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u/THEsolid85 · 2 pointsr/SmarterEveryDay

Costco. Charisma is the brand they carry. I would be very hesitant to order something online that I can't see or feel. I don't know shit about the manufacturing process, I just know they feel great, work well with great absorbency, and last forever.

Edit: Amazon link here:

u/NortySpock · 1 pointr/SmarterEveryDay

Also on the technical side, if you want some of the inspiration for the mission architecture, try The Case For Mars by Robert Zubrin. For an insightful critique of TCFM from 18 years later, try The International Mars Research Station by Shaun Moss.

u/AtmaJnana · 0 pointsr/SmarterEveryDay

edit: Really? Downvoted for directly answering the question. Stay classy, reddit.

u/MidheLu · 3 pointsr/SmarterEveryDay

Thank you so much for saying roland! That was the key to finding a proper pair like this

u/c_onta · 3 pointsr/SmarterEveryDay

It's a Tix Clock. You read it by counting the number of squares in each section. In the video you posted there are 0 squares, then 6 squares, and then 0 and 0, so the time is 0600, or 6:00.

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/SmarterEveryDay

Non-mobile: The International Mars Research Station

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/DarkCocaine · 1 pointr/SmarterEveryDay

So, interestingly, you can actually see magnetic fields in THREE dimensions. Yeah, 3d. How so? They're called ferrocells. Here's an imgur album

I can actually explain how this happens, too. It's called "Field incommensurability." Take a north and south pole of a magnet, they're "located" there right? Nope, if you could split the magnet in half there would be TWO north and TWO south poles on each side of the magnet. Split it again, there will be a north and south pole on each piece, every single time. This is an example of field incommensurability.

Now, when you take that magnetic viewing film and place two magnets side by side you'll see the white plane self-center itself around the two magnets.

What's actually happening is that when a magnet reaches another magnet and comes in contact, it becomes ONE entity - one magnet. So at that end with the singular one it's actually going to a new "end" of the magnet, as the entirety of the magnet becomes one big, long magnet.

Field incommensurability is where fields are non-point-specific, and are not LOCATED at somewhere, they are FORCED there, or are a pressure mediation to that spot. Think of it like water flowing down a hill, it's forced to be at that location.

u/aveygt · 2 pointsr/SmarterEveryDay

When trying to convey more complex and abstract concepts people will often use poetic language. I don't think you could say it's popular belief that people literally think with their heart. It's an expression, a shorthand to convey a much deeper meaning. Terms like "he has a hard heart" or "winning the hearts and minds of people" or "a change of heart" are all expressions that use poetic language to communicate broader meaning. I've never met somebody who believes people literally think with their heart.

> In short, we parent to modify the heart.... not their behavior.

I don't speak for /u/MrPennywhistle but I would say this means that as a parent he isn't so much concerned with what their behavior is as why it is they are behaving in such a way.

For example, a boy hurts his sisters feelings by calling her a name. The parents, seeing this, make the boy apologize. The boy, knowing he would get punished if he doesn't, apologizes to his sister. The boy isn't really sorry though, or if he is sorry it's only because he was rebuked by his parents not because he hurt his sisters feelings. His "heart" wasn't in the apology.

Alternatively the parents could try to get him to understand how much he hurt his sister by calling her names. They could try to get the boy to feel sorry not because he was in trouble, but because he loves his sister and he realizes that he hurt her. The boy would apologize because he wanted to not because he was forced to.


Of course /u/Mrpennywhistle was just asked a simple question and probably didn't feel it warranted a massive in depth 4 paragraph answer. So he went for the shorter slightly more poetic answer because he assumed most people would understand the poetic meaning of "heart" and get the basic concept he was trying to relate. Any body who wanted a more in-depth understanding of what he was talking about could always read the book he linked to

u/andrewism · 2 pointsr/SmarterEveryDay

It's called the Tix Clock. Unfortunately I don't think it's available anywhere probably due to a limited batch :(

u/emotional_downvoter · 1 pointr/SmarterEveryDay

I take your points. I can see how any of us should he skeptical solely based on that video.

Even if he turns out to be a "nutty conspiracy theorist fraud" as you keep speculating in your post, his book on amazon is being reviwed rather well for a "nutty conspiracy theorist".[...]

Guess there's only one way to confirm/deny the doubts and read the book (which just happens to be available on pirate websites if you don't feel like paying up front, not that I'm trying to advocate piracy or anything).

Edit: after reading more reviews, apparently the book also contains a lot of speculation, but is correctly "marked" as such.