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u/Adventuredditor · 57 pointsr/Repsneakers

Yooo! I finally got everything together for my Into the Spiderverse Halloween costume. I forgot I ordered food and had to awkwardly answer the door in the full outfit lmfao.

Here's an imgur album with some pics.

  • Ordered 9/23 $144 shipped
  • QC Pics and GL 9/25
    • /u/lukifergriffiths /u/leithold12 and /u/TTV_JimboSliiice helped with my QC (thanks!!) and ultimately I decided I'm fine with the wing logos not being perfect [ /u/Homeless_drip here is the vid]
  • Shipped DHL from Hong Kong 9/27
  • Received 10/02

    Will was a pleasure to work with. He was super polite, helpful and friendly and answered my questions happily. I would definitely buy from him again (I'm eyeballing some OW Jordans now that I know how comfy they are..)

    Shoes are high quality to me, I've never even tried on retail Jordans but I needed these for the Mile Morales fit. I dinged up the box but they did come with the Spiderverse box. Wore them all day yesterday and got nothing but compliments. For my first pair of reps I couldn't be happier! Unfortunately, now I have to cop more. Oops.


    As a side note, for the Spidersuit I went with Zentaizone. 100% amazing to work with as well and they can tailor it for free. I do need to get a face shell so the mask doesn't kinda bunch up.. I have a mouth guard but tbh I don't prefer it. I can see out of the mask but not very well and it's a little hard to breathe. I'll probably just keep the mask in my pocket while out and about.

    I also didn't plan the music to work well with the vid it just worked out that way.. I was just being a dork.
u/Jus_scales · 1 pointr/Repsneakers

These are retail, decided to take the cage off mainly because of how bright it was. I have a rep pair of core blacks (cage still on) and the removal process would be identical. If you do decide to uncage grab this as opposed to the standard xacto knife, its a lot easier to maneuver (the last thing you want to do is accidentally cut the primeknit). Feel free to ask questions too, best of luck.

u/Lames_Jahey · 1 pointr/Repsneakers

Could try out shoe goo
EDIT: They also make a clear version. I've used it before and it is similar to silicone caulk. Its a very strong adhesive and is relatively flexible so it should bond well and hold up over time. Its a much better option than superglue or other epoxies.

u/fodnow · 1 pointr/Repsneakers

Its basically like a shoe tree but one that you can expand. not sure how well it'd work, but it's worth a shot I guess.

shoe repair places also usually offer stretching services but idk if I wanna do all that for a pair of reps lmao

I definitely only suggest trying on leather shoes, I'm sure it'd ruin Primeknit, mesh, etc

u/PM_ME_YOUR_EX_PLS · 3 pointsr/Repsneakers

no but ive done it myself

you need this

and this

and gold spray paint

acetone off the shit paint on the heel cup and stripes. mask off the heel cup and stripes with painter's tape so none of the rest of the shoe is exposed.

spray on adhesion promoter per instructions. let dry.

spray gold. let dry.

paint on the scratch resistant sealer and you've got a long-lasting and good looking custom.

u/_Tebro · 3 pointsr/Repsneakers

Yeah I have this, Conair ExtremeSteam Hand Held Fabric Steamer with Dual Heat; White

u/ilikemyyeezys · 2 pointsr/Repsneakers

Counterfeit industry is a major problem to most international organizations, and is perpetuated in China because it's easier for sellers to latch onto established brand names to sell goods rather than cultivate a name for themselves. This book kind of tackles how China aims to promote authentic Chinese businesses and foster growth rather than tolerating an industry that thrives off of manufacturing goods by other companies.

u/knanyoweast · 5 pointsr/Repsneakers

dont use bleach

use this stuff

its like 3-4 bucks in stores and cleans primeknit like nothing else

u/G0DG0DG0DGOD · 1 pointr/Repsneakers

Ok, I found what I was referring to. It's not a paint, it's a Matte Varnish.

u/The_Immortal_Shogun · 3 pointsr/Repsneakers

amazon com/gp/product/B000OL3LJ2

u/Iodized · 1 pointr/Repsneakers

Did you use the same scuff cover from the guide? "Kiwi Scuff Cover (Leather Black)"?

Canadian so I'd probably buy this one here on Amazon but just wanna know which one you used

u/pipeburst1 · 1 pointr/Repsneakers
Used this instead of a fabric marker because you can control how dark it goes on. I just barely went over it just to darken a little.

u/WGM_PONR78 · 1 pointr/Repsneakers

Vans Unisex Old Skool Black/White Skate Shoe 9 Men US / 10.5 Women US

u/DiscoveryMode · 1 pointr/Repsneakers

Amazon sells black suede dye for about 7$ a bottle with a little applicator brush, might be worth looking into. That damn green patch is the one thing holding me back from jumping on a pair.