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u/KTdid88 · 1 pointr/SantaBarbara

When I had tiny flying bug issues with my worm bin (indoors) I got some basic sticky tape like this from amazon and left it nearby overnight. By the morning it was pretty covered. Switched the peel off covering from one side to the other, used the opposite side the next day. Result: significantly less bugs. If this is going outside it's super important to not just set it on top a surface to save birds or bees from getting stuck.

u/makadamianut · 2 pointsr/SantaBarbara

I would buy a heating blanket/pad like this. Fairly inexpensive and they are really nice. I put mine inside my sheets before I shower at night, and by the time I get in bed it is super toasty.

u/CrimsonMed · 2 pointsr/SantaBarbara

Got back from Nikka's not too long ago. While they did not have any whole wasabi root, they did have packages of frozen chopped wasabi -- five bucks for a 3.5oz package (the same one that amazon sells for $20 including shipping). I've only ever eaten fresh wasabi in this form anyway, at a couple sushi restaurants, so I'd say this was a success! They also sold a larger volume package for ~$15.

u/parametrek · 7 pointsr/SantaBarbara

I have a pair of cheap electronic aquarium thermometers to keep an eye on my fridge and freezer. The wire is thin enough that it doesn't mess with the seal.

u/donkawechico · 3 pointsr/SantaBarbara

I did it a few years ago using a Dazzle video convertor (kinda like this).

Problem is I now have a 30gb raw video file that I can't seem to compress with handbrake.

u/kdc71726 · 1 pointr/SantaBarbara

Just had my bike stolen last weekend; they cut the cable lock I had. I am now the proud owner of a $40 U-Bar lock

u/chalantcop · 2 pointsr/SantaBarbara

I found this thing on amazon that works wonders, no water required!

It's a little pricey for a piece of plastic but we've had it for about a year and our cat no longer wakes us up at 3 in the morning to complain about ants in his food, nor does he make a mess by dropping his food in any water-based ant solutions we tried in the past.