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u/Epistemify · 2 pointsr/PrequelMemes

Not from a Lucas.

But as was posted above:

Plaguis plan, which finally came to fruition in the prequels, was many decades in the making. The whole book is the story of Plaguis and then Plaguis and Sidious as they put everything in motion. Why does Naboo even matter? Why is Naboo's castle so weird with those giant tube of light? The author James Luceno set up a story that actually makes sense (well, as best he can), and so there's a very good reason for all sorts of minor details you see in the prequels.

u/MxReLoaDed · 6 pointsr/PrequelMemes

All of the novelizations add good content to the movies. However, the best Star Wars novel doesn’t even have it’s own movie. It’s not a story the Jedi would tell you...

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u/WellThatWasCool · 1 pointr/PrequelMemes

I strongly suggest you guys read the book. It goes even deeper than the video game.

u/NairForceOne · 6 pointsr/PrequelMemes

There is one, actually! You can find it here. Amazon is being a real sleemo and not linking the two versions yet.

u/mconor1337 · 1 pointr/PrequelMemes

I actually have the 6th edition

Mike Meyers' CompTIA A+ Guide to Managing and Troubleshooting PCs Lab Manual, Sixth Edition (Exams 220-1001 & 220-1002)

its just that the 10th edition showed up first when I searched

u/SeductivePillowcase · 5 pointsr/PrequelMemes

Star Wars Origami: 36 Amazing Paper-folding Projects from a Galaxy Far, Far Away....

This one?

u/IonicGold · 12 pointsr/PrequelMemes

I got a book called Ahsoka and it tells her story after Order 66


And its canon I would suggest it

u/AdamWallick · 1 pointr/PrequelMemes

That's the art that was used in 'The New Essential Guide to Characters' released back in 2002.


u/terfsfugoff · -1 pointsr/PrequelMemes

Look for the Battle of Gwynn Island. There's not that much online that's in the public domain I can see. I remember reading about it more in a book I read for a college class called Pox Americana and also in some personal research I did into the history of Matthews County, Virginia (for unrelated reasons but it did come up in said research.)

u/Drafonni · -1 pointsr/PrequelMemes

Overuse of nostalgia with the plot jumping around without much happening are definite weaknesses with the first half of the movie. How bad it really is is largely depending on preference.

In my opinion, the problem with the movie is that it didn’t commit to being a darker movie. You can see into how the story could’ve played out in The Art of Rogue One and The Ultimate Visual Guide.

u/maximumecoboost · 8 pointsr/PrequelMemes

Are these the novels I need to read to learn this power?

Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy (Episodes I, II & III)

By Brooks, Salvatore, and Stover?

u/LeNavigateur · 2 pointsr/PrequelMemes

If my memory doesn't fail me much, Palpatine kills Plagueis not long before TPM. During that time, Palpatine was making his moves to become chancellor. Dooku was having doubts about the republic and the Jedi, and Palp approaches him in a pretty similar way as he approaches Anakin. Maul was already Sidious apprentice and assassin long before Dooku became Sidious apprentice. But if you wanna make sure, check out Star Wars: Darth Plagueis (Star Wars - Legends)

u/Tender_Bruised_Nuggs · 2 pointsr/PrequelMemes

William Shakespeare's Tragedy of the Sith's Revenge: Star Wars Part the Third (William Shakespeare's Star Wars)