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u/Jakeytown · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

This might work lol I dont think it will play nice with the electronics of my speaker, but for your print it would be dope haha

EDIT: oh nevermind its gotta be submerged in water haha

u/rabidpenguin · 3 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

We have a set of Baby Banz earbanz. My son wears them to games. His first game was when he was 4 months old and even the goal horn had no effect.

They are pretty awesome and fold up really neatly into a ball.

These are the ones we have and highly recommend:

u/illeGalAmigo7 · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

fuzz ball at the top? If so

I snagged this sweet one at shark's practice center with the year they were established.

I also have this one and it's a great day to day wear. Quality is amazing

u/epsilonlegend · 3 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

Buy one of these, and do it yourself. It's way better than paying someone 20 bucks to do it.

However, if you are going to get a new name and number sewn on... You're better off bringing it to at tailor/Hockey-X.

u/SlurmLoco · 4 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

Something like this? I have a large sharks blanket for my bedroom. It’s definitely the softest and most comfy sharks item I own.

u/zanzibarman · 3 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

He could join the FBI and do the same thing.

Edit: or the TSA for that matter

u/FatFingerHelperBot · 1 pointr/SanJoseSharks

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u/FastFishLooseFish · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

Congratulations dude!

When do you drop the Baby Shark shirts?

This is the only book you need. The writing isn't great, but the info is gold.

u/TheConeOfShame805 · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

Been there, there’s nothing sadder. A good book to read (and it’s a quick read)

u/russellvt · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

It's often cheaper on Amazon. I have two of them above my TV that we use during games... I'm still working on the triggered IR signal from the Raspberry PI, though.l

u/swanky_bubbles · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

It has a little remote I have to hit manually, in the off season I am going to set it up with a raspberry pie to make it automatic. It's [This one] ( hooked up to a 2.1 system

u/sadaye · 2 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

Amazon has a similar style, but it isn't an exact match. Sorry!

u/iggybu · 3 pointsr/SanJoseSharks

Holy shit! I've been a fan since 2011 and I'm still learning a ton. My friend loaned me this book awhile back, but I'm a sad grown-ass old lady with ADHD who sucks at reading. 😕