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u/aConfusedPhilosopher · 6 pointsr/SocialistRA

Get an AR15. If you can't afford the $400 to $500 get a good basic AR or they are banned in your state, then we can talk about other long arms, but if neither of those is a problem there is no reason to get any other type of rifle. Getting a pistol would be good too, but I don't consider myself qualified to recommend pistols, so I'll leave that subject to others.


As for manuals, I'd recommend staying away from the classic leftist books on guerilla warfare, such as those my Mao and Che. Their interesting historical pieces but don't hold up in many ways. If you want a more theoretical overview of how asymmetric warfare works, I'd recommend David Kilcullen's book Out of the Mountains: The Coming Age of the Urban Guerrilla. As for a more hands on approach, I found many of these videos helpful. The US Army manual and the Smartbooks manual on small unit tactics seem good from what I can tell, but I'm not an expert.


Cybersecurity is very important, but something I'm not super knowledgeable in. At the very least I'd recommend using TOR, Signal, and Protonmail. Be careful of what kind of history you leave of yourself on social media accounts.


Basic survival skills are a good thing to learn as well. How to start a fire, how to purify water, etc. Also, become familiar with concepts such as every day carry (EDC) kits, and being the Greyman. Learning how to pick locks probably wouldn't hurt either. Tactical driving is good to know as well. Learn basic first aid/emergency medicine. Skinnymedic on Youtube had good videos.


Train train train with whatever weapon you have. Having more training is far more important than having a super nice/fancy gun.


Make connections with your neighbors, community, comrades, etc. Having community to fall back on and to back you up is so important. Seriously, our success depends on community support the same way fish depend on water.


Anyway, that's just a quick list of things off the top of my head.

u/ctophermh89 · 5 pointsr/SocialistRA

You will not find anything more efficient than an AR 15. This is repeated constantly here.

It is a semi automatic rifle that has the capacity of 30 rounds typically(state pending) at once. It's ergonomics are incredible in how you can adjust every aspect of the rifle to suit you individually. You can (with the correct stamp) turn a 500 dollar S&W MP sport 2 with a 16 inch barrel to a short barrel rifle with a 10 inch barrel (or 7.5 inch) with as much ease as using lincoln logs. It shoots a medium cartridge that has more energy behind it than a pistol cartridge, however, due to it's .223 bullet, with a softpoint/hollowpoint, has less penetration power than a 9mm, while still having twice the velocity, meaning you can defend yourself at further distances, while also not running into the issue of over penetration within the home. The recoil is much more negligible to where a person of a small stature can use the firearm sufficiently with practice. You can put a myriad of optics all over the firearm, as well lights, foregrips, and slings. There is also an array of ammunition to choose from. You simply can not beat the AR 15, as it can transition from a fun plinking rifle to a great home defense rifle.

source on penetration:

u/EdwardBernayz · 3 pointsr/SocialistRA

There is some more too it as well but the information that is out there is mostly books or wiki pages and interviews. This book on the OKC bombing has a lot of parts but its narrative isnt at all well written, it flows like a stream of consciousness. I still recommend it. This is the wiki for elohime city and this is the wiki for a related organization name the covenant sword and arm of the lord.
Here is an interview with the guy who wrote the book I mentioned. A lot of the rest is in books or papers and you will have to dig a bit but its all out there in bits and pieces. The wiki pages are definitely the best places to start

u/LeftWingGunClub · 26 pointsr/SocialistRA

Hey folks - I've lurked on Reddit for a long time, and finally decided to post.

This is my Ruger GP100 and my Sunday morning reading material - Hammer and Hoe by Robin D.G. Kelley

I've got my CCW and act as "backup security" at a church that hosts immigration workshops in a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Chicago. The church is also the base of a long-running, Latina-led community organization dedicated to immigration justice.

I (and a few of my friends) have been working on getting a group of left-leaning shooters together as a "Left Wing Gun Club" - not as explicitly political as Redneck Revolt or a John Brown Gun Club, but also a bit more left than center-leftish "liberal gun owners." Some folks want to join just to shoot in a more politically sympathetic environment, others are interested in providing security for protests/community events.

Are there any Chicagoans that frequent this sub that'd be interested in meeting up and possibly collaborating?

u/1121314151617 · 2 pointsr/SocialistRA

Your state will have caliber restrictions on game. But most departments of fish and game have fantastic resources on what hoops you need to jump through to be able to legally hunt. Even If your state doesn't require hunter's ed to legally hunt, a hunter's ed course is always a good idea, because you can find mentors who can show you boots-on-the-ground how to be safe and ethical. However, you should be able to varmint hunt fine with a .22.

And if you're serious about getting into hunting, pick up a copy of this book

u/ReprehensibleIngrate · 7 pointsr/SocialistRA

Conservatives-are-uneducated-rubes is the oldest analysis in the book, and it’s led progressives to spend countless hours trying to grace them with information they don’t care about because it’s not relevant to their ideology.

Conservatism is about one thing only: preserving hierarchies of power. All the religion and economic waffling is a decoy that prevents their opponents discussing and interfering with the real issues that motivates the right.

Corey Robin is the only theorist of the last century who has actually grasped this, and it’s pretty much impossible to effectively combat conservatism without an understanding of his work.

If that’s heavy going, at least watch Ian Danskin’s rendering on conservatism and fascism.

u/ArbysMakesFries · 2 pointsr/SocialistRA

Again though, when entire categories of crime are being created for expressly political reasons, and when daily life is so overcriminalized in general that practically anybody can be jailed at cops' and prosecutors' discretion, focusing on whether or not any specific person is being jailed "for political reasons" is already missing the forest for the trees. The broad scope of political repression in the US as enforced by agencies like the FBI is impossible to gauge in real time, except to the extent that information about programs like COINTELPRO has been leaked or declassified — after all, we only know the scale of Soviet repression because of similar leaks and declassifications by the USSR — but even on a more immediate level, despite my right to free speech I'd be genuinely terrified of what might happen to me if I were to put a "fuck the police" or "cops are gangsters" bumper sticker on my car, not just at the hands of cops themselves but also at the hands of cop-sympathizing civilians.

The genius of the US system as a matter of PR is that my formal "freedom" to express political views like that in theory can coexist perfectly well with my actual unfreedom to express them in practice, and plenty of US nationalist ideologues (maybe even the same ones who'd gladly smash my taillight for an anti-police bumper sticker) would still gladly argue that the formal freedom is what defines the US as a society, and the actual unfreedom is irrelevant.

u/some_random_kaluna · 13 pointsr/SocialistRA

For the Black Panthers:

There's Malcolm X's biography recorded and written by Alex Haley, writer of Roots.

Another book called Black Against Empire: History of the Black Panther Party, supposedly very good.

For the Irish Republican Army:

Here's an extensive list from Goodreads.

Hope that helps you get started, OP. Knowledge is power. :)

EDIT: and you can always posit specific questions to /r/AskHistorians. They'll take a while to formulate and you may not get a response, but when you do it's usually a good one.

u/RandExt · 3 pointsr/SocialistRA

Honestly, they didn't really push anything that I'd consider to be left/right, unless you consider flowery historical accounts to be political. I suppose you could argue that it was Libertarian propaganda, given the political leanings of the founding fathers, since most of the stories were taken from the book Paul Revere's Ride. They also like talking about "Dangerous Old Men" and the instructors were mostly old, white men. They did include a story about a "Dangerous Young Woman" as well, and there's apparently a Ladyseed program for women, which probably has more stories featuring women. The most annoying part was the standard moral decay of society because nobody votes, knows their neighbors, or goes to town council meetings anymore. The typical recounting of a youtube video where every college student they interview doesn't know what year the country was founded, but knows who Brad Pitt is married to. I suppose that's conservative in nature, due to the longing for a return to a supposed past glory, but they also have relevant quotes from the founding fathers about people's disinterest in civics and made note of the third of the country that didn't care either way during the American Revolution. Mostly they just pushed for greater civic involvement, which isn't really something I can fault them for. They didn't tell us to vote a certain way and made no mention of particular politicians or political parties. I actually told the Range Boss a quote that I saw on a protest sign, which he really liked: "We didn't come this far, to only come this far."

u/nightslayer78 · 4 pointsr/SocialistRA

The radio is the UV-5R from Baofeng very popular in tactical circles, because of it's cost and clarity. I connected it directly to my Howard Leight Impact sport which makes it so it amplifies sound around you and muffles the loud noises, but it has an aux in so I connected my UV-5R to it so no one can hear what I am being told except for me.

The patch I got from Redstar73 it didn't have velcro backing so I had to put it on myself. Many stores have kits that are basically velcro stickers. You can pick them up at walmart and even family dollar.

u/IgnoramiEradico · 12 pointsr/SocialistRA

> police working directly with the internet white supremacist community on stuff like this. Using documentation provided by white supremacists to hunt down their enemies. They're being very direct here.

Please Please Please read "Life During Wartime: Resisting Counterinsurgency"

There is an entire chapter detailing how The State will use Right Wing extremists against Left Wing groups. It gives examples, how they get away with it, and ways to prevent its effectiveness.

COINTELPRO is a bitch.

Free preview link

Comrade Link

Filthy Amazon Link

u/MyriadRook · 5 pointsr/SocialistRA

A Baofeng UV-5R is what I have ($25 on Amazon currently). It's enough to dip your toe. You need at least a Technician license with the FCC to be able to transmit with it, though. I'm currently studying for that license.

u/OldWob · 4 pointsr/SocialistRA

It was in a gun control thread.

Edit: The thread you were looking for was indeed here, but seems to have been deleted by its poster. The book concerned was this one.

u/DeepFriedToblerone · 9 pointsr/SocialistRA

>“It seems this effort was designed to punish him for his political activity rather than actually solve any sort of security issue.”

That's exactly what they're doing and it's been studied extensively.

>Authorities have not publicly labeled Balogun a BIE, but their language in court resembled the warnings in the FBI’s file. German said the case also appeared to utilize a “disruption strategy” in which the FBI targets lower-level arrests and charges to interfere with suspects’ lives

If you want to learn more about this strategy of disruption against activists I Highly recommend the book

"Life During Wartime: Resisting Counter Insurgency"

Which is also on Amazon.

u/anticlericalwars · 1 pointr/SocialistRA

Actually, the women's genocides and the Holocaust DID happen! 0% lying about it, and 0% lying about what has to be done to make it not happen again. And you're sucking so much fascist groin for free that you don't leave me the convenience of saving a bullet for fascist scum that LITERALLY WANT TO SEXUALLY ENSLAVE ME AND DO ENSLAVE TRANS WOMEN EN MASSE WITH THE BOURGE, ALL THE FUCKING TIME.

Hey fashie. Hey. Hey! Listen. I know you're upset right now. And I think you know what to do about it.