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u/TiggsPanther · 1 pointr/SakuraGakuin


The following are available as legal downloads/streams from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. In the UK, at least.

Album: Kizuna (2013 Nendo)
Album: My Generation (2012 Nendo)
EPs: My Graduation Toss
EPs: Jump Up - Chiisana Yuuki
EPs: Ganbare
EP A: Wonderful Journey
EP: Tabidachi no Hi
EP: Verishuvi
Single: Heart no Hoshi
Single: Friends
Single: Otomegokoro
Single: Pictogram
Single: Rapikamu
Single: See You
Single: Three.A.M
Single: Yokubari Fille

The same items are available on all three services. Artist Link for SG follows:

iTunes (UK):

Amazon (UK):


When I have more of a spare moment, I'll see if I can attempt to compile a more comprehensive list including per-album links, international links where I can access the stores, as well as links for subunits and graduates where available. But this'll probably be a good springboard for any Fukei hoping to amass a legit MP3 collection.

u/Facu474 · 2 pointsr/SakuraGakuin

For those that don’t know, Suzuka and Ayami were part of Karen Girls before Sakura Gakuin.

This was discussed recently, and by chance I also was looking for it. Thankfully /u/Jabberwokk found it in his archives, passed me the file, and I uploaded it.

I cut the performance of Over the Future, since you can find it in Full HD here:
It may also help this video stay up.


Credit to /u/Maron-Metal for the translation. Here is his website.


Curious anecdote about this show from Ayami (by /u/spurdude), found here:

In today's "Night of Spica," two members of Karen Girl's were eventually on the program together. It was like their first time to work with in 6 years. Ayami was asked to tell one memorable Karen Girl's episode, and she mentioned a Su-chan trivia in their Saitama Auper Arena live 6 years ago.

Back then the three were elementary schoolers and had not performed in front of huge audience like > 20k. Ayami and Yuika were kind of nervous under that circumstance. With that said, Su-chan was the one sleeping like a log at their dressing room until an hour before they went on the stage. No wonder Suzuka performed like a Queen in front of > 60k at the Sonisphere 6 years later.

Edit: If you are an Ultimate SG collector, you can buy the blu-ray, that comes with the performance, and the BTS in HD:

u/androph · 3 pointsr/SakuraGakuin

Another picture. It has a navy base with a thick stripe that goes dark green, white, black, white, dark green.

I looked all over Google but I couldn't find the same design and colors anywhere. Similar design 1, 2, 3

Your best bet will be to custom order it.

Edit: Slightly better picture.

u/Yunihorn · 1 pointr/SakuraGakuin

Yeah, Marin's English speaking skill was unexpected knowing that most/some Japanese people are not good at it. Maybe she goes to cram school and learn advance English. She's smart and adorable too :)

I recommend using Genki book for beginners(like me lol)
You should try it if it's available near your area.

u/2zko · 4 pointsr/SakuraGakuin

Are there anybody who have bought CD/DVD on Amazon Japan/Amazon ?

I think you could get it and this item is mentioned "Fulfilled by Amazon" so they would ship out of Japan. (I think I set the link page to be displayed in English, if I failed to set it please find "Would you like to see this page in English? Click here. " or "in English" and click there)

When you will buy it on Amazon Japan, please just click on "Add to Cart" and ignore "Proceed to Checkout" and "Sign In" and "confirm your address or add international address"...

It would be better to ignore and not to click the entries of "Deliver to ( blank )" nor "(number) new/used from (price) on the first page(=the page I set), unless you can use Japanese language well.

u/rezarNe · 3 pointsr/SakuraGakuin

EVERYONE should buy the Smile DVD, the documentary is awesome (the song above is on it) and the live disc (graduation for the 2011 class) is the best so far, at least if you don't mind crying a lot.

u/robertoakira · 1 pointr/SakuraGakuin

Oh, found it, thanks! There are the 2012, 2013, 2014 Nendo albums, some singles(like Verishuvi and Ganbare) and most of the other songs as single tracks.

Link to the Nendo Albums:

Verishuvi Single:

But as far as I'm reading... It's not officially right to download mp3 from Amazon Japan unless you are currently living there, so it's the same problem with Itunes again... sigh...

I guess I'll just buy the 2012 and 2013 Nendo Albums since they are available on Itunes in many countries and try to figure out what to do with the rest of them...

Sorry for dragging the subject so much, as a little special reward I ended up stumbling upon this very frenetic search, here's a sample of an mp3 of some guy who's apparently very into making musicbox version of songs, specially Jpop and Kpop, here is Yume ni Mukatte in musicbox!!! (available for purchase in Amazon US, and maybe others!)

u/brunofocz · 3 pointsr/SakuraGakuin

next available size is 60x80, and a friend told me that smaller images tend to go down after a bit;

I found some japan-B2 sized frames on coming from japan; the guy in this review says:

"This is a very simple aluminum frame that fits Japanese B2-sized posters. The price point is pretty reasonable, though the original product is much cheaper if purchased in Japan. Buyers should keep in mind that Japanese B2 posters (515x728mm) are not the same dimensions as non-Japanese B2 posters (500×707mm)"

No european sellers though

For now the only solution is to order from Leroy-Merlin a custom sized frame

EDIT: I found also this good-priced frames on Rakuten global

EDIT2: this on amazon, could be more convenient via Tenso

u/glennaa · 4 pointsr/SakuraGakuin

about 5 years ago, I was given a copy of the Art of Fermentation because I gave the author permission to use one of my photos. I've sort of been interested in fermentation ever since, but besides the odd batch of pickles and sauerkraut, hadn't done anything else. I decided to try my hand at making miso. I used Japanese soybeans, American made Koji, and Korean sea salt. Ended up with about 1 liter of miso packed away in a corner of my pantry. I'll see what it's like in 3 months.

u/bservies · 1 pointr/SakuraGakuin

The CD/DVD has the live version? I wouldn't think so. The iTunes /u/Thrawn lists in the sidebar links to iTunes UK. Unfortunately, the iTunes US store does not have the A or B variants of the album. But, has both.

and there are samples to play. I hope this helps.

u/poleosis · 2 pointsr/SakuraGakuin

gotcha. heres the ones i always see on amazon


bonus keychain