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u/hi_from_brian · 1 pointr/Reno

> Are they like you see in the movies are are we talking like a dedicated boot or soemthing?

Neither, really. The movies tend to show antique snowshoes made of wood and catgut (the tennis racket look), and I have never seen a slip on boot type. Instead, they are more like strap on sandals.

You will want to already be wearing a sturdy boot that is water resistant (or waterproof) and warm. I use my snowboarding boots. You step into the strap and sole system toe first, slip the loop around your heel, then use the pull-tight cinch system atop your foot to secure it all. To release, you pop the buckle atop your foot.

A good snowshoe will be framed in metal, and will have a metal heel rise bar for use on steeper ascents. It should also have a metal based crampon type addition underneath for traction on harder surfaces like ice, or hard packed snow. I use the Atlas Reactiv model, but they are 6 years old now, and have been replaced by this model. The 25 inch version supports me beautifully with a total loaded weight of 175 pounds.

You could start with a cheaper model, but the one I linked would be the only pair you need to buy regardless of how far you go in winter sports. I have used them to bag many local peaks for some backcountry snowboarding, so they would certainly serve you well for some lightly loaded romping.

u/Earptastic · 2 pointsr/Reno

Intek River Run Tubes on Amazon are legit awesome.

Check out this sweet review. . .
5.0 out of 5 starsAWWWWW SNAP!!!
March 23, 2011
Color: Blue|Verified Purchase
I was also admittedly drunk, but whatevs. The river was hella low, and i got stuck on some rocks several times, but this tube was like "AWW NAW HELL NAW" and i just scootched right over top of all them rocks and sticks and nonsense. The cupholders and handles were perfect for my can o' wine and my Nalgene o' Bootlegger. Not gonna lie, I threw up in the river, but I don't blame the tube. A few people had other brands of tubes, and their tubes popped, but luckily, i had brought an extra one of these already inflated. Ironically, these were the same people who were dissin on these vinyl tubes because "canvas wrapped is sooooo much better." WHERE IS YOUR CANVAS GOD NOW??

I don't know where the tubes are now, i think they might have gotten thrown into a bonfire, but if i ever feel like pukin in a river again, this will be my method of flotation. It inflated and deflated super fast, but it was bulky to carry back to the pick-up point.

Final word -- If you need a tube: BUY THIS JENK RIGHT HERE

u/haroldp · 5 pointsr/Reno

Start here, maybe:

for an introduction to why tariffs are really just a tax on one group (almost always the poorest people) to benefit another group, and always to the detriment of the economy as a whole. It's such an uncontroversial idea in economics, even Krugman agrees. And now we have a "conservative" Republican president waving around tariffs like they were summer camp demerits. And I gotta explain it to conservatives. The Left hates freedom of speech! The right supports tariffs! Up is down. Black is white! :)

Here's it's even available for free online:

Highly recommended.

u/aswiftkickinthebutt · 3 pointsr/Reno

I have Charter for internet (15Mbps down/3 up for ~$50/mo after the promo rate expires) and an antenna for TV. I built my own DVR so I can record the network shows, which is what we mainly watch anyway. I live in south Reno so the antenna reception is great coming off Slide Mtn. It is probably a bit tougher to pull off in the northern areas.

There's plenty of free DVR software. Windows Media Player can do it or if you use Linux mythtv is wonderful. That is what I use.

I use the HDHomeRun to tune the channels.

u/grndzro4645 · 6 pointsr/Reno

Most angles are 35-40 degrees. Some have 3 stages. Once you set the edge all you need to do is periodically run the knife a couple times through the fine stage. No they do not put a severe edge on them. You can see the angles right in the pictures.

Do you honestly think the honing rods in this are going to eat up the blade?

I have nice sharpening stones, I have some razor sharp knives for self defense. Quit treating everyone else like a moron. You may not know as much as you think. The OP clearly does not sharpen knives. You don't just hand a newbie a Japanese whetstone and expect them to know how to sharpen knives.

u/annemarie020981 · 1 pointr/Reno

Karl Hall has been corrupt for decades going way back to his time as a DA for Washoe County. This non fiction book is about an innocent man Karl played a hand in keeping in prison! Along with some of our other fine elected officials!

u/sevenover1 · 1 pointr/Reno

This is a cool little book it looks like as well. Not just Reno But the whole Lincoln Highway.

u/craftycollege3 · 1 pointr/Reno

I read online that there’s no licensing required as long as you’re in NV! :) and I most definitely will! Here is a link to the ones I ordered: ieasky Fishing Bait Trap,2 PCS...

u/mitch_barrie · 2 pointsr/Reno

>They will post notices on doors saying if you do not pick up your dog poop it is a $100 fine. Buuuut they never refill the dog poop bags.

Not an issue: buy your own bags. You ought to have your own bags if you are a dog owner anyway. I've been buying these for years, they are better than what you find in dispensers. There are always four in my back pocket. Always.

u/AgedashiTofu · 2 pointsr/Reno

We have this Honeywell humidifier and it does a great job. We have a smaller single floor, 3 bedroom house and while it is a lot more powerful in whatever room it is placed in it does put out enough that it covers the majority of the house.

Out of the box, it was fairly quiet but over time things have loosened up inside so it can be a bit noisy - but nothing you couldn't sleep through.

u/thecowrunner · 2 pointsr/Reno

I'd recommend this antenna:

I tried a couple indoor antennas, both in my attic and on the side of my house, but they weren't able to pick up the towers on Slide mountain. I installed this antenna on the side of my house and pointed it Southwest. Never had any issues.

u/lobster777 · 2 pointsr/Reno

If you are into board games, I have the Firefly game that I bought recently and have not had the chance to try out.

u/jrwreno · 2 pointsr/Reno

> Your side should be stepping up offering solutions before us left wing non-gun toting nut jobs take them away from you

this is what I took exception to. Not acceptable.

What I was recommending earlier is this

Mandatory secure storage with proof of ownership. I have always been a big stickler on gun safety/training/target shooting classes. A weapon in the hands of an inexperienced gun owner can be just as deadly as in the hands of a criminal. Mandatory classes---yearly, in taking refresher classes for gun safety/security/target shooting.