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u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/PraiseTheCameraMan

Damn. Here it is on amazon:

IMALENT MS12 Brightest Flashlight 53000 Lumens, Super Bright Rechargeable Torch Searchlight with 12 Pieces CREE XHP70 LEDs, Built in Cooling Fan, Long Beam Distance 913 Meters

u/lborgkvist · 1 pointr/PraiseTheCameraMan

Not to give any less credit to the cameraman, but I would be pretty certain to say that he’s wearing one of these riggs.

u/rabad1988 · 4 pointsr/PraiseTheCameraMan

Not at all! You can find the first three hardcover volumes on Amazon for a decent price. I recently re-read all of them in about a month of casual reading. As people mentioned, the creative team behind it are on a hiatus after reaching the halfway point last year, but confirmed they will finish the story. But now is just as good a time as any to get caught up.

It's unlike anything I have ever read before, and they made it so that it could never be adapted to film or TV, so you can only get the story in this format.

u/twitchosx · 1 pointr/PraiseTheCameraMan

I have a Hubsan H501S Professional: and holy shit has it come down in cost. It's only $180 now with the transmitter!

u/DirtyDan156 · 1 pointr/PraiseTheCameraMan

If you have no experience whatsoever with drone flying, i would just buy a ready built cheap little fpv drone to get down the basics of flying them first. The professionals make it look so easy, but trust me you will crash, amd you will crash alot. Like in my case i had a few accidental crashes but the heartbreaker was when i flew a bit too high, lost radio contact with it, and watched the wind sweep it away while the last command the drone recieved was "full power forward, gotta go fast" and i watched it blow full speed out into the forest helplessly. I got lucky qmd found it stuck in a tree about a quarter mile away amd everything still worked fine. But still, Id rather crash or lose my little hundred dollar drone than repeatedly beating up and crashing a drone ive spent countless hours and cash learning to build from scratch. Heres the one i have and its been a great little starter drone. obviously its not as perfect or capable as these professional little race drones, but its been countless hours of fun, and if it breaks i know it wont break the bank to fix or replace.