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u/OiMouseboy · 1 pointr/RioGrandeValley

> intel hd graphics 4600

That is the only thing I would be worry about, because it is integrated graphics, but a search on google shows people playing with it..

BF4 was down to 17 bucks for a digitalcopy on amazon a couple weeks ago but i think the price went back up.

It is still 21 dollars on amazon.

and i think you can get the premium package for the DLC (you are going to want the DLC) for cheaper on the Mexican origin site.

here are instructions for purchasing it from mexican origin.

add me on origin when you make an account if you dont have one. btw origin gives out a free game each month. it was peggle this month.

here is my battlefield 4 soldier. ignore the terrible k/d i'm a little better now. for my first like 100 hours i was super bad.. like 1 and 10 every round, and my k/d is still suffering from it

u/cr0n1c · 1 pointr/RioGrandeValley

So I've found that this hot sauce San Luis has that texture and flavor I have found in several corn-in-a-cups in the Valley. Good luck.

u/OMdoubleU · 1 pointr/RioGrandeValley

Author Andres Tijerina has several books on the subject, and the book by David Montejano:

Anglos and Mexicans in the Making of Texas, 1836-1986

is a great resource as well. Can't help you in terms of television documentaries though, sorry.

u/CaptMercaptan · 3 pointsr/RioGrandeValley

$188 new from Amazon w/ free shipping

u/ihateeskimos3 · 1 pointr/RioGrandeValley

Thanks for the info buddy, I guess Ill give FF a shot.

I hate those hexagon shape plates makes the bar roll more than the round ones. I only use chalk on my heavy (275+) sets, it not even chalk its a chalk alternative so im sure that wont be a problem.

u/mehdbc · -1 pointsr/RioGrandeValley

I have Ptel with an old T-Mobile phone that was given to me. I pay 5 cents a minute.

There is a sale on a prepaid T-Mobile LG Optimus L9 for ~$180 with no tax from several stores online.

You could get that and the T-Mobile $50 unlimited talk, text and web prepaid plan and you'd be set.

edit: check it out