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u/Rhythmdvl · 18 pointsr/RedvsBlue

Tooth fairy also brought him the Ultimate Fan Guide. We’re on our third re-watch of the series. It’s been an incredible show to share (even if he won’t get a fair number of jokes until he’s older) and has expanded our vocabulary from a frustrated “damn dirty Blues! to a disenchanted “whatever.” Can’t order pizza without describing it as mozzarella ... oregano... and so on. And, of course, lots of quiet moments where we ask each other if they wonder why we’re here.

Love that it’s teaching him a whole host of literary techniques and introducing fantastic plot devices rather than tired clichés. I think this is the first “our” show and can’t imagine anything better.

u/autowikiabot · 1 pointr/RedvsBlue



Ghosts That Linger:

>Ghosts That Linger is an album that contains music used in various Red vs. Blue episodes and PSAs. The music is performed by Trocadero. The album was released on November 21, 2009. It is now available to buy at RT store, iTunes, and Amazon.

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u/vinny1204 · 4 pointsr/RedvsBlue

This is the helmet we used! Surprisingly great quality for a 30 dollar costume helmet!

u/saintash · 1 pointr/RedvsBlue

its on amazon in stock: link