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u/brash_hopeful · 2 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

The comparison between cats and autistic people is interesting. Like cats, they tend to like their own space, like and need routine, lash out when upset etc. It can be a pretty useful way to explain and understand Autism - there’s actually a children’s book that playfully shows the similarities between cats and people with Aspergers, called All Cats Have Asperger Syndrome. Just like the cat doesn’t communicate in a human language so we have to look for the ways she does communicate with us, Autistic people use a different communication language to allistic people.

I particularly like this comparison because it asserts that there’s nothing wrong with the cat, or the Autistic person, they just see the world differently and communicate in a different way. Rather than forcing them to fit into our understanding of “normal”, we can work together to communicate needs and desires effectively.

u/Squoshy50 · 2 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

I got it on Amazon. It was a bit expensive but I liked the versatility and that it looked like my kitchen. I think it's something that will last awhile so we can use it for future children too.

Melissa & Doug Wooden Chef's Pretend Play Toy Kitchen With "Ice" Cube Dispenser

I also bought these accessories

Learning Resources Pretend & Play Cooking Set,

KidKraft Tasty Treats Play Food Set (115 Pieces)

I like the play food because it had a lot of variety of different fruits and vegetables (and other common foods too). It's helped me build his vocabulary.

u/Rogersgirl75 · 54 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

Here’s literally 18 pairs of socks for $21! That would give all her kids + her and her husband at least one pair of socks of their own with some extra pairs as well.

She’s definitely spending more on those ~ essential oils~.

And I like how she said she didn’t want to wash all those socks, but now is washing... shoes?? Like that’s easier?

And as an added bonus , her kids are going to be known as the bunch of smelly weird kids who don’t wear socks.

u/ParabolicTrajectory · 72 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

Its! The! Urea! I bring this up every single time anybody ever mentions using urine topically for anything. Besides water, urine is mostly urea. Urea has plenty of topical uses, because it's keratolytic, which means it helps your skin slough off dead skin cells and retain water.

It is sometimes used to promote healing on open/infected wounds, for the same reason maggots are sometimes used. (Actually the urea in the maggot's waste is part of why maggots work so well.) The dead skin tissue goes away faster, and the healthy skin tissue is healthier, and therefore heals faster and is more resistant to spreading infections. It's also commonly used in beauty/skincare and dermatology to soften skin, fight acne, reduce eczema and psoriasis flare-ups, and stuff like that.

Research on the subject, more research, technically a blog post but super detailed assessment of the research with explanations in simple language.

You do not have to pee on yourself or drink urine to get these benefits! Smear it on your whole body with something like this. Use something gentler on your face, like this. I can't find any urea-containing products that are designed to go on open wounds, but urine isn't really supposed to go on open wounds either, so by all means, use the lotion if the only other option is peeing on yourself.

By the way, probably not a great call to pee on the hands of gymnasts. Urea cream is promoted as a callus remover, and IIRC, gymnasts really need those calluses.

u/thecuriousblackbird · 10 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

The silicone ones come in sets, so if your kiddo drops one, you’d have spare ones. You could also thread them on yarn and tie to the stroller, etc. so they can’t fall on the ground. I have been meaning to buy some silicone ones and just put these in my Amazon cart.

[Softy Straws](Silicone Straws - Slender Size BPA Free Non-Rubber Silicon Reusable Drinking Straws for Stainless Steel 20 oz Yeti Tumbler - Flexible, Chewy, Bendy & Safe for Kids/Toddlers

There’s a little tool included to clean them. I like the brushes that look like pipe cleaner bristles better. I looked for an example to link and found this [Munchkin bottle and cup cleaning set](Munchkin Bottle and Cup Cleaning Brush 4 Piece Set with Key Ring It’s for cleaning kiddy bottles and cups, but the same small crevices are found in tumblers and travel mugs for adults. It even includes a little tool to pop the waterproof gaskets off the lids. No more ruining my nails trying to pop the gasket off my Beast tumbler lids.

I have a ton of the metal and plastic straws that go with the lidded tumblers, and I really love them. (Starbucks tumblers last forever and don’t lose their lids if they fall. I also have Beast tumblers, but the lids can pop off.) I don’t get anything out of linking stuff other than trying to do something nice.

u/MrsSmartyPants · 3 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

I’ve been watching a lot of “my cat from hell” on YouTube for tips - so? Anyway, I bought him these exact 3 things 🙂 he really REALLY likes the scratcher lounge so that’s why I bought the 2nd cheaper one to place on the other side of the room.

FEANDREA Cat Tree, Cat Tower,...

isYoung Cat Scratcher Lounge...

Catit Style Scratcher with Catnip...

u/sillygillygumbull · 2 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

Of course!!!! That’s how it is with most of the data on what to do/not do during pregnancy. I recommend Crib Sheet by Emily Oster

u/karmarose420 · 8 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

I gave him a sippy cup without a spout at about 10 months. One like these and within couple weeks he wanted to drink from my cup.

u/aliie627 · 12 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

Its kid one and it's tiny. It's alot like those folding lawn chairs I see at sporting events. If your concerned I cant give you a Amazon link.

Regalo My Cot Portable Toddler Bed, Includes Fitted Sheet, Royal Blue

u/Fizzabella · 1 pointr/ShitMomGroupsSay

I religiously buy the 12 packs of the Almay one on Amazon clicky clicky

u/BadWolf_Bae · 2 pointsr/ShitMomGroupsSay

This is the one I got, but there different ones that hold more water and look more appealing. This one does the job though!