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u/Katchline · 1 pointr/SpinClass

What kind of socks do you wear?

  • I have to use compression socks that help with bloodflow, which can cause numbness in toes. These worked well for me: Swiftwick

    Also, you may want to go back to your normal size in the spin shoe. Making your shoe longer is not really going to help with swelling. And I've always been told that cycling shoes need to fit snugly - I think because you don't want your feet moving around in them.

  • You might want to look into shoes that can be easily loosened to accomdate swelling, like ones with a dial. I have Fizik's like these.

u/TheLittleCandelabra · 3 pointsr/SpinClass

I'm female and after my first spin class my crotch was sore for daaaaayyyyyyysssss. Thighs might have been a day or two but OMG I felt like I got punched in the cooter by Mike Tyson and it lasted for about a week. Woman or man, I highly recommend getting a seat cover for anyone who was as beat up as I was. I try to do spin 3x a week now and my seat cover has been a game changer.

Here's the one I purchased although there's tons of different brands. SuperSo Bike Gel Seat Cushion Cover

Highly recommend.

u/viciouscyclist · 2 pointsr/SpinClass

The cleats currently on your shoes are not compatible with look keo pedals. If you want to attend this class you'll have to buy look keo cleats and put those on your shoes.

Shimano makes two kinds of cleats: SPD and SPD-SL.

SPD cleats these are the small, two bolted cleats that are easy to walk in. Shoes will have two holes side by side

SPD-SL cleats these are the larger, three bolt cleats for road biking. Compatible shoes will have three holes in a triangle shape

Some cycling shoes will have both sets of the holes mentioned above, and are compatible with both SPD and SPD-SL.

Then there's Keo...this is a while different system, but I'm pretty sure you can put them on SPD-SL compatible shoes (they use the same three holes, but the clip is different). I'm not a fan of keo pedals. My understanding is that they were designed for very novice cyclists who have trouble clipping in. They're like the training wheels of clipless pedals. They're loose, plastic junk with bad power transfer. I've never seen a studio with keo pedals on their bikes.