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u/[deleted] · 1 pointr/ShitRedditSays

heh i plan on bringing in a few of my favourite rappers - saul williams does a couple of really good tracks directly about masculinity in hip-hop - but i'm not going to get bogged down circle-jerking the artists i like the most, because that doesn't do anything for anyone.

i think the minstrel show analogy really holds true in this situation. M K Asante Jr writes in 'It's Bigger Than Hip-Hop' about the distinction between what he calls the 'real and the reel', which is basically his way of talking about the presentation of black urban / ghetto culture in the media and the actual grim reality of it. he also applies a colonial narrative to the way hip-hop got bought and sold by major labels in the late 80s / early 90s through to the present; the hip-hop movement was essentially colonised and the artists reduced to share-croppers without any stake in the culture they created. he writes about it in a far more eloquent way than me, but that's an awesome book if you're interested in the history of hip-hop from a post-colonialist / feminist viewpoint. it also includes a lot of the history of the genre, so NWA come up a few times.

another great thing to check out would be Byron Hunt's 'Hip Hop: Beyond Breaks and Rhymes' documentary if you can get a copy from somewhere. i almost feel bummed that i saw it, because it does what i'm interested in far more effectively than i could ever hope to heh. still, it's really great - he goes into the queer hip-hop movement and directly analyses various rap videos and songs.

i've got a bunch of other stuff which i'm still sorting through, but yeah - those are some of my bigger influences so far.

u/Commercialtalk · 9 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

I made it into reddit format!

Is that so?

Women have been a leading force in sanitation strikes, calling for equal treatment and job security. This particular service industry has been the focus of multiple feminist manifestos and employment goals. Women fought long and hard to gain the right to work in sanitation, and they’re continuing that effort to open up the field more. This issue is so big that Parks and Rec even made an episode about it.

Female sewer workers have repeatedly sued the DEP for unfair treatment, seeking to open up the industry and gain equal status with their male peers. Sewer work is often targeted for its biased hiring practices. Hundreds of female candidates fight for limited available positions, but most are turned away, despite having the necessary experience and skills. Feminist workers recognize that these women are willing and able to do the work, but aren’t getting the opportunity to gain employment here.

Historically, coal mining is one of the most highly targeted careers for gender bias. Women have been petitioning for the opportunity to mine safely since the Industrial Revolution. This is actually one of the primary and best studied examples of women fighting to enter traditionally male fields. Lots of women, who both succeeded in the mines and didn’t, continue to petition for increased access to this field.

And yeah, women want white collar jobs too. Go figure - A diverse population of women, with different abilities, interests and levels of education, are all fighting for the right to seek diverse forms of employment. Fighting for equality in one sphere doesn’t mean that we’ve forgotten about the others.

Just because you aren’t paying attention to the feminist movement doesn’t mean that the feminist movement is nonexistent.
Actually, my mom wanted to be a garbage truck driver and the employer said she was “too pretty” and rejected her employment. So yeah, pretty unfair :/
The person who sent me the ask about women in male dominated jobs- this is what I was talking about!

u/devtesla · 29 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

A part of feminism has always been about making having a baby be a choice for a woman rather than a requirement, but if that comes across as ignoring the plight of mothers, well, that's not intentional. For me personally the fact that women have taken on both the burdens of being a "provider" and taking care of children and housework is a big deal to me. I don't know if this counts as feminist, but this idea has been studied in detail.

This is entirely guessing, but there is a good chance that if she hadn't quit her job the woman in the op's comment would have been doing both engineering and child care, without that much help from the husband. That's extremely common, and sucks.

u/TheWormOuroboros · 3 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

That's one side of the story. Not the only one. It is the side that is blessed by our fatphobic culture.

u/sirloafalot · 9 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

It's like this book got pregnant in 1993 and gave birth to a shitlord that is now old enough to type on the internet!

u/Clumpy · 0 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

It's basically the consensus so I didn't have a specific source in mind, but books like these may be good starter points:

> "For over two centuries, America has celebrated the very black culture it attempts to control and repress, and nowhere is this phenomenon more apparent than in the strange practice of blackface performance. Born of extreme racial and class conflicts, the blackface minstrel show sometimes intensified them. Based on the appropriation of black dialect, music, and dance, minstrelsy at once applauded and lampooned black culture, ironically contributing to a 'blackening of America.' "

Google Scholar and JSTOR searches should yield similar results. Blackface is terrible because it's a mockery of a long-repressed culture and basically a symbol of the majority's theft of that culture, though in an odd sort of way it also almost served as training wheels for that majority culture to eventually accept to some extent actual artistic expressions from that culture itself. Are there a hundred better ways that this transition could have occurred without intentionally or unintentionally being a colossal dick for several decades? Absolutely.

u/TakeTwoPlacebos · 13 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

I read a fabulous book that dovetails very nicely with this issue (If you dig sociology and social psychology this book is the tits)

Tldr: Working dads aren't disadvantaged in hiring, promotions or wages while working mothers have a hell of a time with it. And even women without offspring and discriminated against for loads of subconscious crap that society feeds us.

u/learntouseapostrophe · 2 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

i'd recommend carrying a weapon. maybe something nonlethal or less than lethal if you don't like guns or knives. I've heard very good things about this, though it's quite expensive. stuff like karate just isn't that helpful in a street fight. Even a little keychain pepperspray that isn't old or one of the weaker variants is good. just spray and run like hell.

u/thepoeticedda · 3 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

The police force exist to enforce the bureaucratic order.

Democracy under capitalism is the bureaucratic management of capitalism for the enrichment of the bourgeois, imposed on the proletariat. Police enforce it locally, military enforce it internationally

Police are members of the proletariat given privileges to enforce this system. And I don't just mean the hero worship, being in the police advanced your social standing. Look up how the Irish became white. Irish people "became white" by joining the police force to work against PoC.

Dividing the proletariat into different classes (which in America usually means different race classes) makes it harder for the proletariat to combine as a unit against the bourgeois. "Bad cops" revel in this. "Good cops" are in the force to help people, but are still a part of a system designed to work against the poor.

Look at the United Airline incident. Airlines deliberately oversell planes to keep the costs down. That practice catches up with them at a predetermined calculated rate, and when it does they have to kick people out of the plane. When no one wants to volunteer with the cash voucher, they send the police to violently drag someone off (a PoC flying economy), completely ignoring his logic for staying.

So the large corporation deliberately screws over individuals in the name of profits, then the police enforce that with violence. There are not evil reasons why people join the police. And there are "good cops" who just need a job or were promised that they would help people. But the police are still an occupying army.

u/lemon_meringue · 16 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

Sorry to break the jerk for a sec, but there's a wonderful book by Kay Redfield Jamison called Night Falls Fast: Understanding Suicide, and I can't recommend it highly enough to anyone who's been touched by this particular form of death. It's so hard, but this book helped me out a lot.

u/BelieveImUrGrandpa · 3 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

Preaching to the choir. The history of psych in the states is a hilarious clusterfuck that keeps on fucking, and you get all kinds of people defending it as this bastion of medicine.

There is some backlash within the field (psychologies of liberation is an amazing book), but there's no external rights movement I know of aside from the usual anti-capitalist stuff highlighting how fucked it is. Zasz and his scientology friends don't count. You have to do your own digging or be privileged enough to get into a grad school.

Bosch still applies

It is nice, however, to see someone else with the same opinion. Having an entire predatory industry on your back with no one else on your side can be hellish.

u/SRScreenshot · 2 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

At 2012-07-13 14:22:57 UTC, knumbknuts replied to "A little advice for someone about to get married?" [+10 points: +11, -1]:

> That's a Kobyashi Maru level predicament.
> As written, it seems you are marrying an insensitive woman, but you will come across as hypersensitive if you say anything.
> My advice, as a recovering "that's-okay-honey" guy.
> Look her in the eye and say: "I don't want your boss at the wedding. You know why and, quite frankly, I am disappointed in you for inviting him without asking me first. Are you more worried about what other people think, or are you more worried that on the day we wed I will be thinking about you in bed with the man kissing you on the cheek?"
> If she pushes back at all, don't marry her. I'm serious. You have to set boundaries right now.


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u/spookyjhostwitch · 72 pointsr/ShitRedditSays

for those who may not know why this is here:

  1. the american irish slave trade is largely a white supremacist myth. it's a weird one because the irish faced a significant amount of persecution in europe.

  2. the post, as well as the entire thread, was made to divert from the system of white supremacy, and instead, blame people of color. "africans enslaved their own people" is so whitewashed and racially coded that it's complete drivel and makes no sense.

    it would be akin to saying: "christians persecuted themselves and that's why we have rhode island." it's kidz bop history.

  3. the irish have a documented history of gaining white status by using anti-black racism as documented in how the irish became white. therefore, they weren't consider white nor were they considered negro (the choice word for american enslaved persons, which was racialized), making the op irrelevant.