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u/gameguran · 6 pointsr/Sleepycabin

I have a more painterly background but I figure that this is exactly the same mindset in practically everything you draw.

> Mind the color of your background.

Everything you draw plays of the background color, it is the most important supporting character in everything you draw. So mind your hues, I love to incorporate it in my base colors.

> What is the color of the light.

Light reflecting on surfaces and bouncing into our eyes is what makes us see things. So naturally the color of the light is going to affect a surface and what hue is going to affect the shadow. Use a color wheel to find the complementary colors. I am currently subscribing to the Goethe version.

> Where is the area placed.

Further back it blends into the atmosphere, making it harder for the light to reach our eyes without being diluted on the way.

Some examples with most of that stuff.
With everything 1
With everything 2
Without background 1
without background 2

For further read I recommend Color and Light: A Guide for the Realist Painter by James Gurney

I included an amazon link, but this is the internet. You can probably find it.

u/joubertina · 2 pointsr/Sleepycabin

Start off with a cheaper electric keyboards with less keys at first and then move on to larger ones as you get better. I also recommend Alfred's Basic Piano Library. I started on this book here: Alfred's Basic Adult Piano Course: Lesson Book, Level One

I hope this helps.

u/StateAardvark · 1 pointr/Sleepycabin

I'm not Jeff, but I've struggled with this as well. Some books that have helped me were Way of the Superior Man, 50th Law, and Meditations. They're worth a read.

u/ChiefComrade · -2 pointsr/Sleepycabin

A new up and coming series called "W.A.S."
Do you like fantasy?
Do you dislike fantasy?
If you said yes to one or both, then this is the book for you!
The Adult Anti-Fantasy Fantasy!
Check it out!!

u/42147 · 3 pointsr/Sleepycabin

This book is the quintessential drawing book full of exercises to do. Highly recommend looking into it.