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Analyzing Shadow32J

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    • "I've heard HCR barely do anything on pistols and hand cannons."
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    • "I've never spent money on microtransactions in any way."
    • "I've been seeing it everywhere recently and I feel like I'm out of the loop again Flawless ToO in Year 1, I believe."
    • "I've heard as well as my own experience."
    • "I've said in the title: this is not the actual introduction (with title/date etc + TOPIC)."
    • "I've only done a blind raid from beginning to aksis and we stopped there)."
    • "I've been interested in this humbucker .."
    • "I'm a sunsinger Warlock, should be no problem lol!"
    • "I've never done it, and I'm only 318 as I haven't played since November 2015."
    • "I've been there for the first time this week and was quite surprised to see it here."
u/softawre · 1 pointr/Shoplifting

I order mine online and I'm in the US (not legal probably, but easy to find on Amazon). It's a tad more expensive but it's great stuff. Just throwing that out there to a fellow bad-teeth buddy.

u/Unspoken_Myth · 1 pointr/Shoplifting

Ditch the oil pan. Get this instead. Best investment I've made recently. Easiest oil changes on earth.

u/A_Bran_Muffin · 4 pointsr/Shoplifting

Walmart doesn't need to sell an item in order for it to be returned. You can return an item you bought from target or amazon at walmart. In this case, however, I think they actually did sell it online. The retail value of the headphones was $600. I thought the value was $400, so I was very suprised when they rung up as $600. I was given a walmart giftcard worth about $620 if I remember correctly.

u/schmoogina · 5 pointsr/Shoplifting

Not actually a bad idea, just don't go for the common ones like this, get something like this or this

u/Notnikbabst · 3 pointsr/Shoplifting

Pick the smallest size n52 magnet with over 14000 gauss. Will run you anywhere from 9$ to $27. Amazon is a great place. Also K&J


There ya go.

u/of_tacomeat · 8 pointsr/Shoplifting

delsym's DXM is different than the one I used to use. I used to lift Dayquil Cough, which was only DXM. Delsym tends to make me barf cause Delsym has Dextromethorphan Polisterex, AKA extended release DXM, you want Dextromethorphan HBr. Next time I suggest trying to find Dayquil Cough. This is what it looks like to make it easier.

u/shabbycats · 3 pointsr/Shoplifting

I have only had luck with using this type on pencil tags. But you can get one like this...
I have this one and it works on everything I have tried it on.

u/stealingforfun · 1 pointr/Shoplifting

No offense, but stealing energy drinks makes no god damn sense, especially from a gas station. They're already a massive ripoff.

Red bulls retail for what, $3 a pop at a place like that? An 8 ounce can has all of 80mg of caffeine in them, less than even a cup of coffee. That's like 100mg of caffeine for 3 1/2 dollars.

Why not just legitimately buy a $25 kilo of caffeine from amazon for what amounts to 1/4th of cent per 100mg. You'd have more than enough money left over to buy a cheap scale and geletin pill capsules to cap out your dosages. Total cost: about $45 for what amounts to 10,000 100mg doses of caffeine, or less than a 1/2th cent per 100mg.

That's all assuming you're buying red bull for the energy boost and not the taste.

u/mwebe-lifteer · 4 pointsr/Shoplifting

n52 one inch cube

^ get this it's only 8$ and comes in 2 days. It Can take off every tag except the ones that need a hook. It's very strong, put it on my fridge and I had to get it off with a fork.

u/SentimentalSentinels · 1 pointr/Shoplifting

I was thinking about this too for shorts, leggings or other dresses. I once lifted a pair of expensive running shorts by wearing them under a flowy knee-length skirt. Strapping them to your legs with bandages sounds risky because the merch could fall out as you are walking out the store! But maybe if you use enough to wrap your leg (like a mummy) it could work, haha.

Be careful of any bulkiness that could show impressions underneath the dress as you move. To hide this, definitely wear a loose dress with patterns (like this: Don't wear anything clingy like this:

u/zopiac · 2 pointsr/Shoplifting

~$10 on Amazon

Welcome to Wal-Mart electronics.

u/Pouca · 1 pointr/Shoplifting

I've found only this and this

are they both fine?

u/Shadymystery1 · 1 pointr/Shoplifting

BLUBOON Canvas Vintage Backpack Leather Casual Bookbag Men Rucksack (Grey)