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u/FyreShaman · 1 pointr/Shamanism

Castaneda is fiction.......good, but fiction. ;)
I would seek out Sarangerel Odigon's book 'Chosen by the Spirits' and also look online for free pdf files if your budget is tight.
You may also wish to seek out 'Sacred Hoop' magazine produced by Nicholas Breeze Wood and his free articles on . He's a nice guy and may let you have access to Hoop articles for free if you ask nicely. ;)

u/iforgetpasswords17 · 5 pointsr/Shamanism

I think the spirits will help you learn to love yourself as you are during each moment of transition, not just the end result. We are a journey/ process oriented people. You must love yourself today if you want to love yourself tomorrow too. It's okay to not be everything you want to become right away. You have time and space to fly as high and far as you can imagine. <3

There have been powerful intersex and trans people throughout shamanistic history. One that comes to mind is the prophet who predicted the success of the the Lakota including the legendary warriors Red Cloud and Crazy Horse in a vision that became known as the-hundred-in-the-hands. So you will find you have a rich cultural tapestry to draw from when you spend a little time researching, these figures are everywhere in our history.

Inuit Stories of Being and Rebirth: Gender, Shamanism, and the Third Sex

u/webauteur · 3 pointsr/Shamanism

I'm currently reading a book Divine Fury: A History of Genius which may explain everything. The ancients believed that each man was born with a daemon (the Romans changed this to genius). Your personal daemon watches over you and guides your fate. Or you have a personal demon who leads you to your doom. See how deeply ingrained this concept has become?

Here is what I think is really going on. There is a constantly running background process deep within your mind like the computer science concept of daemon. This is the genius of your unconscious mind. It means you know more than you think you know, because ego consciousness is just a narrow and focused part of the mind which is unable to comprehend the sum total of your knowledge. So occasionally your unconscious mind will figure something out that needs to be brought to your attention and a voice in your head will make a little suggestion, this is the eureka moment. For me, an image tends to come to mind. I've never heard any kind of inner voice. But mental imagery makes you a visionary when it is the product of genius.

So to unlock the potential of your genius you need greater access to your unconscious mind. Most great artists and thinkers have greater access to their unconscious mind, either through mental illness (i.e. mad genius or the furor poeticus of Artistic inspiration or through divine inspiration.

u/Daleth2 · 1 pointr/Shamanism

Welcome. Have you been to and/or read Michael Harner's book, Way of the Shaman? Harner is an 80-something year old anthropologist who studied with indigenous shamans in the Amazon in the 1960s and, as a result, quit academia and became a shamanic practitioner and teacher full-time. is his site (or rather the site of the nonprofit shamanic studies foundation he founded). They teach classes in shamanism, publish a magazine on indigenous and non-indigenous shamans, and periodically run fundraisers to help indigenous shamans (some hurricane in Central America wrecks a shaman's home, they raise money to help him or her build a new one). I've taken one of the classes and use their drumming CDs (or rather MP3's) for most of my journeys. Good stuff.

Here's a link to that book:

u/ejpusa · 2 pointsr/Shamanism

You might like this one. It’s pretty intense. Can take a lifetime to get through. Worth a read. (imho) :-)

I Am That.

u/are_you_trolling · 2 pointsr/Shamanism

You can do it either way. Sandra Ingerman has an audio book/CD with drumming. Steven Farmer also has a power animal book with a CD/MP3 with drumming and journeying instructions (if you buy the kindle version, you'll get a link to download the MP3s).

The advantage of recordings is that you can play them without bothering others. However make sure you have headphones that don't bother you; otherwise you'll be paying attention to that ear feeling. Also if you tend to move during journeys, use headphones that will stay on...

u/PracticalShaman · 2 pointsr/Shamanism

I turn to the Winds of Spirit. Since I found them, I feel safe, protected, and always know the right next thing to do.

u/hngdman · 3 pointsr/Shamanism

Start with Neolithic Shamanism by Kaldera and Krasskova

Then start Kaldera's Northern Tradition series:


Pathwalkers's Guide



In the meantime, start searching for the Galdrbok by Johnson and Wallis and read that when you can get a copy.

That should give you about 3-5 years worth of training material. Once you have worked through it all, set it aside and focus on how the spirits you work with encourage you to practice. All of the above authors have their own practices and much of what they offer will not be completely true for your work. Learn the skills that are presented, make them your own, and then foster your relationships with the spirits from there.

u/agentbobsmith4 · 2 pointsr/Shamanism

This book has been a great place for me to start teaching myself since there isn't anyone in my area to work with.

The Shamanic Journey by Paul Francis

u/i--am--the--light · 7 pointsr/Shamanism

Fantastic concept. There is a book about this subject called; Personal Totem Pole: Animal Imagery the Chakras and Psychotherapy

And plenty of artwork also relating to the concept. I think there must defiantly be a connection and am intrigued to learn more.

u/originalmythology · 3 pointsr/Shamanism

Plants of the Gods

It's academic without being dry, really digs into the cultural context of the plant rather than being just stories of people talking about their "trips".

u/DormiensVigila108 · 1 pointr/Shamanism

Furthermore, look into Carlos Casteneda's "Teaching of Don Juan". It discusses the use of entheogenic plants, dark magic, shamanic shapeshifting, etc. There's some controversy over this book arguing that the shaman/brujo/diablero whom the author goes under the tutelage of is made up; but many believe that he stands as a narrative device, aggregating the many lessons that Castaneda, an anthropology student, learned from his time with the migratory Yaqui people into a single person's teachings.

It's a pretty quick read and discusses the deployment of or traveling as spirit animals to harm one's enemies.