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u/ffocase · 1 pointr/SomebodyMakeThis

Could work, I enjoy Jolt so I'd probably enjoy this too

u/legolas24 · 3 pointsr/SomebodyMakeThis

These seem awfully cheap.

This might be terrible when it blows hot air, but add in a small water drip behind it, and it will be pretty cool.

u/kleinbl00 · 3 pointsr/SomebodyMakeThis

There's a great movie called Top Secret! It's got Val Kilmer in it. In it, there's a device that's essentially a reciprocating saw and a dildo. The man who used it supposedly "dies of pleasure."

So rather than blueprints, have a link.

u/00134679 · 1 pointr/SomebodyMakeThis

Something like this? Maybe there are others that support more devices.

u/jjppoo · 2 pointsr/SomebodyMakeThis

hitRECord, a project by Joseph Gordon-Levitt, works this way to some degree. The community contributes content and some of it gets turned into albums, books, movies, etc. Anyone that contributes to one of those projects gets an equal share of all profits.

u/BevansDesign · 1 pointr/SomebodyMakeThis

Just get an electric heating pad and strap it to your chest or back or something. They only cost about £13 (I hope I converted that right - $20 US).

And/or, get a window insulation kit. They're just sheets of plastic and double-sided tape, and they keep draughts out and warm air in. And there are other things you can do to insulate your place. Or if there's nothing more you can do, you've gotta complain about it to someone who can fix it.

Don't treat the symptoms, treat the disease!

u/burke_no_sleeps · 4 pointsr/SomebodyMakeThis

An edible cowboy hat would be the best possible version, but here is an Amazon link to a hefty 2lb bag of Farley's gummy sombreros. Close enough in appearance to the traditional ten-gallon topper of roughneck bettin' types.

u/punkmuppet · 1 pointr/SomebodyMakeThis

Just a thought, but what about using a notebook with the colours you've used, a sample of the paint you've mixed, and what you've used it for?

There's a book called Colour Mixing Bible that may help you too.

u/harbichidian · 7 pointsr/SomebodyMakeThis

The stirrup versions are infinitely better.

PRO TIPS: If the O-ring slips sideways, you have them too tight. The adjuster will tear out your leg hairs throughout the day unless you wrap it in a bit of tape. Use electrical tape because it's smoother and the adhesive wears off quicker from any hanging edges.

u/binarysolo · 1 pointr/SomebodyMakeThis

Have you googled "lighted umbrella"? Seems like a few companies do this already.

EDIT for the lazy: Amazon link for a product like this

u/elbweb · 3 pointsr/SomebodyMakeThis

They've actually had these for a while. My parents had one maybe 6 or 7 years ago. Seemed more like a novelty than anything, but it worked as you would expect.

I also think you could program your own, so that if you had something that wasn't known you could set it up for the future.

u/agbell · 1 pointr/SomebodyMakeThis

16 mill is the number of dice combination in the 4x4 grid. Although a lot of them are likely just symmetries ( so equivalent ) to other arrangements. The number of words is 100,000 if you go by the scrabble dictionary

u/LittleHelperRobot · 1 pointr/SomebodyMakeThis

Non-mobile: this

^That's ^why ^I'm ^here, ^I ^don't ^judge ^you. ^PM ^/u/xl0 ^if ^I'm ^causing ^any ^trouble. ^WUT?

u/trebonius · 2 pointsr/SomebodyMakeThis

I ride with one of these and often find myself looking for it when walking.

u/hcsteve · 1 pointr/SomebodyMakeThis

No problem. There's this too that has multiple containers that fit in a bag. I haven't seen anything like you mentioned with multiple compartments.