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u/seahawks · 1 pointr/Seahawks

You can get a dampening kind rather than a straight up muffler plug...look for those. You still get some great sound instead of everything turning into a muffle. Here's what I'm talking about.. You can of course get cheaper products but these are a multiple use product (hence the carrying case) and they work great considering they're only $10.

Also, be friendly, expect some jabs and you'll have a lot of fun if you can give some back!

u/nthusiastt · 1 pointr/Seahawks

> We still have a fierce, aging and banged up,

One of these things is not like the other. Chancellor, Avril, Sherm all down.

My mentality is to build a team for long-term success. Not one that relies on faith that "any given Sunday". With that mentality, you get teams like the Colts and Browns. It's not Pete's mentality either. Check out win forever.

u/vim_all_day · 6 pointsr/Seahawks

For more a bit more insight into the defensive principles described in the article, I found the first chapter of Chris B. Brown's The Art of Smart Football a great read!

Goes into why Carroll prefers a one-gap defense. Also describes the reasoning behind his 4-3 Under and Cover 3 schemes.

u/matthewalan8 · 1 pointr/Seahawks

Thank you! I found that it was impossible to find a large photo of the feather pattern, and also very difficult to find an image of it that was straight.

I was in Fred Meyer and I saw the Seahawks cape, and that had a small version of what I was looking for. I ultimately blew it up, and printed it out to use to create my stencils.

This was the result for that, if you would like to use it.

For the stencils, I used these 4mm thick sheets from Amazon. I bought a 10-pack. While creating the stencils is tedious, it certainly beat the idea of painting one feather at a time on the wall. With 10 stencils, it went much faster than expected.

Hope this helps!

Edit: To add, Lowes will mix the exact Seahawks colors for you. I had a 14' by 10' room, and I used 1 gallon of wolf gray (it was close, but just the right amount), and ordered 1 pint of the green and blue (although I had plenty to spare).

u/guga31bb · 1 pointr/Seahawks

Don't spend $50 on an antenna!! This one is $8 and works perfectly fine.

u/gem1n1 · 1 pointr/Seahawks

You can bring your own, just get a set of ear protection like the ones you'd wear if at the shooting range. Like this for $10:

It has a 25 db reduction rating, the 30 db reduction model (the L3 model) is $20.

u/Seatowndawgtown · 2 pointsr/Seahawks

All of last year's playoffs, full game broadcast. Saints, 49ers, Broncos. Well worth the $15

u/RussellManiac · 2 pointsr/Seahawks

This is what I got at the beginning of this year. Might be something better and/or cheaper at this point if you look into PVR's.

u/slambie · 1 pointr/Seahawks

Looks like an old style of COLEMAN coolers - here it is on amazon

u/AlwaysSunnyInSeattle · 2 pointsr/Seahawks

I suggest one like this.

And the direction you point it makes a big difference. Use the first link I sent to see which way you should point it. You will probably have to make a few fine adjustments but I have helped several people put these in, in many different areas.

u/Movinmeat · 5 pointsr/Seahawks

"Pillars of the Earth" is about the masons who made castles and cathedrals. Historical Fiction but gripping read.

u/saosebastiao · 8 pointsr/Seahawks

The idea that some fans are true and some are fairweather or bandwagon fans is just a way for some people to feel better about themselves. They want to feel like their sacrifice for their team was meaningful in some way, and they try to elevate their status by pushing everyone else down.

You don't have to sit through 2 decades of shit seasons to call yourself a Seahawks fan. Hell, you can even be a Bears fan and a Seahawks fan at the same time. Some people will get bent out of shape and try to make you feel like shit for it. I strongly recommend that you learn how to not give a fuck. There is no reason you need to justify why you like the hawks to people that would shit on you anyway.

Go ahead, call yourself a hawks fan. Let people hate you for it. Fuck them, they don't matter one bit.

u/osakaki · 5 pointsr/Seahawks

Has the Super Bowl, the NFCCG vs 49ers, and the NFC division game vs Saints.

u/Bolinas99 · 21 pointsr/Seahawks

Was at Green Bay two seasons ago when we were last in the playoffs.

It's likely to get insanely cold there, so don't just layer up get hand warmers, foot warmers (you can buy both at any local Walmart in Minny), wear at least 4-5 layers with several being fleece, including thermal socks, long thermal underwear, and waterproof shoes. It was -30 and we barely survived it in GB; not sure if it'll be as bad in MN for you.

Doubt you'll have any problem beating them btw.

Wish I could buy the tix from you man; how much do you want for them?