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u/Akitoscorpio · 1 pointr/RWBY


Alright, everybody, we got another FF Friday post to enjoy so let's get down to business.

Yes, after many holds, delays, and hair-pulling frustration, AQMW 50 is now live, it went pretty late last night. So it might have been technically today for you. This chapter represents a pretty major turning point in the story and I do hope that you enjoy it.

That being said before I go into the next bit of news, I want to direct your attention to This link right here

Did you all look at it? Okay, let's keep going then.

So you all might remember how I’ve often made references to working on a secret project on the side for quite a while now Which of course is partially why Dust Eater has been on hold for a couple of months now. Well, I’m now officially able to talk about what that project was after talking to a Subreddit mod.

I wrote a book, specifically I wrote an altered version of the AQMW novel called “A Silent Monochrome World” which was, cleaned up (of course not perfectly), expanded on to the point where I added an entirely new chapter for chapter 1 that took place before the start of the fic, Rewrote chapter one of the fic from scratch and hired an artist to do cover art for it. Almost every chapter was improved in some way shape or form, and honestly, considering how many months I spent on it, I can’t even begin to tell you how much pride I have in getting this out finally after a surprising amount of hard work. Because of this, I did add links under the AQMW title for the Ebook and Paperback Amazon pages, and well yeah. There you go!

So yeah, I don’t have a whole heck of a lot else to say this week, As always, thanks for reading and posting and I do hope y'all have a great weekend, and happy reading/writing!


A QUIET AND MONOCHROME WORLD: Most Recent chapters: Chapters 50 - 11/14/2019



DUST EATER: Most Recent chapters: Chapter 56 - 09/03/2019

OVERPOWERED Most Recent chapters: Chapter 2 - 05/22/2019

A QUIET AND MONOCHROME WORLD: BROKEN SHIELD Most Recent chapters: Chapter 2 - 08/14/2019


Death Would've Been Preferable: By SgtChrysalis - Last Chapter Read: 29

Rogues in Remnant By rymac0513 - Last Chapter Read: 1

Summer School: By Paulternative - Last Chapter Read: 5

A Hidden Rwby By FireGire96 - Last Chapter Read: 1 (Caught up)


Running Through The Rain: By SaturnNights - So I guess this story is flagged complete on So I'll give it a quick review. It’s 14.2k words long, across 14 chapters. I honestly thought the story was still ramping up not winding down. The only real “event” that happened here is the writer had them be sad over Pyrrha followed by Sun Punching out Jaune before there all friends out of the blue? The conflict lasted a chapter and was done. I’ll be honest, I can’t recommend this one because of how little happens over the story, and how short it is.

u/Throwitallaway8898 · 4 pointsr/RWBY

The lyrics in the preview snippet on Amazon are pretty explicitly talking about "love" and if it's a platonic love it's a really damn weird platonic love, lol:

>But they watch us, and they know

>And they’re happy as they see our love grow

>We’ll sit for a while, as I drink in your smile

>It feels like a dream that’s come true

>My head starts to buzz and my heart fills with love over you

>Baby can’t you see

>You could be with me

>We could live inside a

As explicit as this is and as hard it is to explain away as anything else, I'm not gonna let myself get my hopes up until there's some real REAL explicit hinting in the show.

u/AbatedDust · 2 pointsr/RWBY

You can check out /r/lfg to try and find groups or tabletop shops near you you can play at. Alternatively, if you don't want to leave the house, /r/roll20 can get you set up playing with other people online.

If you just want to learn more about playing the game in general, Wizards of the Coast has a free 5th edition basics guide for getting started with character creation, adventuring, and combat. Sadly they don't include the druid or ranger class in the basics but you can sail the high seas for the full 5th edition players handbook or buy one off amazon.

If you ever want to try and put together a full character, I'd love to help guide you through the process. Sometimes just making a character can be as fun as playing a session with one.

u/hauntinghelix · 6 pointsr/RWBY

BTW, all six volumes are on amazon for a pretty damn good price. I've streamed rwby every tike too but I am going to finally buy it. I will be pumped to see it in the best quality.

u/ToaLhikan · 7 pointsr/RWBY

The English edition is available on, but as it was released bit by bit in one of their weekly serials, it's not easy to come by, and costs money for the back issues. Last I heard, the official English translation was due for a physical release sometime in September (I can only speak for American release through Amazon).

However, if you want to get in on the action early without paying money yet, searching "RWBY Manga" will likely get you results on various manga hosting sites, with scanlations done by our very own /u/Cloudssj43 (retired, last I heard). Bear in mind that only the first 10 issues were translated by him, as it was around that time that the official translation was announced, and thus Cloud decided to back out since he deemed that he would no longer be needed in that area.

Brief disclaimers:

  • The Manga is canon, written by Shirow Miwa collaborating with RoosterTeeth via Miles and Kerry.
  • The first 9 Issues--save for the latter half of Issue 1 and all of Issue 2--are slight re-tellings of the Color Trailers (since the trailers didn't get translated for Japanese audiences, this was the solution). Most of it is treading old ground, but there is some new context given that answers some questions that fans have had about the trailers.
  • The rest of the Issues--10 through 15--cover a brand new story set between Volumes 1 and 2, with teams RWBY and JNPR at the forefront.

    Hope this helps, Have Fun!
u/TRMeson · 1 pointr/RWBY

"World of RWBY Companion Book" (aka the lore book) good stuff. Here's the Amazon link.

u/Raineythereader · 1 pointr/RWBY

I adore spiders, so it probably won't matter. But there would be an additional layer of squee if she resembled Baje Wihtethorne's idea of a spider-person.

u/seniormegamarbles · 1 pointr/RWBY

Hmm, I just looked for it, and this came up. It seems like a review for it exists on the site, but when you try to click on the product itself, the page doesn't exist. I believe this is an error on Amazon's part, as I don't believe RT would take the soundtrack off of Amazon. Maybe someone should notify RT?

If I remember correctly, the soundtrack was released on iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon. It should be there.

u/TellTaleTank · 13 pointsr/RWBY

Yeah, you can find it on Amazon. Young adult novel, official and canon, about Team CFVY in Vacuo one year after the Battle of Beacon.

Edit: found the Amazon listing.

After the Fall (RWBY)

u/robulusprime · 2 pointsr/RWBY

As a general rule I expect that they, lacking knowledge of the bigger picture, would side with the people closest to where they each appeared.

That being said, here is where I would think it would be most interesting to see them:

RWBY has an industrialist's daughter and an oppressed racial minority in their group. This would normally indicate a pro-abolitionist slant. However, there was a significant number of wealthy free blacks who owned slaves during that time. Further, Blake's ability to "pass" was an earlier plot point (and parallels a number of mixed-ancestry people at the time); so the most interesting place to put this group is in one of the Confederacy's larger cities (Richmond, Atlanta, Charleston, New Orleans, etc.) And see how that affects their dynamics.

JNPR is perfect for the Shenandoah and Tennessee Valley theatres. Two scions of respected, if not powerful, families; a cherished but tough daughter, and an orphan of the back woods. They are, by definition, more morally ambiguous; so they could fall on either side of the conflict.

CRDL makes the most sense in one of two forces: those of William T. Sherman (who is still hated by many Georgians for his March to the sea) or those of Nathan Bedford Forrest (who thought that political terrorism in the form of the original KKK was a good idea... Asshole.) In either case, they are bullies, bad news for whoever isn't actually fighting the war.

CVFY and SSSN both belong in the Western Theatre. The two sides of the conflict we're far less defined out there, and there were two other parties involved as well (Mexico and the Tribes with a Frenchmen or two thrown in). Think "The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly" or "A Fistful of Dollars" or "Magnificent Seven" for reference.

u/lone0001 · 1 pointr/RWBY

Also A LOT cheaper and free shipping, I just ordered the Bluray combo pack for $12.42 ($15.99 - $5 from Amazon Prime pre-order discount). I also got the first two volumes directly from RT but it was far too expensive with the exchange rate and shipping cost.

u/Darkdragoon324 · 4 pointsr/RWBY

It's in the summary of the CVFY centric YA novel coming out in 2019.

u/shpadoinkle92 · 1 pointr/RWBY

Yes, according to their listing. I have the first two volumes, but I can't really confirm since all of the information text is in Japanese and the US and Japan are both region A.

u/Hyperba21 · 3 pointsr/RWBY

They are on sale right now on Amazon, $28. I consider pre ordering before the price increases.

u/ActualTaxEvader · 9 pointsr/RWBY

Well, US Shonen Jump is just about caught up with the Ultra Jump's chapters and they said 14 would be the end, but then there's a "to be continued" at the end of that, so who knows.

But you can preorder the first volume now. It comes out in August.

u/doomtrooper83 · 5 pointsr/RWBY


After a two month delay, I finished part three of OC series The 8th squad: The fall maidens weapon this story will be finished in part 4. As for the series I plan on doing two more stories before finishing it out.

Red Platoon: A True Story of American Valor by Clinton Romesha

u/Atlas1992 · 9 pointsr/RWBY

It's legit, the track listing is here and apparently there is a sample as well, but I can't play that because I don't have a US amazon account.

Not sure what it says that they've got a tease this heavy handed on the soundtrack, but I honestly can't point to a song from the volume it could be, unless it's that track that people were calling 'Home' before now

u/Robotech_Master · 4 pointsr/RWBY

We might just find out in a couple or three years. If it's three seasons to a continent, then 10-12 should be in Vacuo—where Team CFVY is currently residing.

u/KyouKobayashi · 2 pointsr/RWBY

The Shirow Miwa manga is available physically in English.

The Bunta Kinami manga is supposed to get a physical release in early 2020.

u/Golbi54 · 5 pointsr/RWBY

Yup this one

And I'm referring to this scene

u/jokey_boy · 1 pointr/RWBY

Most likely, but the next one might be the final chapter since a manga anthology is supposed to be coming soon. It might be the chapters compiled into tankobon format.

Amazon has the English version listed for an August 2017 release

u/MisterJukebox8 · 1 pointr/RWBY

Question. Does the version on Amazon have both Blu-Ray and DVD?

u/teal_it_how_it_is · 1 pointr/RWBY

As far as I'm concerned it can be assumed that it will be on the soundtrack since there has always been accoustic versions of previous theme songs. Heck we still don't have a confirmed release date, it's only been assumed it will be released around the same date as the dvd/blu-rau.

Edit: Apparently the expected released date for the Amazon MP3 version is June 16th