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u/kryost · 3 pointsr/Sacramento

> Sacramentans don't have a huge history of dealing with limited parking

In general, parking, especially free parking, in cities is seen as a something that is extremely harmful to the City success. So a lot of us can get pretty defensive about it because of the way that too much parking hurt Sacramento's development. UCLA Professor Donald Shoup has a good book on the idea.

Along with improving non-auto infrastructure, we will have to adapt to non-auto modes. It will take time, but will make Sacramento a much more prosperous City, and a better place to live.

u/meggaphone · 7 pointsr/Sacramento

Yep!! Can I suggest this book as well. I just purchased it and it's pretty amazing.

u/sock2014 · 6 pointsr/Sacramento

I have a friend who, in one hearing, went from having a restraining order (w/supervised visitation) against her ex, to losing primary custody and no RO.

If you are able to pursue this more, here's few resources FYI:

This book recounts the inspiring and courageous story of women activists who came together to oppose Houston's family court judges and whose political action committee, CourtWatch, played a crucial role in defeating five of the judges in the 1994 judicial election. Carole Bell Ford draws on extensive interviews with Florence Kusnetz, the attorney who led the reform effort, and other CourtWatch veterans, as well as news accounts, to provide a full history of the formation, struggles, and successes of a women's grassroots organization that overcame powerful political interests to improve Houston's family courts. More than just a local story, however, this history of CourtWatch provides a model that can be used by activists in other communities in which legal and social institutions have gone astray. (Florence passed last year)


As a college student and father, I couldn't afford an attorney and had to learn how to navigate the sometimes perilous and oft stressful court system. I ultimately was awarded primary physical custody of our son, and throughout the process, I won four appeals to the Supreme Court of Nevada, and was published on an original writ petition. I graduated and become a software engineer, and later the court terminated my ex's parental rights. My choice of the name "The Proper Person" is a reflection of the designation before a court that a person representing themselves is appearing "in proper person".
I maintain a website that tracks statistical data on Nevada judges



"..I have 32 years experience dealing with Family Law. 24 years as a law enforcement officer, the last 8 years as a Child Custody and Divorce Coach...... While still a law enforcement officer I spent ten years researching Family Law. In the process I identified that Family Law may be responsible for 25% of the crime in the United States; homicides, suicides, child abuse, abductions, domestic violence, violation of restraining orders, violation of court orders, stalking and more."


Tina Swithin is the founder of One Mom’s Battle. Tina Swithin survived a Category Five Divorce Hurricane and took shelter by writing her first book titled, “Divorcing a Narcissist: One Mom’s Battle.”  Tina finished her second book, “Divorcing a Narcissist: Advice for the Battlefield” in 2013 which provides guidance and advice for those in the trenches of a high-conflict divorce. In 2015, Tina shared her advice for for rebuilding after narcissistic abuse in her third book, “Rebuilding After the Storm,” and most recently, her favorite book to date, “The Narc Decoder: Understanding the Language of the Narcissist.”

u/try_lefthanded · 2 pointsr/Sacramento

There is a book 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Sacramento. They sell it at REI and Pipeworks. Its full of suggestions.

I would say in that general direction look at Cosumnes River Preserve Trails or Lodi lake nature trail

And if you are going to be in that area try for a winery in Lodi. You'll get better quality in both scenery and wine from somewhere like the Michael David winery or Jessie's Grove.

For future use... Lodi is only about 30-40 min drive and has some great wineries that are far less crowded and offer cheaper tastings then Napa.

u/Roach_Coach_Bangbus · 2 pointsr/Sacramento

This book is pretty good. I have found some pretty obscure trails I would have never found otherwise.

u/ryuns · 3 pointsr/Sacramento

No specific recommendations (sorry), but will second the recommendations to use a fee only planner, and use a tool like Mint to track your spending. Since this is something that will pay dividends (heh) for the rest of your life, I'd suggest finding a good book to go over as well. This is my favorite.

u/slashedzer0 · 3 pointsr/Sacramento

The initial cost of building a garage may be cheaper, but the maintenance and opportunity cost is ungodly expensive for a parking garage. There're some really strong opinions on how bad parking is (see: High cost of free parking), but building structures that are generally really ugly, don't include any eye candy, and are single use is totally a waste of really really expensive real estate. Leave the parking garages in the suburbs and make parking so expensive that people actually take the train to the stadium.

In some places, they've decided to convert previous parking garages into usable spaces. Boston has one called the Garage and it's super cool.

u/Brewtality76 · 0 pointsr/Sacramento

Or less...

Premium Screen Replacement for iPhone X (5.8 inch) - 3D Touch Soft OLED Complete Repair kit - Digitizer Display Glass Replacement with Waterproof Adhesive, Tempered Glass, Tools, Instruction

I’ve replaced a lot of iPhone screens with Amazon parts. Never had an issue. They’re simpler than you would think. Just set up a good clear spot at your kitchen table and take your time. My first one took over two hours. I can do older models in about 15 minutes now.

u/sacramentohistorian · 3 pointsr/Sacramento

I haven't done that sort of coffee table book before, mine are all black & white and priced for very small tables. And yeah, color printing is super expensive, especially if it's a small production run.

u/RiseiK · 7 pointsr/Sacramento

If you're getting into hiking the local area I highly suggest this book: 60 Hikes Within 60 Miles: Sacramento: Including Auburn, Folsom, and Davis

It'll give you a good grasp of the hiking areas around here :)

u/Escaridole · 5 pointsr/Sacramento

Now that really is some good news. Time for me to bust out this cookbook and make more of the only crab cakes I've ever really been blown away by. Maybe get this taste out of my mouth from all the smoke. It's like I licked the ash bucket.

u/atGuyThay · 12 pointsr/Sacramento

Since he can’t, I will. I really enjoyed this one and this one.

u/MBThree · 3 pointsr/Sacramento

I love my Amazon shirt here, but they also have quite a few other varieties available. Just search for Sacramento or even “city of trees”

Sacramento City of Trees Water Tower T-Shirt

u/blvrcks · 9 pointsr/Sacramento

Any of them like this, they have a valve that opens when you exhale and reseals during inhalation.

u/ridicusauce · 12 pointsr/Sacramento

I’d like to see it go back too. But Sacramento seems to be all-in with “farm to fork”, as both an regional identity and as a marketing slogan, so I’m skeptical it will go back.

So where do I get one?

Edit: never mind its on Amazon

u/purplemilkywayy · 1 pointr/Sacramento

We got a few masks from the fire station a couple of days ago, and then ordered some more on Amazon:

u/InFirstGear · 1 pointr/Sacramento

Battling the inland sea : American political culture, public policy, and the Sacramento Valley, 1850-1986 / by Robert Kelley.

Amazon will let you look inside.

From the University of California Press. Available in the library.

u/slowdownwaitaminute · -4 pointsr/Sacramento

Consider that those drugs may have originally been prescribed, the addiction manufactured, their homelessness inevitable. Now they have nothing left except the addiction to something that is the only thing that provides a brief amount of solace in their lives. These people don't have homes, but they also don't have friends, family, or anything else.

It seems to be hard for a lot of people to comprehend that people don't really want to be homeless. They're really doing what they can to get by and survive while being spurned by all of society worse than any other group.

Check out the book Invisible Nation. It's a good read that provides some solid perspective for those who've never lived in or are having trouble comprehending what it's like to live in destitution.

u/ThisPlaceIsToxic · 6 pointsr/Sacramento

Says Thomas Sowell, one of the lead conservative black thought leaders of the Right. Just like I said in my previous statement which I am assuming you glossed over since you felt the need to ask "says who" after I clearly mentioned a direct conservative source. Go read "Ethnic America".

If you want to make the argument that redneck is a classist term, I might agree, but it is not racist as it does not pertain to perceived race or an actual ethnicity. It's about class not race. Middle class and Upper class Whites use it to belittle poorer Whites, and those poorer whites then work together with the Middle and Upper class Whites to create and reinforce Whiteness which is in turn used to limit influence of PoC throughout our history. Racism is just one of many tools used to maintain class order.

Also correcting your incorrect usage and understanding of racism is not race baiting. You're the one baiting this shit by throwing out undisguised racist terminology (in various posts) and ideology hoping you don't get called on it. Shit YOU brought race into this by incorrectly trying to say Redneck is a racist term. So seriously, please stop with your ignorant comments on race and racism because you don't understand the terms or systems you are saying/describing.