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Title|Learning to Live Wild at Heart...
Description|This is a story about a book that I have read and how it has changed my philosophy on life. I love learning but I am learning that learning isn't enough as funny as that sounds. I am now in the process of learning to live an adventurous, enjoyable, fulfilling life. I am not Pursuit an Empty life...and if I only have head knowledge and never acknowledge my heart...that is exactly the life I will end up living. From now on I am following my heart and Pursuing a life worth relieving. ⤶⤶This video was inspired by the verses 1 Peter 1:18-19 and John 10:10,⤶as well as the book Wild at Heart by John Eldredge.⤶⤶You can check out the book here:⤶⤶⤶John Eldredge is my favorite author and any of his books are worth reading.⤶⤶*** Subscribe to hear more about my journey pursuing a full and adventurous life and how you can do the same. If you like the video, hit the like button, subscribe and share!⤶⤶All in love.⤶⤶You can connect with me here:⤶-Insta:⤶-Twitter:

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I don't have a whole lot of experience in sound and microphones. With THAT being said, I've done my research. The type of mic you're speaking of is great as long as you know what you're doing.

Now what I use is a Blue Yeti, and for a USB mic it is fantastic. I know this tends to be a go to for YouTubers, because the price is great, and the quality is excellent. My audience and myself noticed an immediate difference in my audio content when I switched from my Turtle Beach headset. My best suggestion is to do your research. Do NOT buy anything with out checking many different sources for reviews. Be a smart purchaser.

u/MilHip · 1 pointr/SmallYTChannel

We spent about $150 on our first one and had to upgrade it to the Rhode Pro because it just wasn't cutting it. Try to increase your ISO before going wider with your lens, it's good to have a wide aperture but if you're walking around it can be very shallow and you'll find yourself out of focus in a big portion of the video. Try not to go any wider than f/2... ideally 3.5! Always so much to learn, and the only way to really learn is to do it. Keep doing what you do! You can also try a wireless clip-on like this: (sorry we're from Canada so we've got here!)

u/astronomaestro · 2 pointsr/SmallYTChannel

So I actually have gone through a lot of mic trouble recently. I bought the blue yeti mic (~130) and it broke on me and I can’t return it, which is super annoying cause it was a bit of an investment for me.

I then got this 30 dollar mic on amazon which I used to do my voiceover in my solar video
and it worked out better then I thought. It’s not as sensitive as the blue yeti, but it did really well for voice over narration, it’s not broken, and it’s cheaper. I’m not sure how it would do for things other then narration.

I also bought this
to avoid the puffing sound that comes from when you speak into a mic close up.

Good luck with your videos! I’ll subscribe and look out for more.

u/IrreverentMan · 2 pointsr/SmallYTChannel

>As for the microphone, it's actually quite a good one (professional podcasters use it). The bad thing is the placement thereof. It's a little bit too far away because of practical room considerations, but I'll try to find a better home for it. That is more levelled to my face.

I have the Blue Yeti microphone, it's about 100gbp


u/theregularchef · 1 pointr/SmallYTChannel

I use this one, it’s only about $30 and it sounds really good in my opinion: USB Microphone,Fifine Metal Condenser Recording Microphone for Laptop MAC or Windows Cardioid Studio Recording Vocals, Voice Overs,Streaming Broadcast and YouTube Videos-K669B

I found out about it through LinusTechTips and even he recommended it as a budget mic