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u/barefooter · 5 pointsr/Ripple

A rally is a period where the price continues to rise, because either new fiat money is flowing into crypto, or people are leaving one crypto for another at that time.

I use bittrex and coinbase and like them, but there are many options for exchanges. I live in Washington state, so I have less options because Kraken and Poloniex are not available here.

I'd recommend getting either a ledger nano s or trezor hardware wallet. I have a ledger and it's really cool. Others like the trezor, but I don't have experience with it. Look into both and figure out which one you like more. This is the most secure way to store many coins.

This stuff is definitely worth the effort. I think it will be a multi trillion dollar market in five years, so it's still really early days. If you have a background in tech, then you have a good advantage in assessing the technology and making a lot of money investing. Good luck to you!

Oh also, if you want to dive deeper into the tech, a good first read is Mastering Bitcoin. Even though it's about bitcoin, you'll learn the fundamentals that are used by all cryptocurrencies.
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u/ashishjhaofficial · 0 pointsr/Ripple

Hi You can enable the skill here, choose whichever locale you are in. You can see how to use it in the description page also,
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Could only submit one link in the post, that's why submitted the US one!

u/thekiyote · 2 pointsr/Ripple

Luckily, that isn't going to happen.

Here's a quick primer in startup boards: The board of directors for a company's role is mainly to act as a protection from that sort of thing happening. Typically (with caveats that could fill a book [if you're interested, I recommend this one]) board seats are assigned by the shareholders of the company in proportion to the amount that they hold.

Most CEOs don't even bother creating a board in the earliest days of the company. They get to choose who's on it at will, so who will fight them?

Once they go through their first round of funding, most angel investors worth their salt will demand one or two seats on the board as a part of the deal. But even then, since the CEO still controls all the rest of the seats, and most experienced angels know that companies at this stage have like a 70% fatality rate, they're not all that committed, and it can take a while for them to act.

This is the stage of the company in the Jed days. Eventually they still managed to push him out though, with Chris firmly taking control of the company.

Typically, these struggles are always very murky if you're not in the room where it happens. Though, in this case, it's pretty much a given that's how it went down, from statements by people who were involved.

At this stage, though, Ripple's gone through a number of investment rounds since then, giving up more board seats to the new investors. Now they have 9 board members. I couldn't tell you which of those guys was assigned by which investor (outside the obvious ones), but I can tell you, they won't let a similar event happen, not with the forward momentum Chris and Brad brought to the table.