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u/sacarn · 1 pointr/PointsPlus

Someone in another subreddit suggested a 24-hour pledge (similar to AA and NA). Maybe that might work for you. Set small goals. Commit to sticking to your points for ONE. DAY.

Also, be sure to get lots of zero-pp foods that will keep you full. Bananas, apples, broccoli, etc. Whatever you like. Knowing that I can still eat even if I have no points left is really helpful to me. Also, drink LOTS of water.

Also, maybe try adding some exercise? I find that I am less willing to splurge when I have been working hard physically, because I don't want all of that hard work to be for nothing.

If you DESPISE and LOATHE exercise like I do, try the walking at home workouts by Leslie Sansone. There are lots of free ones on youtube and they are super super easy to do. If you do the 1 mile walk, the entire video is less than 20 minutes and that includes stretching. [Click here to go to her youtube channel.]

I would also recommend getting a food scale and start weighing your foods. This helped me to realize that I'm terrible at guessing. This is the one I got and I really like it.

Also, strip down to your underwear and take some before pictures. When you want to eat stuff you shouldn't, pull up your picture and remind yourself that you don't want to look that way anymore.

Also, also, create a motivation board on pinterest. There are all kinds of really motivating quotes on there.

And lastly, this process is mostly mental. It's mind over matter. When you get a thought in your head (like I do) that tells you that you don't want to do this, and you don't want to eat that, that you want the junk and you're just going to do it because you deserve it, tell yourself to shut the [email protected]#$ up and knock that [email protected]#$ off. You have to start changing your inner dialog. Tell yourself good things, positive things, motivating things, encouraging things. You can do this.

u/whitewhitewine · 1 pointr/PointsPlus

I have two different scales at home: one is a WW brand one I bought at Target, and one is an EatSmart scale I bought on that had great reviews. Sometimes they give identical numbers. Sometimes they differ by 2+ pounds. I do online-only now, but when I did go to in-person meetings, both scales were ALWAYS different from the WW scale.

In my personal opinion, if you feel like you made some poor decisions that you want to rectify the next week, then you should skip the weigh in to avoid putting yourself in a bad mood spiral and start fresh on Saturday. If you want to skip it because you don't want to admit that the choices you made this week didn't result in your feeling any better and to change those choices, then maybe weighing in will be a wake-up call. You MIGHT even be surprised at how little you actually gained by Saturday (you have 2 days!) according to their scale. In the end, neither skipping nor going will make-or-break your success for one week, as long as you get back on track the following week :)

u/withlovealone · 1 pointr/PointsPlus

This one is pretty identical to the one WW gives out! I had put it in my Amazon wish list because I'll be out of the country during the official 5K so I wanted to do my own and buy my own charm. Ends up my leader says I can do any kind of 5K and bring her a pic of me there and she'll give me the charm! :)

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u/sheepdays · 4 pointsr/PointsPlus

Have you tried ? I've been using tons of her recipes.

Also, lots of recipes from the Moosewood cookbook series are good for WW points. This is my favorite of their cookbooks:

As I make the recipes, I figure out the PP+ values on WW online and then write the points value right in the cookbook.

u/fifey157 · 1 pointr/PointsPlus

I use this body tape measure to do my measurements, but any simple measuring tape will work. I take measurements once a week from bust, under bust, upper arm, upper thigh, waist, hips. This article from Nerd Fitness describes taking measurements (scroll down to the Track Your Body section). Also, pictures are a great way to track progress!

u/killyourmusic · 1 pointr/PointsPlus

strange, but yes, it does. this is what it looks like without a referral. it may be amazon adding on their own referral for some reason.

u/Jenjenmi · 2 pointsr/PointsPlus

I used to have a $15 analog scale from Bed Bath and Beyond.

Now I have this one:
It was worth it to spend a few more $ for the nicer digital unit. And it's nice when I make myself something like red potatoes, that I can properly record how many points I am eating. Only downside is that when you put a dinner plate on it, you have to perch it towards the back to read the scale.

u/cosmik_debris · 1 pointr/PointsPlus

oooh you just reminded me! i used to make mug brownies with this brownie mix and it was super low in points, maybe 3? perhaps OP will find that more useful since she/he can make them one at a time.

i also completely agree that the WW treats are basically a waste of points. they just aren't that good - to me they taste chemical-y.

u/ctiz · 2 pointsr/PointsPlus

We have the Withings Wireless Scale, which is right around $100. I like it a lot; it tracks your progress in their "Health Mate" app (I guess you can do a bunch of stuff in their app but I don't do that much).

u/Jen_Snow · 1 pointr/PointsPlus

This is more than 10 points but I bet you could lower the points if you played with the pasta you used and the amount of olive oil. This is from Grill This Not That and I love it.

I've just listed the ingredients. To make it, just cup the veggies in plants/large chunks. Grill. Remove from grill and cut into bite sized pieces. Add to cooked pasta. Pour olive oil, cheese, and some dried basil on top. Stir to combine it all together.