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u/Rhett_Rick · 2 pointsr/Rateme

33/M here. I used to struggle with my confidence/feeling unattractive. Once I improved how I felt about myself, things changed with women, for the better. I'm now in a long-term committed relationship with an awesome, beautiful lady. The thing you need to understand is that I'm nowhere near as good-looking as you are, so I can PROMISE you that looks are not the issue at all for you. I've dated some damn good looking ladies and all I've got working for me is the weird-looking but rugged thing.

Bottom line, it ain't your looks holding you back. Before anyone jumps on me for the advice I'm about to give, I think the pickup artist scene is gross and weird. HOWEVER, for a guy like you it may give you enough of a boost that you can leave the creepy stuff behind and internalize the genuine benefits of the pickup philosophy. Read the book "The Game," and see how you take to it. I found a lot of it really off-putting but some of it was really applicable to my situation, and it was definitely a big part of helping me boost my confidence.

Also, I don't know if you do much online dating stuff, but that's an easy way to get your confidence up. A guy like you should be able to have a different date every night if you'll be living in a major city.

Of course, I've been presuming your personality is solid. Assuming you're capable of communicating well and aren't a dick, a few weeks of reading/experimenting with pickup stuff and getting on Tinder when you move to Australia should do wonders for your success.

u/theninjaseal · 2 pointsr/Rateme

Hey! I like your look. We have really similar face shapes and facial hair growth patterns.

First off clean it up. We all have hairs that grow in random directions, or are extra long. If you just follow the lines of your beard with a trimmer, you'll probably see improvement immediately.

Trim the sides so that they make straight lines going down, slightly inwards. Think of it almost like a hairy jawline. We're a bit wide in the cheeks so keep it shorter as it goes down. For me the transition from straight to curly hair is around the middle of my ear, but I keep it short until it reaches the bottom of the ear.

Finally, clean up the neck beard area. Our hair grows faster on the neck side of the jawline, which is great for fleshing the beard out and making it thick and full, but means neck-y beards come with the territory. You just want to shorten the hairs in the back so that the hair up front can do all the talking.

So now you've cleaned it all up and shortened the sideburn area. On a scale of Rick Ross to [Tenzen] ( you wanna lean towards Tenzen. Not in shaving your cheeks but in the overall shape. Notice that Tenzen's length is coming from chin hairs and goatee hairs, not throat hairs. This is the key to getting away from the neck beard.

You can do all this with a steady hand and a decent trimmer. I use the peanut from Wahl. Good luck buddy! You look good now but you're like thirty five minutes away from being a truly sexy mofo.

u/worthaconversation · 1 pointr/Rateme

OK, seems you want to increase the curvature of your butt, above it seemed you were saying you wanted to reduce it because it was massive.

Bret Contreras ('the glute guy' corny name but a highly respected trainer nationally and a PhD (or a PhD candidate) ) is one great place to start.

His book here would be your Bible - though you can get pretty far starting with just a few of the exercises he tends to recommend and using good weight / reps for your goals. You can check his site or his YouTube channel for 'hip thrusts' and start perfecting your technique.

The real question is are you motivated enough to follow thru with a good workout 3 days a week plus good nutrition. Do you have access to a gym as you need and access to good food and the time set aside to follow thru. That's where many people fail. If you want more specifics, just hit me up.

u/beelzebobcat · 1 pointr/Rateme

Definitely much better than before! You don't look as messy right now. Make sure to use enough styling product in your hair - not so that you can get rid of the curls, but so you can reduce the frizz and make the curls that you still have more defined.

The cut you had here is really cute as well, so you can still have longer curls if you want, as long as you make sure the cut is still short on the sides and your curls are well-defined (which I know takes work). Do not brush or comb your hair when it's dry (whatever cut you have), unless you're about to wash it. Curly hair frizzes like crazy if you do that. Use gel in wet hair to get nicely defined curls, and re-wet your hair every morning to style it. If you need hair help in future, /r/curlyhair is where you need to go.

I really like the clean-shaven look, it suits you well! It looks like you're getting some razor burn / irritation though, so I'd look into that. Make sure to shave with a sharp blade, use enough shaving cream (or substitute) so the razor glides over your skin easily, and use an after-shave balm without alcohol, like this one.

u/Pyrolys · 2 pointsr/Rateme

Haircut could be better I guess. Otherwise your appearance is okay. Work on your game ! This is a great place to start.

On a completely unrelated topic, unbotton your jacket when you sit :)

u/alwaysflowers · 2 pointsr/Rateme

YouTube tutorials saved my life. That and lots and lots of practice and just experimenting on my face. I can do winged liner by hand, but if I'm in a rush I use these eyeshadow fallout protector thingys to get a perfectly shaped wing in half the time with minimal effort:

u/radikul · 2 pointsr/Rateme

As someone who lifts at LEAST 6 days a week, you should probably cut cardio out. Like completely. You have an ectomorph build so you don't need any help from cardio with your field mouse metabolism. Buy a good whey protein isolate (this one is my person favorite), eat A LOT (don't confused eating a lot with eating dirty), and get good sleep.

If you can't do without your cardio though, keep it short and high intensity. I rarely do cardio but if I do, it's on the bike and I go HARD for like 30-60 seconds then rest for 30-60 seconds and rinse/repeat. I try not to go longer than 10-15 minutes cause it's the longer/endurance cardio sessions that start to cannibalize your muscles.

Also, shave. It won't help you with your gains but that tuft of hair on your chin isn't doing you any favors.

u/Thiccc_One · 1 pointr/Rateme

Lol! I was literally looking into those this morning. Will definitely give those a shot

Do you think this would be taking it too far?

GNC Pro Performance Bulk 1340

u/frothewin · 1 pointr/Rateme

Appreciate it :) Have considered going all the way with the Navajo-woman look?

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Rateme

Well, I'm still somewhat of a novice myself, but there are lots and lots of tutorials on Youtube. Also I highly recommend getting Making Faces, which is basically the Bible for makeup.

u/englishcheese · 1 pointr/Rateme

Are these the right products? Cetaphil, Alpha Hydrox and [Stridex] (

Cheers for the recommendations. Will give them a go (or maybe some other variation from the sub).

u/soveryshallow · 1 pointr/Rateme

>I do a specific muscle group each day 5 times a week

:O Is that what your trainer recommended? Don't do that. That is a ridiculous bodybuilder routine that someone does when they are already fit. Please look into those programs - only 3 days a week (cardio on the off days for you) but you lift HEAVY compound lifts that hit multiple muscles at once, so you don't have to do that nonsense that you are doing.

Edit: SS (can also be found in.. torrents)

SL - free but he email all the fucking time


Pick one.

u/rhymeshoe · 1 pointr/Rateme

Thank you! Half the time I use this and the other half I just roll out of bed.

u/boywbrownhare · 2 pointsr/Rateme

also, try only washing your face with warm water. dry immediately and apply this lotion. (it should be cheaper at a store, if you can find it. like $11 but it lasts months.)

u/HappyLeprechaun · 1 pointr/Rateme

For the Alpha Hydrox this is closer to what I use: alpha

The specific one I use is a gel, but this has the same 10% glycolic, so it's probably the same. The other two are right though.