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u/shamelessintrovert · 3 pointsr/Schizoid

I finally got lucky and found a therapist who gets me. Never heard of schizoid (we learned together) but has super-solid attunement skills. So... there's hope.

Agree on Divided Self (assuming that's the Laing you mean?) really good read. The Masterson/Klein book is pretty good too.

I wish more of us were given bupropion right out of the gate (is also the only daily med that helped me). SSRIs are generally not going to be our friend and when some people are only willing to give meds one or two tries, I think a lot is lost...

u/Otakundead · 3 pointsr/Schizoid


I cried for 2 hours when it hit me that I’m not literally the only schizoid mind.

As for books, the most extensive, a very well written one, is:

As a shorter one, I would definitely read “Schizoid factors in the personality” by Fairbairn. That one was crazy, the fact that the author was schizoid himself shows in every paragraph.

That feeling of being able to relate to someone, I literally only had with fictional characters beforehand. (And only two, Dexter Morgan from the tv show Dexter and Lelouch Lamperouge from the anime Code Geass actually represents a schizoid in really interesting depths to justify me saying I identified to a degree that spoke to the “am I the only one like me” loneliness)

And thanks a lot for telling me this, because I poured a lot of my soul into studying cognition and how the mind works, and moments like these make me feel my life’s worth hasn’t been wasted. In that spirit, I offer to go through your letters to your therapist if you think a second schizoid opinion might be of value.

u/HazyDreamLikeState · 1 pointr/Schizoid

I was actually looking that up recently but this book specifically:

The Polyvagal Theory: Neurophysiological Foundations of Emotions, Attachment, Communication, and Self-regulation

I'm just not sure I'd want to try to tackle it because I'd assume that it's full of scientific jargon and probably beyond my ability to comprehend.

I've been following this youtuber recently and I think she's pretty spot on about how CPTSD, Chronic Dissociation(freeze response), and Schizoid are all related. I kind of wish I had these videos earlier as it would've explained things much easier rather than me having to go through a multitude of books.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/Schizoid

I was a little intoxicated earlier so I might have been mixing up the details.

I assume you really hated your old job then lol. Must be hard finding something you enjoy and I assume it might be because you are pretty intelligent; fast learner? And I assume a lot, but not statements as matter of fact or what I really believe about you, but more to bounce the idea off of you and look for your corrections in my assumptions. So sorry if I seem a little direct in what I’ve been saying.

And me? I’m just a starving artist with a relatively useless film degree. Living check to check to pay rent and credit card bills. Not where I wanna be by a long shot. But I have my ups and downs too. Right now I feel a bit manic in that I could probably accomplish all my goals in the next year. Sad.

What keeps me at my peaks are my hobbies though. You have any?


This book is about ADHD, but instead of looking at it from a psychiatric lens, it looks at it more from a humanistic standpoint. Not saying you have ADHD as I’m not qualified, but based off some of your key points, you seem to have traits of a “fast mind.” Haven’t read it in a bit so my assessment may be off. Still a good read regardless.

Pretty good summary:

u/DeadSpock44 · 1 pointr/Schizoid

It's on Amazon for 36$. I'd say it's good price for a clinical book and it has cool cover. bought it last week, still waiting to arrive to my country.

u/lakai42 · 1 pointr/Schizoid

Any therapist can diagnose schizoid. It's in the DSM.

If you want a decent therapist, you might as well try Ralph Klein. He wrote a really good book about it.

u/VoidsIncision · 2 pointsr/Schizoid

Ledoux briefly talks about it in his recent book Anxious. Basically he thinks these type of meditative or practices which focus you on the here and now can be used for anxiety because they pretty much just hijack attention away from aimless self reflective thought (anxious worry) into the momentary flow of controlling the movement of the body (whether its a breathing exercise or whatever), but I think he even questions there whether it is capable of spilling over beyond that event into daily life, and I think he suspect it could have a kind of self soothing effect where the practitioner learns attunement to their body as a means of suppressing and regulating worry and anxiety in response to events. Look at his book the next time you are in the book store, he has several pages devoted to talking about it.

u/Shizuka42 · 1 pointr/Schizoid

These should get you strated:

What Every BODY is Saying Amazon link.

The Definitive Book of Body Language Amazon link

Whit focus on social engineering:

Social Engineering: The Art of Human Hacking Amazon link

If money is an issue you can find all of these books on pirate bay.

These books are not read-once-and-become-expert, like with any skill it takes time and practice.

u/sinndogg2 · 3 pointsr/Schizoid

George Eastman's Freeing the Imprisoned Self: A Memoir has been mentioned a few times here. I couldn't relate to his experiences too much, but others might.