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u/snake1118 · 1 pointr/RCSources

I use the Ayr Saline Nasal Mist primarily, also I grab the Ayr Saline Aloe Gel. These are my goto ones, I really like the Simply Saline Nasal Mist by Arms and Hammer however they are expensive and run out really fast so I use occasionally, I only recommend it because it leaves no bad "aftertaste" in my mouth if I need to spray it further down my nasal till it flushes everything out and enters the throat, Ayr is tolerable with this while others tend be nasty from my experience. Another tip I'll give you is that bulk 6 Ayr Saline sprays are really cheap on amazon and my recent package came with small sample aloe gels included with the sprays so you can save money that way. Spraying your nose before, and 15 minutes after helps and gel helps keep your nose going and prevent damage. The Simply Saline spray can be used at the end to clear your entire nasal.

Another helpful resource I found is that if you are low on money, you can just buy 1 Saline Spray, use it up then recycle it by making your own saline spray it only requires water and a small dash of salt but do read up how much salt you need because its fairly easy to put too much.

For the solution itself, you will need either a proper measured (Usually pharmaceutical grade) spray delivery bottle (I purchased these ones). Or you will need to figure out how much your current spray bottle can deliver, the saline spray bottles arent ideal because they spray a lot and unevenly. I use distilled water, heated up real nice and add the chemical desired. For the one I mentioned, a gram of said chemical and 10 ml of water will deliver 10mg dose per spray and you can experiment and find the right dose. Mixing it till the water is clear enough is vital and do use a proper milligram scale and a cup measure (check your medical syrup bottles sometimes they have small ones) its essential to get measurements exact or risk ruining it. I also tend to add a little saline spray in the solution as well.

I'm not much of an expert, You can probably add other ingredients to make it even less caustic and effective but I find what I have satisfactory and good to redose just be careful since they dont clog up your nose fast you might feel the need to redose more frequently.

[the bottle delivers 0.1ml per spray and carries 10ml, the formula is weight of chemical (in g) / total capacity of bottle (in ml) * Amount delivered with each spray (in ml) feel free to correct this if I made a mistake somewhere but I think that is how it goes]

u/SIEGFRIEDthecigfree · 1 pointr/RCSources

look on amazon, between the item description and the "questions ask/answered" section regarding the product, i have seen some where this information is provided. 0.1ml is the amount delivered from one i saw i believe.


I recommend this one... it's 30ml but EASILY fits into your pocket.


the glass one here is much better then the plastic one from the same company, and i'm relatively sure it delivers 0.1ml per squirt


To make sure, simply fill it with an amount of water measured using an oral syringe (available for free at almost all pharmacys, just ask the pharmacist, say that your little brother got some medicine that requires one for measurement and needs it... though i prefer ones with a long blunt tip, available on amazon as well [here's the 10ml ones i often use and love] (


and [here's some 1ml ones] ( that i got but haven't tried yet, they reviewed well though

u/based_Shulgin · 11 pointsr/RCSources

You could be taking 100 micrograms or 10 milligrams really. Powder can get compacted or fluff out making dosages look different to the eye.

Etizolam is one of the more tame thieno/benzodiazapines compared to some others. But if you are gonna take it regardless of my advice, without a scale, be with someone who is sober to smack some sense into you if you take too much and start acting like a bartard.

[Here is a cheap scale] ( that is commonly reccomended on this website. If you are going to continue researching chems, I HIGHLY suggest you buy A milligram scale and a reagent test kit. It might save your life one day, who knows!

u/four-fourty-four · 1 pointr/RCSources

something like this wouldnt be able to meausure my dosage?

and thanks, if that isnt sufficint to weigh out doses, I'm ordering from ricklabs

u/dogcatchickenlemur · 2 pointsr/RCSources

Yeah. Like I said I only know what I've read and I've never done it. So you probably wanna talk to someone who has before you end up potentially wasting your product or something worse. But heres some links that'll help

u/MrCamoman64 · 2 pointsr/RCSources

2-Methyl-2-butanol, 97.5+%, 100ml (tert-Amyl Alcohol)

Are there actually toxic impurities? And this is the correct chemical right?

u/hrefchef · 2 pointsr/RCSources

HBWR seeds aren't research chemicals by any means. You may wanna check out /r/entheogensources

That said, they may or may not. If you want, you can also get HBWR seeds right off of Amazon.

u/the_model_customer · 2 pointsr/RCSources

i got this one it aint the best but it's sturdy. The chea p one good, but sometimes you nudge it and the next day it's showing bull** this some bs ass reading i'm seeing. Don't even tinker with it, the led gona turn off.. or something inside come loose. Throw that away right then and there.. I went through 3 of those .. this i got it one time and still going.. look kinda *** but w.e it's around 10 off or 7. Dont get that bulky spongebob looking one in the fancy container. Thats the worst out of all i've tested. I've tested almost all of them including that one i think bcls have it.. yeah that is not a good purchase unless you a pro.. buy the one i link.. that scale got my #1 ranking... 1. what i link 2. gemini 20 3.) that one that come with banana boats , 2 of them..

u/planetboots · 5 pointsr/RCSources

You can buy a scale for relatively inexpensive, but if you buy 1 gram then the whole bag would be added to your pg. this is a popular one for under $29

Do some searching with the sidebar and you can find people's recipes for solutions and homemade nasal sprays.

To be honest with you, just buy heroin if you want to get that high. It's better for your body and lasts longer. I'm not kidding when I say U4 is worse for you than heroin. I played with one gram and I'll never touch the stuff again, although I'm not big into opioids. It's tolerance spike is insane, is caustic as fuck so the only relatively safe way is to take it orally, and if you shoot it it will fuck your veins almost immediately. I'm not trying to tell you what to do or anything because I do a shitload of drugs, but you gotta pick your poison and this is about the worst thing I've come across.