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u/countercom2 · 0 pointsr/Sino

So, WuQianNian's lover would shows up....


"Professor", can you tell us more about how to use Western liberal democracy to end corruption?

Study - US is an oligarchy, not a democracy


Can you also tell us how Western values can spread human rights and world peace?


>“Bill Blum came by his book title easily: He simply tested America by the same standards we use to judge other countries. The result is a bill of wrongs—an especially well-documented encyclopedia of malfeasance, mendacity and mayhem that has been hypocritically carried out in the name of democracy by those whose only true love was power.”—Sam Smith*Version*=1&*entries*=0

u/motnorote · 0 pointsr/Sino

Lol luckily for china they have the ccp, known human rights protectors and friends of all people, who will prevent barbarians from destroying their pristine civilization. I hope youre han at least.
There are good, VERY GOOD, reasons to not have unlimited immigration. And to say people are Nazis because they oppose it is fucked up.
But that's not the whole story here. The most vocal political parties and politicians, like Le Pen, have been avowed super rightists. These people have been scaremongering for decades so there is something else at play.

Theres a good amount of scholarship that describes how "anger and anxiety" are reactions of societal change not because of lefty meanies. People are freaking out that the world around them is not static. they are losing their supreme positions on political, racial, and economic hierarchies.

Either you accept reality or you waste your life fighting the inevitable. Its an interconnected increasingly world and that wont reverse.

sorry for the grammar im on a touchscreen.

u/lifeaiur · 6 pointsr/Sino

English subbed episodes are available on Viki and Amazon. Youtube release is coming soon.

Raw (unsubbed) episodes can be found on maplestage and 8maple.


u/Hyperwebster · 4 pointsr/Sino

It seems this is the English translation, it just took ages to be published. I do agree that his political stance is more than a bit concerning, but it still might be a worthwhile read.

u/xingfenzhen · 3 pointsr/Sino

If you want to learn more, BBC actual made an amazingly unbiased documentary on this subject call China's Capitalist Revolution, you can watch it here. It gives a good overview of beginning of reforms in the 1980s, failure of 1987 and 1988 price reforms as well as corruption that indirectly lead to the protest in the 1989 (Ironically, the temporary deflation in 1989 after the protests caused the government price and market price to converge allowing price reform to succeed.) as well as 1992 southern tour that eliminated left leaning elements in the party, instituted the retirement rule and created the Chinese political and economic structure we see today.

u/rolf_odd · 1 pointr/Sino

A good book on 1889 is «Tiananmen Square ‘Massacre»’? The Power of Words vs. Silent Evidence»

u/TurboSpeed42 · 13 pointsr/Sino

The book is now translated to English by a small publisher and under a different title

u/KatamariBalls · 4 pointsr/Sino

> The book is now translated to English by a small publisher and under a different title

u/TheStonerStrategist · 2 pointsr/Sino

Does Xi's book cover economics in any detail? It's on my reading list, but the list is long and I'm not great at reading...

u/lightsareonbut · 2 pointsr/Sino

>>believing this is an unbiased sub.

>I never wrote that.

"This isn't rWorldnews rgeopolitics where one-sided pro-Western propaganda / excuses gets upvoted." "There are plenty of links that criticize China."

>Debunk my counter claims to your insane claims - particularly, that USA does precision strikes. Here let me get you a better reference since you're mentally retarded.


Fine. That article begins by talking about the NATO bombing of Yugoslavia. In Yugoslavia, 38,000 sorties were flown, and approximately 1,200 civilians were killed. Debunked.


>A better question to ask is why doesn't Vietnam want USA to die for Vietnam War. Why doesn't the Philippines hate America for

Why don't Belgians hate Germans? Why don't South Africans hate British? Why don't Chinese hate Russians? Why don't Mexicans hate the French?

The world isn't full of haters, that's why. Most people would rather be friends.