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u/Wet_Earlobe · 1 pointr/SilkRoad

He had a 2.5g listing up at one point. Scales are damn handy but not entirely essential if you have practice with weighing MDMA out.

Scales can be got cheap on amazon, like this 0.01mg scale, or this 0.001g scale. You get what you pay for to some extent, but even a cheap scale is a really handy investment. 0.01g accuracy is easily enough, but it's a little easier with the extra decimal place, you can be more consistant.

As for capping it, caps are really cheap amazon, or you could just get a dose and bomb it (wrap in tissue/ciggarette paper and swallow). To put it in the cap it's easy to use a straw with a scoop end.

u/noonenone · 1 pointr/SilkRoad

Have you read Bruce Alexander's book The Globalization of Addition: A Study in Poverty of the Spirit?

In case you hadn't heard of him, he's the psychologist behind the groundbreaking Rat Park Experiment. If you haven't heard of Rat Park, it's well worth taking the time to read all about it.

I applaud your choice of careers. As a ex-addict, I can tell you honestly that no psychiatrist equipped only with academic knowledge, was ever able to help.

u/Sloppy__Jalopy · 1 pointr/SilkRoad

I'm sure you're a grizzled veteran and all, but that's no substitute for a mg scale.

Either way, I'll read the review and be satisfied.

Next time you buy something online that isn't drugs, get you one of these affordable scales from Amazon. They work plenty well enough for the price.

u/VillainousYeti · 2 pointsr/SilkRoad

This may sound drastic but, if you really want to see if your mail is compromised mail yourself atracker and package it like how any of the things you purchased would be packaged. If its intercepted you will know.

u/ramjambamalam · 2 pointsr/SilkRoad

You can buy blue rock candy almost anywhere, or make it yourself. If I recall correctly, the only special equipment required is a candy thermometer. Or if you're feeling lazy, Amazon has one-pound bags for $14.

u/MatrixManAtYrService · 3 pointsr/SilkRoad

Maybe one day, Diamond Age style.

Long before that, though, we'll be 3d-printing tiny glass tubes that we attach to circuit boards that do the synthesis for us a la Lab on a Chip. Precursors in, apply power to chip, desired chemical out.

u/heisenberg1492 · 3 pointsr/SilkRoad

I bought a digital scale online that measures grams to 0.00. This will only give you increments of 10 milligrams, but it is accurate enough for MDMA.

u/philipmarlowePI · 3 pointsr/SilkRoad

The law is not something that you should just make up as you go along. There are so many things I see over and over again that just drive me crazy. Entrapment is not what everyone in this subreddit seems to think. Yes, undercovers can lie, sell, and even take drugs if it is necessary to protect themselves, and a GPS can be placed on a car in every circuit if there is a warrant issued based on probable cause. No PC, no gps device. It's not that hard to get a warrant either.

Anyways, I'm not trying to be hard on you, but I get annoyed by how misguided people are in general in regards to the justice system. I wish that the people who care about stuff like this would educate themselves. If you are interested in learning about your rights in police interactions you should pick up a criminal procedure 'Examples and Explanations' book, or some other criminal procedure study guide geared towards lawyers/law students written by actual lawyers. It would need to be from the last year or so though, because there have been many big changes in criminal law in the last few years.

Here's the GPS monitoring case:
US v. Jones, 2012, the wikipedia page, and a link to the Criminal Procedure Examples and Explanations.

TL;DR - with probable cause and a warrant you can put GPS on a car in any circuit

u/IQBoosterShot · 3 pointsr/SilkRoad

Consider border control. The government wants to stop the flow of drugs over the border. It has its agents in place. The drug cartel offers one agent twice what he makes in one year to simply look the other way at 1:10pm. He does, the drugs pass through and he pockets the money for having done nothing but turn his head. While not all agents can be bribed, you only need one or two. And you can always find one or two. Hence corruption is nearly inevitable.

While that story is contrived, the next is a lengthy quote from "Why Our Drug Laws Have Failed and What We Can Do About It" by Judge James P. Gray, p. 51:

"We decided to test the effectiveness of simultaneously arresting every drug seller on the streets of an isolated city, and picked Phoenix for the exercise. Using more 'buy money' than Arizona had ever seen before, we bought into each street dealer we could find, two or three times each. It turned out that Phoenix had 76 drug pushers. In the middle of a weeknight, with the help of state and local police, we arrested all 76 at the same time.

For a week it was impossible to buy drugs on the streets of Phoenix. The single local drug treatment program was swamped. Addicts who could not get treatment left town to score elsewhere. But on the eighth day, new street pushers began to appear in the city, and before a month had elapsed, it was business-as-usual. We had spent tens of thousands of federal tax dollars, and sent scores of pushers to prison, but there was no lasting effect on the availability or price of illicit drugs."

Consider cocaine. The vast majority of users are white, yet the vast majority serving time are black. Why does the government focus so much energy on low-level crack users on the street, but doesn't go after the banks laundering the cocaine receipts?

The more you study the problem the more you realize that it's not about stopping drugs at all.