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u/FreefallJagoff · 1 pointr/SkyDiving

Here's my setup. I just removed the screw in the top, center of the visor, flipped it around, and replaced the nut with one of these. Then I used some Locktite (there are different strengths, you can get stronger than this one if you never plan on taking off the mount) to make sure it stays on.

Here are the steps to take off the visor:

  1. Remove the padding in the helmet.
  2. Remove the e-clips inside the helmet by your ears.The rods and padding that holds the visor will fall out, put those in a cup or something.
  3. Gently pull the mouth of the visor away from the helmet. Now you can access the nut holding the top, center screw on. Use a socket driver or adjustable wrench and a phillips screwdriver to take that screw out.
  4. Now the visor is off and you should be ready to install the mount.

    When you're done and have the visor reattached, gently slide the visor up and down on its rail. Mine got shifted and scratched the carbon fiber right next to the rail, so be gentle on your first go to make sure everything is properly aligned and won't damage the glossy finish.

    Feel free to PM me with questions.
u/johns303 · 2 pointsr/SkyDiving

Mostly because they are free. My first were a clear pair of birdz.

super cheap.
I liked goggles more than glasses because they are not as likely to catch air and cause a distraction in the air. The less you are concerned about your eye-ware falling off the more you can be relaxed and focus on the skydive.

u/mivskii · 3 pointsr/SkyDiving

In the first episode of the podcast Jump Twenty Six they interview Brian Germain, the author of Transcending Fear. I think the interview starts at around 55 minutes into the podcast. I highly recommend that you listen to it, it helped me out. :)

For me this interview has been inspiring and put the nervousness I have as a student jumper in perspective: while it is still a little scary to jump out, I'm not afraid. I've even bought his book as it gives a cool insight into the psychology of fear, and he offers great methods of dealing with it.

You mention that having to remember your dive flow is contributing to your stress, which I can relate to, I had this too and have since realized how silly this actually was. What is so bad about making a mistake in your dive flow? This isn't the end of the world, right? Having to redo a level on your AFF sucks because it costs additional money, but is that such a big deal that you have to get stressed out? I've told myself that having to redo a level is a great opportunity to have additional practice, and I don't worry about this anymore.

u/curialis · 1 pointr/SkyDiving

SSG Gloves for horseback riding are awesome. They are made to be weather resistant and are very thin/close fitting. The fingers and palms are made to grip the reigns well. And unlike everything else for horse back riding , they are fairly inexpensive.

They have men's as well

u/cuntbag0315 · 1 pointr/SkyDiving

Interesting, I might have to read just because of that, also off topic have you read Lone survivor or Lions of Kandahar?...Both great books.

u/DanielArnett · 3 pointsr/SkyDiving

It works standalone, I just had it in my side pocket for this jump. You could also just use your phone, just make sure it's not going to be below your body. Here's the GPS I used. I also recently bought a 2XL wristmount for an ARES II altimeter (Edit: that one doesn't fit), so I can mount my logger away from my body to get a better signal (note I'm not sure how well it will fit yet, won't find out until Friday). The GPS can apparently log a couple of hours worth of gps recording, then can transfer the .kml files to your phone via bluetooth (and the Skypro app), or via USB.

u/Chilling_Bull · 4 pointsr/SkyDiving

There's a great book called 'The Parachute and it's Pilot' by a dude called Brian Germain which helped me grow through what you are learning now. The book solved all of my problems when it came to canopy flight and landings, hopefully it will help you too.

I think there are some free pdf files of it online but here's a link to the ebook version

u/dbplatypii · 6 pointsr/SkyDiving

Cheaper solution with the same functionality:

  1. Buy a bluetooth gps receiver for $140 (less than the cost of a flysight)

  2. Install BASEline Flight Computer app for free and connect it to the bluetooth GPS
u/justice6supreme · 2 pointsr/SkyDiving

I learned a lot about canopy piloting from this video and his excellent book The Parachute And Its Pilot.

u/Thor_Away__ · 2 pointsr/SkyDiving

Brian Germains book "The Parachute and its Pilot" is a really good book.

u/SirRealle · 1 pointr/SkyDiving

Practically any set of goggles are going to fog up on you in the airplane. This is just from them not getting enough ventilation. I've stopped wearing goggles and just started putting some Croakies on my sunglasses and it works great.

I also just wear a regular ol' skateboarding helmet with no face. It'll at least let you get something cheap until you find out what color scheme you're going to go with when it comes to jumpsuits and gear ;-)

u/skettiandskydivin · 1 pointr/SkyDiving

If it's for HALO school, just buy these.

They're cheap and just as good as anything else you'll find. They're what I used during school and still to this day.

u/cheezbergher · 2 pointsr/SkyDiving

So something like this:

Personally, I think it'd be a lot easier to just get the helmet mount for the flysight and tuck the headphone wires into your helmet, but either way works I guess.

u/shadeland · 2 pointsr/SkyDiving

They tend to work well and will get you through student status. Keep in mind you'll probably need to get clear (non frosted, non-shaded) versions. Most DZs require that instructors be able to see your eyes, so we know if you're "there" or "freaked out/checked out".

u/wldtrky · 2 pointsr/SkyDiving

I used to have a problem with the leg straps too. I bought a pair of these MMA Pants as you can see they have padding on the inside of the leg which helps.

u/Kontiki50 · 2 pointsr/SkyDiving

Get some surefire plugs. They have a port for pressure equalization.

u/sfjacob · 1 pointr/SkyDiving

Above 10F is jumpable imo, but it's the wind that will kill you. I couldn't recommend more these gloves for winter jumps.