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u/dblaa · 5 pointsr/Somerville

Last year I was also looking for someone to sharpen my knives. I ended up buying a whetstone and learning how to do it myself. I'm sure it's not as good as a professional would do but they're way sharper than they used to be and definitely good enough for the cooking I do. I'd definitely recommend it! This is the one I bought

u/literallyARockStar · 6 pointsr/Somerville

If all you're doing is moving your car every a few spaces down every two days, why even have a car?

I don't really want to do an extended internet argument about parking and urban planning. This is basically what I'd say, but better:

u/smash1ngpumpk1ns · 2 pointsr/Somerville

All due respect dude, but no one wants a used mattress. Especially when new ones can be ordered on Amazon for less.

u/skintigh · 3 pointsr/Somerville

Sadly not eligible for Prime. Order before the weather goes back to >80 degrees.

I wonder if these will help my catalpa tree.

u/mem_somerville · 3 pointsr/Somerville

I struggled for years with short blade tools, and supplemented with incredible amounts of swearing (which, by local standards, means a lot), and never was satisfied with the outcomes. Had the same car for 14 years, it was awful.

Bought a new car this year with even less access area where the sticker goes, so I finally invested in this: 11.25-Inch Long Hand Scraper with 3 Extra Blades ToolUSA

Much less swearing now. Worth the $7 in peace of mind.