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u/djdementia · 0 pointsr/SoundSystem

I think you are better off renting for the outdoor events and just going with a decent 2.1 PC speaker system for the house parties. I've been a hobbiest DJ for 15 years and done several < 20 people house parties on large enough PC speakers.

$500 is just not enough to buy anything worthwhile unless you hit the craigslist lottery.

I'd get Logitech Z623's for DJ practice at home and small house parties. They are loud enough for 12-20 people indoors and plenty loud enough for home practice. A 130W subwoofer on those deliver plenty of bass for the price. You could even get 2 of these systems and hook them up together. At $260 they would cost less and probably sound better than any $500 PA system out there. The $500 PA systems are truly garbage especially for DJing. They are fine for a small acoustic performance at a coffee shop or public speaking events but not where you need thumping bass of dance music.

Anytime you do an outdoor event rent and see if the party goers will kick in a few $$ for the sound system. The added benefit is that you'll get some experience with a few common PA brands. JBL EON series are pretty common to get from a rental shop and give you a pretty good introduction to mobile PA systems.

u/crossedx · 2 pointsr/SoundSystem

Here's the thing. You aren't going to run all of this on a single amp. I'd say you will need one for each, the bar patio and two (minimum) for the dance floor. You mentioned he wanted 4 speakers on the dancefloor... sounds like a normal 2 full range, 2 subwoofer setup. Again, you can go active so you don't need to worry with amps if that sounds good to you.

Here's how I'd do it:
Mic/CD/AUX/other additional inputs into a mixer. Get a mixer with however many channels you want, maybe one with however many inputs you'll have permanently installed plus a couple extra for DJs to connect their gear so you don't have people fumbling around with the back of your gear, and label each channel fader.

Some mixers have multiple "zone" outs, if you get one of those you can connect each speaker location to a different zone, if not its no big deal. Most will at least have a master and booth output. Run the booth output to the patio amp and this will give you volume control for that location on the mixer.

Run from the master output to the rest of the amps. A lot of amps have link outs, so that you can run the signal into one amp into the next in a chain, but if your amps don't have it don't stress, just pick up however many XLR splitters you need to connect all the amps. Since the dance floor and bar amps are on the same volume fader, you can just adjust the bar levels on the bar amp itself. You don't really need that splitter you linked, it can be done with the mixer and amps.

Also remember to make sure you've matched up all the cables you get to what you need. For instance, the master output is usually XLR, while the booth output is usually either RCA or 1/4, so if the amp only has XLR inputs you'll need a 1/4" to XLR cable. Also, if you decide to use passive speakers, you'll need a crossover between the amps and subs.

I know its a lot to think about, and I didn't give any recommendations on gear because I don't know what sort of budget you're working with, but just search amazon and find whatever gear is in your price range. Avoid anything like Pyle thats REALLY cheap. Buy the best you can afford.

If you have any more questions or want some info on gear you've picked out just inbox me. Thanks for the gold! :)

u/ad33zy · 1 pointr/SoundSystem

Thanks! I have been using some extension chords that work. Definitely going to get a triple tap though.

Yep! I think the cheapest place for XLR cables is amazon... I have prime so I'm looking to order them from there. I looked for stands and right now Im eye-ing two of
Also I know this may be unpopular, but I find that Setting the speakers on the floor, and if they are in particular hollow environments, enhances the bass... So I might be running my set up that way until I get a sub.

Yeah.... was just looking at that, though it would be nice to just get them right away from the store. Thanks for all the help djscsi! This subreddit has been a lot of help

u/Shilvahfang · 1 pointr/SoundSystem

Okay. So from what you told me I have put together this so far:

I envision a 4-way speaker system with two speakers aiming at about 45 degrees to the front and sides. And then two speakers aiming to the rear.

If I got 4 of these speakers:

This amp:

This power supply:

Then what else would I need? The most convient way to source music is from our phones, so we have been usin a male 3.5mm to 2 RCA cable. What would be the best option for a mixer or receiver to control volume etc.?

Thanks a lot for your help. I really appreciate it.

u/natem345 · 1 pointr/SoundSystem

I'd get two of these, specifically. The B212D's if you can afford them, they'll be significantly louder & more bass (but still won't be very strong, you'll need a sub for that).

As for cables, if you might want to hook up a mic or multiple things or need an easy volume control (each speaker will have its own, but you may be able to use your laptop's), get a tiny cheap Behringer mixer. If it's just one device, you can use a cable like this (since those speakers have 1/4" inputs, cheaper than XLR), and extensions like this if needed

Strongly consider speaker stands if needed, they should be about ear level.

u/AudioReading · 1 pointr/SoundSystem

You could grab cheap speakers from Bic America for most of your gigs. Their RTR line has pretty high output for the price. Something like the RTR 1530 (292$ for the pair). They output low enough (33Hz at -3dB) you shouldn't need a sub.

For an amp I might suggest an Audiosource for about 126$.

Or the SMSL SA-50 50Wx2 (66$), its a digital amp so it's super efficient. Any criticism people have about distortion in the highs is irrelevant because most dj equipment (like the 1530's) don't actually have especially accurate treble.

Best advice I've got.

u/hwillis · 1 pointr/SoundSystem

[this would be fine if it works but its cheap as fuck and will probably break fast as hell]( "yay china"). Split up the center speakers, wire them in series parallel if you can, and get a splitter from your source to input the second amp an that should boost your volume pretty decently.

u/djscsi · 5 pointsr/SoundSystem

What you want is called a crossover.

Here is an example of an inexpensive (<$100) device that will do what you want. Note though that this only has XLR in/out so you will need cables to go from your 1/4" TRS to XLR. Here is such a cable (you will need 2 of course).

If you can afford it, I like DBX's equipment better than Behringer when it comes to this sort of gear. Here is DBX's current equivalent. This one is 1/4" only but a XLR version is also available. I highly recommend moving to all XLR wherever possible in your system as it is the standard for pro audio signal cabling, and you can daisy-chain cables to make them longer.

Let me know if you have any other questions!

u/Shirkaday · 1 pointr/SoundSystem

You could do it with simple RCA Y-splits.

If you want separate level control without having to go to the speakers to turn up or down, you might be able to use this:

and run it backwards. I.e., input going into the holes labled "output" and then the signal is split across the 4 stereo "inputs" which are now your outputs. You might have a little signal loss doing that, but it's also totally passive - one less thing to have to plug in.

You could also do it with a little headphone mixer like this guy:

with some 1/4" stereo -> RCA cables.

u/ZeosPantera · 2 pointsr/SoundSystem

Since they are 4-6Ω it is going to be a touchy thing getting something with those nominal loads to not overload most modern receivers. If you DON'T need video switching you can get away with a pre-amp+amp and do this a lot better with something like TCC preamp and a Behringer A500

u/Ken808 · 3 pointsr/SoundSystem

Not quite the right sub for this, but any Logitech speaker setup should do fine for your room.

u/m1stertim · 3 pointsr/SoundSystem

Oldie but goodie, the Yamaha Sound Reinforcement Handbook

Basic repairs would be covered more by learning how to read circuit diagrams, and/or a basic electronics course.

u/Mrtug269 · 2 pointsr/SoundSystem

Here's a small one.

A preamp is going to take a very small signal and bring it up to a level for mixing. The ones you are seeing are probably designed for turntables, and take the very small phono level and turns it into line level. Your computer is already line level, so you need a larger amplifier to drive the speaker. The one I linked is very small, and may not be enough to get the volume you are seeking. Too much power could blow out your speaker though.

u/JohnBooty · 1 pointr/SoundSystem

> Anyone have a suggestion of a good setup? I assume
> some sort of surround sound or four speaker setup?

That kind of multi-speaker setup works for background music at low levels, or for true surround content ala BluRays where you have dialogue and music coming from the front speakers and sound effects coming from the back speakers. (Note that this is how movie theaters are set up...)

If you're talking about a "double stereo" setup for movies with 4 speakers, one in each corner, that's not gonna work how you want it to. What's going to happen is weird phase issues and the speakers actually canceling each other out to an extent.

> but found that they were not loud enough to transmit the sound
> the full length of my backyard (30ft in length or so). It was either too
> loud for those in the front, or too quiet for those in the back.

What kind of wireless speakers we talking here?

Sounds like they were just underpowered. If it was overwhelmingly loud for the people up front it should've been audible in back. Sometimes "distortion" is mistaken for "loudness" -- I'm thinking maybe things sounded "too loud" up front because the wireless speakers were simply distorting to shit.

For comparison, I have a yard of similar dimensions and we've done outdoor movie nights with Logitech computer speakers from 2001: Those don't give movie theater-quality sound but they've been fine.

If you live anywhere near a populated area, you should be able to find a reputable home-theater receiver on Craigslist for well under $100 (probably closer to $50) that, paired with some modest wired speakers, should put out more than enough power for movie night -- especially if you add a powered sub or two.

u/Barnitz · 1 pointr/SoundSystem

I live in a medium sized Fraternity house and we run..

With 2..

The Vega's really make some noise. I picked up the receiver at BB and ended up with a REALLY good deal (wanted a 522, but they were sold out. They had an opened 822, but the receiver in the 822 box wasn't an 822!, so the sold me the 1022 for the opened 822 price!). I also picked up the Vega's as 'Scratch and Dent' models from a flea market. I was hesitant but we have been abusing them for almost a year and no problems yet!