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u/kkeut · 49 pointsr/Showerthoughts

was scrolling down just to find this comment. switching to a safety razor changed my life for the better!

guys; seriously, try using a safety razor. you get a much better shave, and a much cheaper shave as well. you can get sample packs and figure out which blade works best for you too.

a good safety razor only costs $35 or so and will last a lifetime. once you figure out the brand of razor you prefer, you can get several years supply of those as well for very, very cheap.

I got these:

Merkur Long-Handled Safety Razor ($32.70)

Razor Blade Sampler Pack ($6.25)

u/eclectro · 5 pointsr/Showerthoughts

All scanners are not the same, some are better than others.

This is probably the best BIFL "value buy" scanner that works with all cars with obdII interface.

And the Torque app works great with it too.

u/bertcox · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Whats your opinion on Three Felonies A Day. I do run a factory of a kind. At conferences we spend hours talking to OSHA, and regulatory agencies. They get up there they give us some updates on new regs, and give an idea of what they will be enforcing this year. You ask them what constitutes a upgrade that require updating to current ANSI codes and they wont give you a answer. It depends is all they will say. I am a reasonably smart person I would like to think, but it would take 3 of me full time to make sure we follow all the rules all the time. It ends up you just do the best you can and hope your not the tall Daisy that gets chopped.

I should use a throwaway for this one but screw it.

u/KinglyWeevil · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Pro-tip: Check engine lights are usually pretty easily repaired, but can indicate serious malfunctions inside your engine, and can cause all sorts of cascading problems down the line.

Since 1996, the OBD-II Interface has been standardized and is required in every vehicle sold in the US. So if you have a car in America, made after 1996 - you can do the following:

You can get one of these and an app on iOS/Android, and monitor all sorts of sensor information from your engine, as well as check and clear check engine light codes! It's very cool, and is something I use to monitor the health and performance of my engine on a daily basis.

The total investment is less than $20, and can grant a lot of peace-of-mind.

u/uselessinformation82 · 15 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Only because I hate the environment:

T-Shirt Carryout Bags- Thank You/Gracias - 1000 ct.

I kid, but I like to help those in need. :)

u/aphroninjaXD · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Demetri Martin has a book called "This Is a Book"
its pretty cool, it has like a 300 line palindrome about a stripper. All around one of the most creative books I've read.

u/jaxdesign · 5 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Want to improve your home life, be more hygienic, and save money on toilet paper? Buy a bidet on amazon prime for $27. I found out about these on another reddit thread last month, and I couldn't be happier with my purchase!

u/usernametaken0987 · 6 pointsr/Showerthoughts

J. There used to be a bumps on F but I worn it out talking about your mother last night because she is such a nice person. ;)

A little more seriously. Both my desktop and laptop have an bump on the number pad's 5 key. Are mine unique?

For everyone else. I'd honestly find the Braille handy. And it turns out there are stickers you can buy to do that.

u/th1341 · 491 pointsr/Showerthoughts

I have 2 of them. 10 dollars each

Edit: I can't find the $10 ones I have but here is one for $20

Edit: obligatory Thank you kind stranger for giving me gold!

u/HappyComment · 9 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Heck yeah!

Here's a step in the right direction I do think if they were de facto on all keyboards that would be awesome.

u/locks_are_paranoid · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

>the game itself looked fun and for a year I believed the game was available at a special target or something.

Its on Amazon

u/remembertosmilebot · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Did you know Amazon will donate a portion of every purchase if you shop by going to instead? Over $50,000,000 has been raised for charity - all you need to do is change the URL!

Here are your smile-ified links:

Yep, though it's not magical


Never forget to smile again | ^^i'm ^^a ^^friendly bot

u/RedditUsr2 · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

> Some kind of universal blade system for razors?

Yes and its amaing. You can use double edge safty razors made 50 years ago and its just as compatible as ones made today.

I think this is the one I use:

Then I buy Derby 100 count blades off ebay or amazon (Make sure they are double edge)

They are literally less than $0.10 each.

u/CluelessPinata · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

I always marveled at immortality, thinking it would be neat to have a lifetime to achieve everything I wanted. After reading The Postmortal by Drew Magary, I became skeptical of it entirely. There emerged a business to kill those who had taken the cure for aging, and it's entirely corrupt. Great book, offering great perspectives on not just an infinite life, but our finite one as well.

u/henrythorough · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Anyone interested in this might turn to a deep study on the topic, Better Angels of our Nature by S. Pinker. He analyzes at length how this is actually the safest era for our species, global calamities and death rates are down, but with media exposure and broadcasting small events into national tragedies we get the opposite impression. Great read: The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined

u/johntclark44 · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

They are German-made and available in the US, if that is what you're getting at. Couple those with some Col. Conk shave soap ( and you're good to go!

u/PM_ME_UR_FAVE_TUNE · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

You should read the book The Postmortal. I finished it a few weeks ago and found it really good from start to finish.

u/pobody · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

It's not a bad idea to do this to make sure you haven't been given one of these.

u/mamb0number5 · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Isn't there like a magic bean thing that does this?

Edit: found the clever girl.

u/ffats · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

There are actually products made to hold plastic bags. For $10... Looks awesome, but I can't fathom spending any money on it.

Personally, I reuse old tissue boxes to make my own "dispenser". Holds a crap-ton.

u/PinkyandzeBrain · 32 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Here's one you can buy on Amazon that hooks to your Android via Bluetooth - Bluetooth OBDII Scan Tool for Android Devices

u/syndicaterx · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

There’s this book I was looking at Amazon the other day: How to Invent Everything : A Survival Guide for The Standard Time Traveler by Ryan North here

u/cannibalismo · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Not quite. it's always wrong, so in theory, you would work that out pretty quickly. OP's calculator is only rarely wrong. That could cause some probs.

u/NightGod · 9 pointsr/Showerthoughts

This is the one you want. I leave mine permanently plugged in, connect via Bluetooth to my Galaxy S6, I use ODB Fusion, but Torque works with it, $22 with Prime.

u/materdaddy · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

amazon has them for about a buck more, but they'll be here in 2 days!

u/rmsrox · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Especially when you have installed one of these!

u/AnotherPublicAlias · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Unless you have this book:

How To Invent Everything: A Survival Guide for the Stranded Time Traveller by Ryan North

Edit: I should have read the rest of the comments, first - someone else already mentioned this book.

u/woodrift · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Paul Photenhauer thinks otherwise. Check out his book: Semenology - The Semen Bartender's Handbook.

u/qx2anon · 2 pointsr/Showerthoughts

So I just ordered sticky braile pads for keyboards on Amazon...let's see how this goes
Link is here

u/blitzkraft · 61 pointsr/Showerthoughts

There are braille stickers you can use on the keyboard.

u/burnSMACKER · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

I got this one which rings all those bells. But you shouldn't be leaving it plugged in when you're not using it so I can't guarantee number 1.

u/missnofuxgiven · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Has no one ever read Meat Eating Horses? Though it seems that most meat eating by horses is because of our own animal husbandry and in a lot of instances because a completely vegetarian diet would have resulted in easier deaths for horses that were brought to the most extreme climates. Well, and then the war horses but that was just us teaching them to be dicks.

u/my_derping_account · 3 pointsr/Showerthoughts

Here, read this book and criticism of it to start your journey:

Don't just skip straight to the criticism and assume the book is wrong.

u/EvilStig · 1 pointr/Showerthoughts

Three Felonies a Day talks about this and how the only reason anyone is not in jail is because nobody's decided to prosecute them yet.

u/_George_Costanza_ · 7 pointsr/Showerthoughts

If you forget every time that the human body has a process whereby we expel unused, unneeded or dead material I think there is a book out there that may help you.

Found it! "Everyone Poops" by Taro Gomi