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u/tinaismediocre · 1 pointr/RainbowEverything

I bought it on Amazon : [here](Coaster Contemporary Cappuccino Finish Open Bookcase is the link.

Couple of things I will say about it though (because the listing is pretty vague)

This thing is HUGE, easily 10'h x 5'w x 3'd, and it's a super heavy package. Also, in true cheap furniture fashion, you had better have a day to dedicate to assembling it and mounting it to your wall.

Also, despite being called "cappuccino" make no mistake, the shelf is 100% black.

For the ~ $200 I spent, plus the hours spent assembling it, and the hernia I nearly got from dragging it into my house, I honestly probably could have gone with something a little nicer.

u/Mmkay333 · 2 pointsr/RainbowEverything

If its any consolation, here are some of the coolest rings ive ever bought. I highly recommend them

BL Jewelry Antique Finished Sterling Silver Cushion Cut Genuine Mozambique Garnet Filigree Ring (2 1/5 CT.T.W) (5)

BL Jewelry Antique Finished Sterling Silver Cushion Cut Genuine Peridot Filigree Ring (1 CT.T.W) (5)

u/Hufflepuff-puff-pass · 23 pointsr/RainbowEverything

I’m positive these are Irregular Choice shoes. Here they are on Amazon

I think these are better though I’ve been lusting after them for months.

u/pintSzeSlasher · 2 pointsr/RainbowEverything

Amazon has them for about $35. I found one at TJMaxx for $20. They are fun!

u/AshenGlow_ · 22 pointsr/RainbowEverything

Amazon! I couldn't stop looking at them lol.

u/30stacksOfplus1s · 2 pointsr/RainbowEverything

I used these swatch sticks I got on Amazon! I did buy the rings separately at Office Max since the ones on Amazon came with a different kind of holder which would have made it a lot harder to keep the sticks in rainbow order when adding a new polish.

u/eierkopf · 1 pointr/RainbowEverything

I got it in the fabric district in downtown Los Angeles but the designer is named Alexander Henry and it’s called Monkey Bizness Magic Rainbow Shine. Amazon has it with a pink background here:

u/Baelari · 6 pointsr/RainbowEverything

Rabbitgoo 3D Decorative Window Film, Non-Adhesive Privacy Films - Large Window Glass Films for Home Office, Static Cling Window Tint Films with Rainbow Effect, Irregular Patterns, 23.6 x 78.7 inches

This is what it is, I have some on a kitchen window that faces the neighbors.

u/obsessexpress · 8 pointsr/RainbowEverything

There are different styles, but this is the one I have.

Rabbitgoo Window Film 3D No Glue Static Cling Decorative Privacy Glass Film Non-Adhesive Anti UV for Home Kitchen Office Windows 35.4 x 78.7 inches (90 x 200cm)