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u/AngryBetta · 5 pointsr/Portal

Sure! I'll do the best I can...
First I made a pattern of a the Portal Gun. I have a program called MacStitch(kind of like a pixel program) that helps you create your own cross stitch patterns.
Then I bought my materials. You need a hoop, aida cloth , a needle , and colored floss
I placed the cloth into the hoop and then stitched the portal gun by following the pattern I made. /r/crossstitch has a good cross stitch tutorial in the FAQ section. Hope this helps!

u/making-flippy-floppy · 1 pointr/Portal

Yeah, your best bet is to get an Xbox controller. I got this one and it works like a champ for Portal 1, Portal 2, and Portal Stories: Mel.

u/kageurufu · 2 pointsr/Portal

Something like

They are a lot of fun, but its really easy to hurt yourself. Practice on the grass as much as you can, make sure theres no rocks around for your to fall on. I'd recommend something like a soccer field.

u/spwelton · 10 pointsr/Portal

Put a layer of clearcoat over it. Something like this would probably do nicely. Just be sure to mask off the touchpad, etc. I'd suggest taking the computer's top bezel off to do so.

u/alexander_the_grate · 3 pointsr/Portal

Amazon is pre-ordering Portal 2 right now. They are giving a whopping $20 gift card with every purchase as well as $5 discount and release-day delivery.

u/HADJPLEN · 5 pointsr/Portal

It's full scale with actual metal. (I think?). You most likely won't find much, since portal isn't as popular as other series, and most costumes/items are pretty expensive. You could probably get a companion cube for 20-40 bucks, though.

edit: You could get this companion cube plush, . Sadly, most of the more nice stuff is wayyyyy more expensive.

u/ips1023 · 1 pointr/Portal

Why didn't you get this one?

and if you get the ps3 version, can you also get to play it on pc and ps3 and have 2 game copies?

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Portal

It looks like that second one can't be found in America.. D: Is the first one this one or this one?

I've been trying to get my hair red for ages and it just refuses to. And I really don't want to bleach it yet..

u/jwaterworth · 5 pointsr/Portal

My wife was reading a story about 2 animals that were dating. It was a squirrel and a mouse or something like that. The squirrel asks the mouse "do you like jazz?" and the mouse says "yes!" but secretly doesnt know what jazz is. She later freaks out, concerned that jazz may have been code for anal sex, and she had been so excited in her response.

edit: this is the book:

edit: here is somebody reading the story, but i believe they change 'anal sex' to 'ritual suicide':

u/0-GLaDOS-0 · 3 pointsr/Portal

I got them from amazon, from Starbase 79. here’s the amazon link

u/StrangeApparition · 1 pointr/Portal

No problem!

Its a bulb only in name. In reality, its the rounded tip of the clear handle of a plunger, sanded to bounce light better. The light comes from two tiny coloured lights I put into a hole in the back of the base.

u/cosplayhelp · 1 pointr/Portal

NECA's online store on Amazon. It was on sale about two years ago for a little over $100. Now, it's more expensive.

u/Anorak6201 · 3 pointsr/Portal

I got mine off of valve or jinx's website at the time for Christmas but you can find it here

JINX Portal 2 Men's Aperture 80's Test Subject Premium Track Jacket (Orange, X-Large)

u/F1uffydestro · 2 pointsr/Portal

It comes from jinx

JINX Portal 2 Men's Aperture 80's Test Subject Premium Track Jacket (Orange, X-Large)

u/jamin101wolf · 1 pointr/Portal

They've been going up and up in price but you can find them here. I bought mine a little over a year ago for $98.

u/EddieVolcano · 5 pointsr/Portal

Behold: The Three Wolf Moon T-Shirt. Read the reviews. It became a cultural phenomenon.

u/Born_of_Mist · 6 pointsr/Portal

Not available right now but here is a link: Portal 2 Warning Signs Coasters