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u/shutyercornhole · 1 pointr/SelfDefense

Given that guns are not a choice for you, there are still plenty of options. Professional security focuses on Layers. You should too:
-Driveway sensor or doorbell with video capabilities
-Door alarm and interior/exterior cameras
-Reinforced bedroom door

None of these options are permanent and all could be taken with you when you move.

Next, weapons- If you choose not to train with a specific weapon you should focus on something that can't be taken away and used against you. Pepper spray can have an effective spray pattern of up to 30 feet (

A taser gun ( can also be a good choice especially when combined with pepper spray.

-Next, an escape plan. Can you get out of the house from your bedroom (access to the roof, rope ladder, etc.). Do you have quick and easy access to your cell phone? Can you call a neighbor or someone who may be closer than the police?

-Practice! Practice answering the door under a threatening situation. Practice deploying your pepper spray. Know when you'd resort to your next tools. Practice locking and securing your safe room door (One of those wooden triangle used to keep doors open will also keep them closed!).

-Finally, commit to your plan. If your plan is to fight, then practice that. If your plan is to escape, resist, or give in, know in advance what you want to do.

Security doesn't have to be expensive and a gun is only a good tool for those who educate themselves and train regularly. Being prepared and making yourself look like less of a victim is much more important.

You'll find renewed confidence in doing all of this. Best of luck!

u/DraaxxTV · 2 pointsr/SelfDefense

One option I don't see mentioned that I recommend personally is a "tactical pen". It's what my wife and I carry everywhere we go and can easily be brought in to secure locations such as airports.

It's essentially a metal pen designed to hurt your assailant allowing enough time to break free and make a run for it.

Training is of course the most important thing with whatever you decide to carry. A quick jab to the top of the hand or under an armpit will cause someone to loosen their grip allowing you to break free.

It's a very non-threatening object, yet serves the purpose. It literally looks just like a fancy pen (and functions as such too).

I got my wife this model: Columbia River Knife and Tool TPENWK Williams Tactical Pen

u/gunmedic15 · 3 pointsr/SelfDefense

OK, "mace" really isn't a thing anymore. There is a company called MSI (for Mace Security International) that makes sprays, and makes good ones. All the defense sprays are OC based, what is kown as pepper spray commonly. Some have various tear gas sprays mixed in. You'll see those as OC-CS or OC-CN sprays. Do your research and you'll see what the advantages and disadvantages are. The big, quality brands are MSI, Sabre, Fox, POM, and possibly Kimber. I would start with one of those and see what size you need.

I personally feel that the little canisters where you have to twist a small safety lever like this styleare hard to use under stress. Avoid fine motor skills and get one with a flip top that is easy to use and orients in your hand automatically like this Same company similar size, much easier to use under stress. All the good companies have similar ones. MSI Pom Fox
The Kimber is different, it launches with a blank instead of compressed gas. There's plenty of YouTube videos, on mobile myself but look, easy to find.
There are advantages and disadvantages to the different spray patterns and types. A fog spray is very easy for the target to inhale deeply, and it gets in the eyes and mouth and nose well, but it lacks range and is affected by wind. A narrow liquid stream is longer ranged, but requires more accuracy (fine motor skill under stress) to hit the face, eyes, etc. The gels and foams buck the wind better and the foams get behind glasses and stick, but there have been cases of opponents flicking it back at the victim. What you need depends on where you go, where you figure you're most likely to need it. They're cheap, so maybe plan on getting more than one style to keep in different places. You should also get more than one can so you can train with one of them. You can also find any nuber of YouTube videos about people getting sprayed. Watch a few and notice the limited effects OC has on people. Have a plan in case it fails. If you think someone will react to OC the way Dracula does in the movies when somebody spalshes holy water on him, you're gonna be disapointed.

u/DennisQuaaludes · 1 pointr/SelfDefense

I use these on windows in my house downstairs. Just having a loud alarm sound will scare intruders, because it draws attention. They’re really inexpensive, and pretty darn loud.

These are also effective, and inexpensive as well.

You can also hang little bells, or wind chimes in the window that serve a dual purpose of relaxing sounds during the day when the windows are open, as well as an effective noise maker in case someone tries to go through the window.

u/SecuFox · 2 pointsr/SelfDefense

It sounds like you are literally asking for some form of kevlar body armor with a ballistic armor groin protector attachment.

Legally speaking, not all places will sell body armor to just anybody. Where I live, you have to prove that you are law enforcement, military, or at least active security contractor.

Also, they tend to be expensive.

Even if you buy it, body armor is incredibly difficult for your body to perspire in. I have heat rash all over my torso from years of wearing this crap. Pro tip: If you do decide to wear one, I recommend wearing it along with this. It's going to make you look unnaturally bloated, but your body will probably thank me one day.

u/werk2323 · 1 pointr/SelfDefense

I used the methods in the book Raising Kids Who Can Protect Themselves with my kid.

I liked that it covered mindset and the physical components of self-defense.

u/ThisIsWhatICarry · 1 pointr/SelfDefense

> There is no reason to buy one. It's a gimmick to get your cash, they are shit..

Just buy a Zebra F-701 with a Fisher Space Pen refill. Total cost: around $11 plus shipping if you don't have Prime. It's a solid steel tube and will write anywhere, plus it doesn't scream "tactical pen!" so you can fly with it.

If you care about that sort of thing. I'd rather carry a pistol, and do.

u/TheAethereal · 2 pointsr/SelfDefense

Many judo clubs are very much non-profits. You might be able to explain your financial and living situation, and get a reduced rate. I bet most any place I've trained in the last 10 years wouldn't turn me away if I was in danger and couldn't afford training.

Tasers are just going to be expensive no matter what. Plus you have to periodically train with it, and a single training cartridge costs something like $25. May be something to think about long term, but probably not a short term solution.

One of the cheapest, fastest, and easiest things I can think of is to get some of these stickers and put one around the area of concern. It absolutely will not stop someone who knows what they are doing, but it might give pause to some people.

When I mentioned alarm systems, I was thinking something more expensive, but you could also get something like this or this. The main purpose of this is to just make sure you don't get caught sleeping. That's a nighmare scenario. If someone breaks in, and you know about it, have a bat or something and fight. Your odds really aren't that bad. (Thieves and rapists really aren't looking for a life-or-death fight.)

None of this is ideal, but it can help a lot.

u/cfwang1337 · 4 pointsr/SelfDefense

One of my favorite resources is "The Little Black Book of Violence." It gives only a little discussion to direct combat –there's no substitute for consistent martial arts or firearms training– but it summarizes enough stuff about situational awareness, de-escalation, first aid, dealing with trauma, and other stuff to be a good general guide.


u/_dont_tread_on_me_ · 8 pointsr/SelfDefense

Take a look at sturdy aluminum pens. It never hurts to have something to jot quick notes or thoughts down. They’re also a very solid pokey sticky stabby device. Most importantly, Kanada hasn’t banned pens and no one will question you for having one.

Here’s the pen I carry daily.

u/SnottyBonko · 1 pointr/SelfDefense

Get this. CS tear gas and pepper spray plus marker agent all in one, military/police grade. It’s a bad day in a can....

u/relax_its_fine · 3 pointsr/SelfDefense

In his ama Johnny Knoxville said getting sprayed with Sabre red pepper spray was the most painful thing he's ever experienced. I've used it three times (work late nights in a terrible area) and it instantly takes someone out of a fight. It's a lot easier to explain pepper spraying someone to the cops than it is to have to defend why your knuckles are bruised and the other dude is unconscious.

u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/SelfDefense

Check out the series by Rory Miller (Meditations on Violence, Facing Violence, etc.)

u/samsnead10 · 3 pointsr/SelfDefense

To start, I’m going to have make certain assumptions as some pertinent information and context is lacking, so forgive me if I’m wrong, or offend.
Basic questions for you:

  1. can you just remove them from your life? (Like not hanging out with them, or at a particular location, etc) because not being there is a whole lot easier and safer than having to engage in a physical confrontation, at least in my experience.
  2. how serious is the threat? Is this person playing the tough guy? Was this a one off? And ask yourself why it’s happening? What brought it on?
  3. if the situation does escalate to a physical confrontation where you need to defend yourself from physical violence for fear of your life (read that sentence over a few times, because if you ever have to talk to the police after the fact, what. You. Say. FUCKING MATTERS!)
    My question is how far are you willing to go, now I don’t ask this for me, ask yourself this. I have found, most women don’t really, or perhaps, are scared to “hurt” the other person. Fuck that. They are trying to hurt you, your only thought should be how to end the altercation in the most efficient and quick way possible.
    Example: aggressive guy yelling in your face, your scarred. Slap both his ears with cupped hands as hard as possible to try and blow his ear drums, when he’s bent over in pain, slam his head into the wall and run to safety. Make sure your safe, call the cops and report his ass.

    Here are a couple of resources you should check out to understand things a little more.

    And google “Krav Maga” in your city. I found it to be one of the most efficient self defense systems around & it’s a hell of a workout.

    Hope this helps and makes sense and please, be safe, you’re worth it.
u/KlutchAtStraws · 2 pointsr/SelfDefense

You need to get the right mindset first. Read these books:

Anything written by Rory Miller should be on your list too.

You can probably find PDFs, youtube summaries or reviews covering the main lessons if you don't have the cash for the books.

Also check out this site:

Understanding a predator mindset, understanding how predators select victims, understanding pre-incident indicators and understanding how to make yourself a harder target is 99% of self protection. The 1% is the physical response when you've screwed up the rest.

Most violent criminals aren't trained fighters or martial artists. They just have fewer qualms about doing violence to another person and will stack the odds against you first. That's what makes them a threat.

You need to research how this happens - youtube, liveleak etc have an archive of violent assaults you can view. It never ceases to amaze me how many so-called 'self defence' teachers seem to be basing their curriculum on movies and TV rather than actually finding out how violent assault occurs and preparing for that.

If you filter your physical training through the above you will be on the right path. Styles which include a lot of resistant training (BJJ, Judo, Boxing, Kickboxing etc) are good for that and will help build your confidence but don't mistake sparring, rolling, randori etc for violent assault.

What are the free classes in your area?