the best restorers I can recall on this sub (sure I'm missing others though). Hopefully one of them will see this.

The stems on quite a few pipes are heavily oxidised. The only way to fix that is by sanding them back as far as I know. There's a solution that is used to help in the process, I know it's on rebornpipes but I can't remember it (can't get the right product in Australia so I didn't make a mental note of it).

Some other good products for the stems are:

u/CuriosityKTCat · 2 pointsr/PipeTobacco

You will hear a lot of varying opinions on this, so I can only share what I've worked with. Sorry for the text wall, I'm just copy/pasting some of my previous comments from other threads haha (lazy but efficient). Long story short, stem work is tedious and frustrating by hand, but worth the work.

Best approach I have found with oxidation is to submerge and soak the stem in a mixture of white distilled vinegar and baking soda. Cheap, natural and non-toxic!! You want the solution to bubble and fizz during the majority of the soak (so use a good amount of baking soda in the bottom of your container and a lot of patience filling it). I will use a pipe cleaner to suspend the stem over a small Mason jar and keep the tenon out of the solution. Make sure you have cleared the airway as much as you can. You will want to see bubbles coming out through the lip as it soaks. You can soak for 1hr to overnight (this soak won't hurt anything)

Wet sand with the flat sodium bicarbonate starting with 400 and progress to 800 grit sandpaper (depending on patience level and depth of oxidation). Finish with micromesh pads ( Wet sand with flat sodium bicarbonate with first three, and dry sand with the rest). I usually apply olive oil between every 3 pads. :)

I finish with Howard Butcher Block Conditioner (Food grade mineral oil and natural waxes found at Home Depot). Allow it to soak in and buff with a micromesh towel. Others can use just olive oil or carnauba wax and a buffing wheel.

On repairing a bite-through....

Slow and repetitve application of black cyanoacrylate (I use StewMac brand because it is used on instrument bits). And then slowly/patiently bringing back the original shape with high grit sandpaper paper and needle files. This process takes days. Mostly just a lot of wait time for the cyanoacrylate to cure.

Check airway with pass of a cleaner to ensure it's clear. I use a nail file as scaffolding and put a small coat of Vaseline on it, to ensure the cyanoacrylate won't stick. Put on the first layer and let it set for 12hrs before attempting to pull out the file. Flip the pipe on its face so gravity doesn't work against you, and voila. Takes about 5 more applications to get a decent bubble of material to file back down.

Basically you slowly build up the material in layers. You would have to do both sides and rebuild the lip on your worst one with this approach...not easy.

u/adoboguy · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

I've been smoking cigars for the past 8 months. I wanted to try pipes to change up my rotation. I have a few questions:

  1. Bought a corn cob pipe from Amazon since it was one of the cheapest I found with good reviews. Is this good enough to start off with? I also got a pipe tool and pipe cleaners as they were frequently bought together.

  2. Local shop sold me a pouch of Captain black gold. He said it was mild and non flavored. I don't really like infused/flavored cigars, but I smoked a few to start since that's what people always recommend. I learned quickly that staright tobacco flavor is what I enjoy. Any other recommendations coming from someone smoking medium bodied cigars?

  3. How do I store pipe tobacco? Do they need to be properly humidified like cigars? Is it okay to keep them in the pouch they came in?

  4. I watched a few videos on how to light it. It looks pretty straight forward. Similar to cigars, you don't want to draw too fast and too frequently as to not heat it up too much and nuke the flavors. Do you puff every minute or so like cigars to keep them lit? Or does it depend on how you pack it? If I have to put down the pipe for say a few hours, is it still good to relight? For cigars, you can cut off the ash and expose fresh tobacco and relight it as usual.

  5. What's the smoke time typically? Any issues with packing halfway for shorter smokes, like for lunch breaks or when it's really cold outside?
u/goodfellaslxa · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

If you decide to gamble with it, what worked for me when I shared a house with several other people was to use a box fan in the window. Now that I have my own house I still use a fan, but actually bought a proper window fan ( My den/smoking room doesn't stink despite many cigars in the past few months.

The secret to using a fan in the window is that it MUST make a decent seal. You want the fan to create a vacuum in the room that you are smoking in. I have done with with cardboard and scotch tape, but the window fan has panels built in that accomplishes this.

If you can create a vacuum in the room, either keep the door closed or cracked, depending on how much air can flow under it. You should be able to hold your hand near the door and feel the air being sucked in. This is called negative-pressure.

If you can achieve negative pressure in a room that doesn't have an air-conditioner intake in it, you should not only keep the smell in that room to a minimum, but also prevent anyone on the other side of the door from being able to smell the smoke. I was able to smoke cigars in a room and no one else in the house could tell, but that only worked once I learned to create a seal on the window.

To really test it, you must get a non-smoker to do a sniff test, since a smoker won't notice a faint odor that non-smokers will.

Any faint smells may be eliminated by using an ozone generator. Lampe Bergers with neutral oil work well too.

Good luck.

u/siacn · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

I just started out a few weeks ago, and while, I'll admit.. I tend to jump into things with a passion... But that aside :)

I started with 1 cob, and got a 2nd cob. I love these guys. I got the Scotte pouch off Amazon and take these cobs with me everywhere. (btw, this pouch is pretty nice for 20 bucks)

I don't care if they get scratched, bumped around, or even broke really. I kind of love that about them. It's a worry free pipe that works great. I've found they're pretty great for smoking in my old truck when I have a lot of running around to do.

So really, these cobs have gotten me more into the "sport" because of the care-free nature of them for me.

Also, back to my first point. I have already bought a $200 pipe - I'm not saying you should at all. What I'm going to say is, I enjoy smoking my cobs just as much. My $200 pipe looks awesome, but I'm more careful with it, I wouldn't ever taking out and about like I do my cobs, so honestly.. It gets used less then the cobs do.

u/Old_Deadhead · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

Without seeing more detailed pictures it's hard to know if any of them are valuable, but they are probably all worth tinkering with.

There are specific ways to go about restoring them, so I would do a bit of research before diving in, especially to see if any of them are collectable. If they have stamped maker's marks on the stummel, you can start there.

So, I guess the best place to start is

You need to clean the bowls, both inside and out, without stripping the finish. The stems can be soaked in OxyClean to get the worst of the corrosion off, then sanded back to a nice glossy finish with Micro Mesh sanding pads.

There's definitely some nice looking shapes in there, it's just hard to know anything more about them without more detail.

u/ScotsmanPipes · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

I can't remember who it was but someone on this sub said to get this for storing 8oz ball jars and I have to say it works great. You can probably get the jars cheaper but that's what I use. I'm thinking about getting a vacuum sealer for extra long-term storage on a few items I really like, but otherwise you just make sure the seal is clean and the lid is snug.

u/abillofficial · 5 pointsr/PipeTobacco

Scotte Leather pipe tobacco pouch

It's pretty awesome! Great Instagram btw!

u/coldsolderjoint · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

I generally use 4 wheels (Cotton Flannel Unstitched - The softest you can find, I ordered my current set from Foredom). One is brown tripoli, one is white tripoli, the next is wax, and the last is a dry buff.

For sanding, I like the micromesh pad set that reborn pipes uses:

Always wet sand. I also use a few high grit papers from home depot.

Also, I've found that if you just want to hit the rim real quick to take down a little lava build up, a mr clean magic eraser works really well.. but be very careful, you can go too far very easily.

I've found that pipe restoring is a hobby in itself, and you will learn to develop your own tools and methods. There are a few basic principles, but beyond that, it is a learning experience in itself, and you don't really have to rush out and buy everything all at once.

u/chewsyourownadv · 2 pointsr/PipeTobacco

Ball even makes a kit that comes with a perfectly fitted funnel and a few other canning accessories, for a fraction of the cost of this one. The funnel size is nice, I can get my fingers through it to pack tobacco down as I fill a jar. The other accessories are nice if you do canning.

u/AnotherReaganBaby · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

Looks like oxidization, and the smell is a normal part of that process.

Soak it well with alcohol (cover any logos/painted areas on stem with vaseline), then start to sand off the oxidization using micro-abrasive pads. You can get a set from amazon that works well. For bad oxidation, maybe start with some 600 grit paper and then go to the pads. Once you work up to the highest grit, and the oxidation is all gone, the stem will look and smell new.

They are a great tool for restoring old, oxidized pipes.

But if you don't want to do that, then I'd just return the pipe if possible.

u/asdfasdf123456789 · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

2 pack

assorted pack sand paper

lifetime supply of oxiclean

obsidian oil

paragon wax for hand polishing smooth pipes
halcyon II for hand polishing rusticated pipes[]

just have plenty of pipe cleaners, qtips, and either vodka, rubbing alcohol, or grain alcohol

u/carnesy · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

Basically soak the stems in oxy clean and water for a bit, buff em down with a Mr Clean Magic Eraser, polish them with some Micro Mesh Pads, and finish them off by dabbing a pipe cleaner in some inert mineral oil ( and others sell specific obsidian oil for this) and running it over the stem. If you want to keep the inlays on the stems and such you'll need to cover them with Vaseline before the oxy soak and be careful with the magic eraser and mesh pads.

u/levins0 · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

Personally, I'd keep the tobacco stuff separate from the gameboy using two smaller cases (actually, I'd probably put the gameboy in a dry bag rather than a box/case).

If you want a hard case for all of that, best bet is probably a Pelican case similar to this one: https: // . Note that this is a small one -- you probably need something larger.

The other option would be a Lock&Lock container like this one:

It's not as tough as the Pelican, but it's cheaper and still water/air tight. Again, watch the sizes to make sure you get something that fits.

u/boomer56 · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

Again, let's divide these into three groups:

  1. For the stems that are basically dark and in good shape, the magical elixir you seek is Obsidian Oil. It's great for regular maintenance, but pipes with green or white areas, it's not going to get the job done. To be clear, you can stop here- heck, if you can't smell or taste the sulfur, it's aesthetic. For heavy discoloration and bite marks though, you can get ...

  2. Magic Eraser and Micro Mesh. And elbow grease, because you are sanding off and re-polishing the surface. If you go this route, wet sanding is your friend, and you want to make sure you don't skip out on the finer grits or you'll end up with a dull finish.

  3. Buffing wheel, jeweler's rouge, and carnauba wax. You can get your own, and basically handle maintenance yourself from here on, but run the risk of stems flying randomly into walls or pets while you figure them out. Depending on where you live, a local shop can probably buff up the lot of them for less money than you'd expect.
u/RobbieG · 2 pointsr/PipeTobacco

Agreed. Get a reamer, and go slow (shaving off bits rather than taking off chunks; don't want to "grab" the crack). I have the Senior Reamer, although I've heard others have been happy with these.

u/CygnusXII · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

According to the images on Amazon

It looks like a simple friction fit. It's basically just jammed in there by force, and the filter fits in there also. Just give it a twist and it should pop right out.

u/ferris_is_sick · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

I actually think the stem is original. Federico Rovera apparently made p-lip pipes. They were popular enough that Dr grabow copied them, see You can still buy the Dr grabow -

u/hello_josh · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

Generally speaking 2oz of loose cut tobacco will fill an 8oz jar. Flakes are more dense and you'll be able to fill a lot more into the same sized jar.

I like these 8oz jars since they'll hold a typical tin's worth of tobacco and stack up nicely.

These taller 8oz jars are stackable and work well for flake tobacco.

u/Turbostar66 · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

I have THIS pipe case from Mr. Brog. It holds four pipes and some tobacco/accessories. I bring this if I want multiple pipes (sometimes I let my friends use them so I have someone to smoke with), or for a pipe club meeting or something.

For daily use, I use THIS pipe case (holds two pipes and tobacco/accessories).

If I'm going to be traveling (flying or something) and just want a single pipe and added protection, I typically use something similar to THIS.

u/Dirk92GTA · 2 pointsr/PipeTobacco

I don't know if Kleen Reem has some exclusive technology that makes it superior, but you can get a Senior Pipe Reamer from Amazon for $22.

u/TramStopDan · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

[This] ( will save you many hours of sandpapering in the future.

u/bovinitysupreme · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

Mobile edition shows a postage stamp sized photo. What is this, a listing for ants?

Here's the desktop version:

Direct image link:


Decorative Wooden Smoking Pipe with Face, 8 inches
by Polish Folk Arts
Be the first to review this item Price: $24.95 + $4.64 shipping

Only 13 left in stock.
Ships from and sold by Polart - PolandByMail.
May arrive after Christmas.
Estimated Delivery Date: Dec. 24 - 30 when you choose Expedited at checkout.
Hand carved pipe
Lined with metal
Pipe measures approx. 8.0" long
Made In Poland from Wild Cherry Wood
The color of the wood may vary from cherry to dark brown

u/paok1234 · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

These are the ones I get. They fit 50g tins with room to spare and 100g tins packed tight. Then again all depends the cut. I've fit a tin of DSK in a 4oz jar.

u/_Stardog · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

I'm just going to parrot these guys and recommend the pipe zippo

Pick your style, comrade.

Chrome zippo

Black zippo

u/303_pipe_restoration · 6 pointsr/PipeTobacco

120? How about [20](Castleford 5 Piece Multi-Fit Tobacco Pipe Reamer Tool I like these better then the senior reamer but that may just be a personal choice.

u/ISlobOnMyCob · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

It's a Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman with a bend stem.

Or from their Amazon vendor for 10$
Missouri Meerschaum - Country Gentleman Corn Cob Tobacco Pipe - Bent Bit

u/PhysicsNovice · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

This should link to an Amazon page for 3M Silver Aluminum Foil Tape 1" Width:

I wrap all my mason jar lids with it before I screw on the retaining lid.

u/dog_in_the_vent · 2 pointsr/PipeTobacco

Not at Walmart, but here's what I use.

u/Jaxx2112 · 0 pointsr/PipeTobacco

It's not as controlled as a senior reamer, or in my opinion, an even more controlled route, the Castleford reamer.

u/jarvis400 · 3 pointsr/PipeTobacco

I'm sorry to hear this. Honestly though, you often get what you pay for.

u/givemeyours0ul · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

I use this

Another user posted the identical tape, but the listing they gave was to something that cost 4x as much per foot, and had one slightly jagged edge. I honestly think they took the two inch roll and sawed it in half and then listed it as a new item? No idea if that user was trying to drum up some revenue for themselves or just found one of the thousands of shitty items on Amazon.

u/betamaleorderbride · 1 pointr/PipeTobacco

Thanks! From the 12:00 position moving clockwise:

Big Ben Tattoo

Missouri Meerschaum Country Gentleman

Dr Grabow Savoy smooth

Big Ben Mayvn

Markus Fohr Clay pipe #24

Nording Sailor in blue

Markus Fohr #9 black (no link bc they're out of stock right now)

Dr Grabow Omega

I have another clay at work and some piece of shit Chinesium pipe (my first) I got at the first B&M tobacco store I found pipe tobacco at, which was basically a head shop with some cigarettes and vaping shit.

u/The_Juggler17 · 2 pointsr/PipeTobacco

I use a Xikar Oldboy style lighter

Xikar makes lots of similar models, so I don't mean to suggest only this one, but any lighter of a similar model. These "oldboy" lighters are specifically made for pipes, their flint ignition is reliable (and can be replaced by typical zippo flints)


I've tried some of the less expensive Piezzo style lighters (around $20) and all of them eventually stopped working, the ignition failed over time.

These fancy lighters are a little expensive (don't buy anything over $100) but for the money I wasted trying several kinds of cheap pipe lighters, I could have bought one good one. Being cheap sometimes costs a lot of money.