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u/nshaz · 0 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

How good does it feel to slam the down vote button on my posts? You're totally the best at making your point clear and concise. I can see you've upped your game and are totally not repeating yourself like a broken record.

>How much does the person engage in broad generalizations, saying that all Muslims are X or Y? (Less is better.)

To say that we will not let Muslims into the country temporarily is nothing against the group as a whole, that's simply a statement of physically what will happen. Since your grasp of words is not the greatest, you might want to think about buying that dictionary.

I suppose I would care a lot less about the country if I just sat around and made videos of me playing old video games. Moms basement is already pretty safe so who cares about our borders.

u/Vertci · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

I mean, sure; but looking back it was a huge gaffe considering how much Iraq was mishandled. The first leg of the mission was accomplished, sure; but we shat the bed and locked ourselves in the green zone rather than actually build a real democracy.

I don't want to proselytize but I'd highly recommend Imperial Life in the Emerald City. Shows how completely the Bush administration and his lackeys dropped the ball.

u/DoYouEnjoyMy · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

I'm still reading this book but it is an eye opener.

CGP Grey did this video based on the book

It pretty much lays out why we're never going to see changes for the better (until the people rise up)

u/hannahsfriend · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

My comment was meant to be humorous, just as the title of Michael Savage’s book was meant to be funny.

u/xterrorismofthemindx · -17 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

Wow you have demonstrated you know nothing about the situation, real estate, or the challenges developers faced during that period.

Read a fucking book sometime.

u/Captain_MakeItHappen · 33 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

ITT: Conflating 'Make America Great Again' with Nazis.

Of course.

u/mjjdota · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

There's also a book in which many mental health experts agree on his mental impairment.

u/ToranMallow · 3 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

Normally I'm completely opposed to burning books... But if this abomination calls itself a textbook, then chuck it in the fire. Instead, pick up a copy of A People's History of the United States.

u/Zanbanger · 4 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

Definitely check out the doc "The Brainwashing of My Dad" for how right wing media completely corrupts people.

u/Sarcasticorjustrude · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

In one of the other 945 posts of the same thing in the last few months.

Or here.

u/Popular-Uprising- · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

Yea. It's a thing. You're guilty, even if you don't believe it. Tyranny isn't locking EVERYBODY up, it's being able to lock ANYBODY up any time you want.

u/JoseJimeniz · 4 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

> This is a [very American philosophy of war](War and the American Difference: Theological Reflections on Violence and National Identity

It needs to be:

very American philosophy of war

rendering as:

> This is a very American philosophy of war.

u/Nobody1796 · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

>Didn't he do that with Mueller too? And now preventing people from seeing the report?

Hes not preventing anyone from seeing the report. The report is public. You can see the report right now.

Where are you getting you information?

Look. Here's the report. Its on amazon ffs.

u/stanhhh · -37 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

Ohoh ..salt ! And hurt butts ! So, mental midgets.. Sorry, I mean, fascists , not happy when exposed to opposing opinions? lol Can't blame you, that's how fascists behave.

Keep'em raining, they're medals to me !

u/SpideySlap · 3 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

And he was former OSS

That's what's so fucking spooky about all of this. This is 100% the substance of the qanon conspiracy. They just got all the details wrong. But who would've guessed that there are fucking breadcrumbs in obscure sci from the 70s?

u/sculptedpixels · 19 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

read this a few months back. it's fucking terrifying. it's actually outdated, but when you read it, you start comparing those events to present day chaos, and it magnifies the conclusion: the man is a dangerous combination of textbook narcissist and pathological liar. And his performance to date has done absolutely ZERO to detract from this conclusion, if anything, reinforced it's validity at every turn.

so here we are today. an entire party aligned behind this man who's not only wacky af, but actively working with foreign powers to subvert our own goals and destroy our historic alliances.

mueller save us, please.

u/bertcox · 0 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

> they obviously found no wrongdoing since there were no charges pressed against him.

There's a difference between legal, and moral. Bill Jeff and Don are guilty on both accounts. If they wanted to they could find something to get anybody.

u/best_of_badgers · 21 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

Our insistence that war deaths be made meaningful causes so many problems. And I do mean made meaningful, because so many of them are not on the face of it.

This is a very American philosophy of war. We’ve been doing it for a long time - the Gettysburg address mentions it - but not the whole time.

Edit: link

Edit 2: It also just occurred to me that mixing up “meaningless death” and “unnecessary death” is a problem. If one runs a business for ten years and then it fails, it doesn’t follow that one should never have started, or that any sacrifices made along the way were unnecessary.

u/Phenom10x · 1 pointr/PoliticalHumor

It is a cult. When you can say government provided sources is fake news, the very information we base our entire budget on and make national decisions on.. I'm just at a lost of words.

I'm watching this documentary. It's pretty eye opening, you can watch it for free:

"Fake news" has become a war cry against reality.

u/Antishill_canon · 2 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

Weird coicidences you say?

Donald Barr is AG William Barr's dad

Donald Barr was in the OSS, which was the precursor to the CIA

Donald Barr gave Epstein his first job as a math teacher in an elite, politically connected school, even though Epstein did not have any qualifications or even a college degree.

Donald Barr wrote a book called Space Relations, about a race of aliens that are so rich they become bored with everything and start a sex slavery ring and are also aroused by fear

u/SweetSummerWind · 3 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

You can thank the junior US Senator from Minnesota for penning this.

>Reprinted from Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them-A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right by Al Franken
>August 7, 2003. Fox News Channel, the plaintiff, sought to enjoin Al Franken from using Fox's trademark phrase "fair & balanced" in the title of his then-forthcoming book, Lies and the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right.[1] Judge Denny Chin denied Fox's motion for injunction on August 22, and the network dropped the suit three days later.

u/Susarian · 4 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

> Lies and the lying liars who lie them.

Lies: And the Lying Liars Who Tell Them: A Fair and Balanced Look at the Right by Al Franken


u/mikerhoa · 23 pointsr/PoliticalHumor

This is wrong on multiple levels, built the most galling one is that somehow you're suggesting that radical Islam is a direct result of Western involvement in Muslim countries.

That's incomplete at best and dangerously ignorant at worst.

First off, some of the biggest state sponsors of terrorism are allies with the US (re Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, the UAE) and have experienced fuck all in terms of bombing and aggression. There's a lot of money to be made in warfare and chaos.

Also, the main cause of radical Islam is the religion itself above all else. You're insane if you think otherwise. This isn't a bunch of ragtag fighters battling imperialism and defending their innocent families from Western bullies. These are bloodthirsty scumbags who cross borders and slaughter civilians in an effort to spread their monstrous ideology and attain power.

And finally, if the West is so oppressive, corruptive, and murderous why do so many Islamic governments cry out when we threaten to cut off revenue streams and support?

EDIT: Here are some suggestions: