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u/sindex23 · 1 pointr/SCCM

Please don't downvote into oblivion for suggesting something other than SCCM, but if SCCM 2012 proves to be too much to take on, you may wish to look at something like the Dell-branded product KACE.

While I vastly prefer SCCM, KACE has a slightly lesser learning curve and there's a free 30-day trial available. Anything you set up in the trial can roll over into your live environment, so no time is wasted.

If your heart is set on SCCM, ask your higher ups to consider a training class and/or a consultant to assist in the environment creation. SCCM is rewarding, powerful, and can lead to much more interesting jobs down the line, but it's a beast to get going.

Once the environment is set up, this book will more or less get you going with most everything else.

Best of luck to you!

u/ASquareDozen · 7 pointsr/SCCM

I see that others have answered the question well. And I suspect that you will head down this path, but just in case you aren’t considering it - I highly recommend learning PowerShell. even just basic commands. It will open up so many opportunities for you to help make your life easier as an admin in general, not just SCCM. If you plan to do other things besides SCCM later in, having a good understanding of PowerShell will be a very marketable skill for you to have.

I highly recommend PowerShell in a Month of Lunches as a great book to get you started.

u/MrYiff · 1 pointr/SCCM

Honestly if you aren't sure how to create an application deployment in SCCM I would suggest picking up a good SCCM book for reference as there is likely lots of other stuff to figure out too.

Plus SCCM is a bitch at times as it gives you lots of options and things to change and tinker with and quite a lot can easily break stuff in new and interesting ways - you get get to learn about all 100+ different log files SCCM creates.

The book I like to recommend is this one:

As it provides a good real world walkthrough (including hard won tips and recommendations), from doing the initial sizing and install through to each major SCCM component - including creating an application in SCCM to run a Powershell script (and lots more beside this!).

It's well worth the money and can help you get things right the first time and avoid causing even more problems down the road.

u/GiddyVulcan · 2 pointsr/SCCM

Build a lab.


Build a lab.


Build a lab.


Build. A. Lab.


SCCM is a HUGE beast in and of itself...just learning the various ways to deploy applications/packages (and knowing the difference between the two and when to use one over the other) takes a bit of practice. Then understanding Task Sequences (a bunch of steps for completing a job...useful in imaging machines), and then finally going into learning to build queries and groups of users and pcs, based on certain parameters you define.


And that is just for the PC side. SCCM also can manage Macs as well as Mobile Devices.


And it has it's own Powershell module.


Intimidating? Yes.


Here are three tips, off the cuff I can give you (I am a current SCCM admin for a global firm).


1 - Build a lab. Make sure your pc has lots of processor cores, lots of RAM, and a decent size hard drive because all of your lab machines will be VMS. Plan on hosting about six to ten machines (with at least two being pc vms. You want to similate an environment.


2 - Take a video course from Udemy or another suitable online provider. I recommend this one. If you hop on the sale right now, it's $12 bucks.


3 - Buy some SCCM books. Two that I recommend are:

System Configuration Manager Current Branch

System Configuration Manager Reporting Unleashed

Excellent to go over the basics of SCCM as well as more in depth stuff.


4 - Take your time, learn what you can, show it off...volunteer to take on SCCM tasks at your current place. If they don't want to let you in, because of security issues or protocols, dust off the resume and go to town!



u/aperijove · 1 pointr/SCCM

%~dp0 if the SCCM guy's best friend.

I learned about this from Tim Hill's excellent book "Shell Scripting" in the 1990s. Still well worth having on your desk.

u/SysAdminDennyBob · 1 pointr/SCCM

I would first of all gather the IP addresses of those system and then verify that those IP's are within the range of IP subnets listed in your SCCM Boundaries. Also turn on Client Push Installation. basically you need to get the client installed on them before they report data back data. You will probably need to configure your Hardware Inventory in Client Settings as well, like I said turn on all the Asset Intelligence classes. Sounds like you have some work cut out for you. It will come together with time. You might want to go get a copy of this book.

u/GarthMJ · 2 pointsr/SCCM

Well first you never use tables you only use views.

Secondly, this book is a good starting point to learn reporting for SCCM.

Also MMSMOA is a great conference to learn SCCM and reporting.

u/bdam55 · 2 pointsr/SCCM

So if you're truly new to not just SCCM reporting but reporting in general than I highly recommend Garth Jones's book:

From there, dig into the SQL View documentation:

Don't forget to Google search first though ... a lot of queries and reports are out there. You might think of something truly new but it's less likely than you'd think.

Also, shameless plug, but come to MMS where Garth and I will be doing a session on software update reporting.

u/therealmrbob · 1 pointr/SCCM

It didn't seem that bad to me, I read through a book and ran through the whole cbt nuggets video set (which is pretty long I guess) and passed. I used: if that helps.

u/Hotdog453 · 2 pointsr/SCCM

System Center Configuration Manager Reporting Unleashed

I’ve always struggled with reporting stuff, since most sql specific things never focus on configmgr for obvious reasons. This book does a great job of focusing on legitimate things we actually do in sql. Highly recommended.

u/aleinss · 5 pointsr/SCCM

Get Kent Agerlund's book:

If you are more of a video guy: check out the SCCM videos on Pluralsight. If you do enough Google searching: you should be able to find a 3 or 6 month trial code or just use the 14 day built-in trial. The courses they have on SCCM are pretty decent.

u/RulerOf · 1 pointr/SCCM

Sorry, you're an admin, but you're not the admin of the machine, assuming I read what you wrote correctly.

My point is that trying to solve software settings problems when you're not the admin of the system often involves far to much work for what are typically fragile and difficult-to-use solutions that never really satisfy normal users, even if they're okay for power users like us.

So think outside of the box instead and just get a mouse jiggler, since this is literally what they were made for. (That's a fixed version of the link from my post above.)

u/wifiz · 1 pointr/SCCM

Just checked out that mouse jiggler. TY! TIL. Ordering it now.

I'm a little embarresed to say, but I ordered this for her ystdy:

Proof of concept:

u/jaysin9 · 3 pointsr/SCCM

flash drive supports always been hit or miss with SCCM. Though sometimes you'll get better results switching to one of the usb 3.0 ports (sometimes laptops\desktops have a specific one) Also, if it's a specific laptop/desktop model with issues try adding the usb 3.0 drivers for it into boot image

I felt terrible the first time we ordered a bunch that were incompatible. Now I order one to check for support before the rest. For a while the sandisk were my go to, but last year sometime started to see same things you have.

Presently I've been using the black PNY Attaché 32/16/8 without issue:

u/thefunc5 · 1 pointr/SCCM

Anything is possible with enough case statements and/or subqueries ;)

Read the below linked book to obtain real world reporting skills you can apply to ANY reporting scenario or platform.

System Center Configuration Manager Reporting Unleashed

u/MelQQ · 2 pointsr/SCCM

We've had this issue for a few years on all of our models where we use a USB to Ethernet adapter for imaging (Yoga, Yoga 12, Yoga 260, Yoga 370 and Dell 7390 2-in-1). We've been connecting the USB to Ethernet adapter to a cheap USB 2.0 hub and plugging that into the laptop USB port as a workaround and this always works for us. Slows things down a bit, but at least it works. Here is the USB hub that we use:


I also recently ran across this, but haven't verified if it is also a workaround in our environment:

u/thinktankted · 1 pointr/SCCM

For anyone who feels they don't have enough time to learn powershell: I only made it half-way through, and still got what I needed to. (I'm not harping on you to learn powershell, just providing the info for anyone interested)

u/smitcolin · 2 pointsr/SCCM

Also buy the Microsoft System Center 2012 Configuration Manager: Administration Cookbook. I know the authors - They know their stuff - and the proceeds go the the Wounded Warrior Project

u/masteroffm · 3 pointsr/SCCM

I don't even PXE Boot anymore, USB media all the way. I use a USB NIC with a hub that is a different brand, but looks identical

I use that adapter and a USB flash drive for anything that doesn't have an integrated NIC.

u/universe74 · 1 pointr/SCCM

Man I get "Unable to read task sequence configuration disk" error when PXE booting. I am using a third party adaptor. Booting usb using the adaptor with the ISO I have used on all my previous Surfaces gives teh 4005 error.

u/sammavet · 1 pointr/SCCM

Have Kindle Unlimlited?

Powershell: The Complete 3 Books in 1 for Beginners, Intermediate and 21 Sample Codings and Advance Crash Course Guide in Powershell Programming

u/00DF00 · 3 pointsr/SCCM

After testing about 3 or 4 other brands for field deployments and field personnel we could never get anyone to get these CZ80 models to fail.

SanDisk Extreme CZ80 16GB USB 3.0 Flash Drive Speed Up To 190MB/s- SDCZ80-016G-G46

We were deploying and copying 4-6 GB windows deployments and sometimes pulling 500MB of data in logs and files off the machines before updating.

Never had any failures which we saw with the other brands in the same price points.