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u/Ent3rpris3 · 4 pointsr/Stargate

With Memorial Day right around the corner, look into Stargate Atlantis on Amazon. About 3 or 4 years ago I got the entire series and a bunch of special features on DVD for $30 + shipping because of an amazing Memorial Day sale (Amazon's advertised regular price was $120). It wouldn't surprise if similar deals occurred this year.

After doing ~2 minutes of searching on just Amazon, I found these:

Before shipping it comes out to $150.37 USD. That's an average of less than $10 USD per season, to say nothing of getting Ark of Truth and Continuum thrown in there as well!

Knowing online prices can change more than gas prices, I found all of this at 4:20 am, Mountain Time USA, May 27, 2017.

Best of luck and I hope they only get cheaper. It truly is a pretty great deal I think. Check further over the weekend in case it drops even more!

u/sonoobs · 1 pointr/Stargate

i have a question..
is this boix good? (GERMAN)

it has everything i want and is cheap (47 euro ~)

but the responds say that the menu as well as the box itself is fucked up or something.

does anybody have this kind of box and can tell me if its good
or does anybody know a different box (series, movies, ep1x01 final cut, bonus dvds) it doesnt matter if its more expensive i just wanna enjoy ! :D

thanks for reading and help in advance!

u/DemIce · 8 pointsr/Stargate

10 seasons $9.99 = $99.90 (maybe there's a discount if you get multiple)
All 10 seasons + Continuum + Ark of Truth = $94.03 (+ shipping; free if you have Prime) []

Not only do you additionally get the two movies, but you also get all of the bonus content (Director's commentaries, etc.), on physical media that you can always rip (takes a few afternoons) if you want digital access, and can then view it whenever you like regardless of Amazon's then-current business practices.

The Amazon Video offer now is better than it was, but I'm hesitant to say it's a
good* offer.

u/JonathanJONeill · 2 pointsr/Stargate

Ah, so you would want the Olive Drab - Sage field uniforms or the Olive Drab Garrison Uniforms.

For the field uniforms, those were custom made for the show.

They were Olive Drab WEP G-8 in Ripstop Cotton. The pilot episode had them in surplus Sage WEP G-8s made of shiny nylon. A bit warm for casual wear.

You can buy the Nylon WEP G-8s around the internet but to get cotton ripstop, you're gonna pay a pretty penny for them to be custom made.

Next best, in my opinion is the standard Olive Drab BDU jacket. Looks about the same, except it does not have shoulder pockets or a pre-sewn velcro pad for patches. If you have any sewing skills, you could add those yourself.

The pants are standard BDU Cargo pants in Olive Drab.

The vest was a Blackhawk Omega Utility Vest:

Any tactical boot in black would work. They Used Magnum Stealths though IIRC.

u/Zerei · 2 pointsr/Stargate

This one is pretty good:

I have it. It comes in a box that looks like a chest. Its quite flimsy though, you have to preserve it carefully. But the DVDs are nice, they have directors commentary and some TV ads for the show. Plus a few interviews and behind the scenes.

u/SammyGreen · 5 pointsr/Stargate

Haha, you can get it off Amazon

You can also get the two Stargate SG1 movies on blu ray but I'm not sure if you'd be interested in the adventures of a bunch of humans in another galaxy ;)

u/shimaken · 54 pointsr/Stargate

Yeah. IMO, buy any green bomber jacket off Amazon and apply these patches. (

Would look way better and probably be better quality.

u/oakenaxe · 5 pointsr/Stargate

Off amazon for like 5$. Time will tell on quality.

Bargain Max Decals - Stargate Earth Inspired Logo Sticker Decal Notebook Car Laptop 5" (White)

u/kiotsukare · 12 pointsr/Stargate


I have a hiking hat that I put pins on, this would be perfect!

Edit: Found it on Amazon!

u/meriti · 3 pointsr/Stargate

I have 1-6 like that. But I ended up getting the boxed set when Amazon put it on sale. I highly recommend it! (It's now under 70 dollars)

Atlantis is also a bit cheaper.

However, they can get cheaper.

u/axcobb · 1 pointr/Stargate

I have this set. Taking the fuzzy off the bottom and popping out the puddle is pretty easy.

u/SgtSiler24 · 4 pointsr/Stargate

I got these a few years ago and have been happy with the packaging. Although, I miss my big box sets that I gave back to my dad, its nice to have a consistent looking collection. The Atlantis blu-rays are great. There will never be SG1 blurays unfortunately. Hopefully, one day they can be remastered but thats unlikely.


Atlantis Blurays

u/CaseyDoran · 3 pointsr/Stargate

I got these a few years back for a Jack costume. They're pretty decent but I turned out to need prescription sunglasses so they're just on the shelf now. Good for fishing on occasion though.

u/chase314 · 4 pointsr/Stargate

Sure - but just a warning - the Offworld jacket is the most expensive part of the outfit. It's a USMC WEP style jacket, which is typically a Nylon shell and goes for $200+. On the show, however, they used a RipStop material, which isn't as shiny. If you don't care about that, you can save yourself about $100.

I followed this Costume Guide

u/RYqyHezI · 2 pointsr/Stargate

I live in Norway, and I recently bought the blu-ray set from I didn't have any problems getting it shipped here, though I did have to pay for 'forenklet fortolling' and 'mva' when picking it up at the post office.


Edit: Unless things have changed in the past month, the UK version of Amazon is a great place to get stuff that isn't otherwise available in Norway, especially considering that the UK is in the same region (Blu-ray and DVD-wise) as Norway. You can even use the same login details as all the other Amazons. :3

u/blackwaterification · 2 pointsr/Stargate

It's pretty cheap on and and not the versions. I was thinking of buying the complete boxset but didn't.

On amazon customers state that they feature english audio, even though the discs are from germany.

Here is the amazon page

I think it's worth it over the offers on the UK sites, even with shipping.

u/Viniguez487 · 2 pointsr/Stargate

I had this exact conversation with a friend. Which is why I'm buying this for my car instead.

u/lars_windu · 6 pointsr/Stargate

There are the Stargate Legacy Books. They take place after season five of Atlantis and I've found them very enjoyable. There are eight books in the series at the moment.

u/BeardX · 3 pointsr/Stargate

I can't see them investing the money for it unless the stargate command thing brings in enough revenue and interest. Time will tell if they put more effort into it. A few years ago I figured a blu ray release was not going to happen any time soon so i bought the collection off amazon. I dug up the Link it includes all of sg1 + the movies. Ark of truth and continuum do have a blu ray Combo Pack for about $10 but i think the collection is cheaper by at least $10-$20 if you parted it out.

u/scottman34 · 4 pointsr/Stargate

This is the one I bought. If you look around I think you can find a better price.
Sci Fi Aquarium Decorations (Stargate, Large)

u/Laytheron · 13 pointsr/Stargate

Looks like that fish tank decoration that’s been floating around here.

Amazon link

u/TooModest · 7 pointsr/Stargate

Amazon! $2.86 shipping included! Maybe the seller is in this sub too (don't quote me on that).

u/UnknownMess · 2 pointsr/Stargate

I snagged it from a local fish shop for £8, but a quick search shows it available on Amazon,

u/aq3e · 2 pointsr/Stargate

Your comment just made me realize I have the whole bluray series that I opened once but never used because of Hulu and Amazon. I should probably sell it to someone who would actually use it.

u/KimJongSkill492 · 0 pointsr/Stargate

> Found in my town a local that buys custom patches on amazon to resell


u/warp-factor · 2 pointsr/Stargate

I'm not in Canada so can't confirm myself. That said, the listing says that it does have french audio, but there are a number of reviews which suggest this is not the case.

u/werd_to_ya_mutha · 1 pointr/Stargate

So I was searching around for one to purchase online and I Found one!

u/shniken · 3 pointsr/Stargate

I got this and this. I get more convenience then any other viewing method with none of the moral/legal issues.

u/GeonnCannon · 2 pointsr/Stargate

[US Amazon] (
[UK Amazon] (

You can also follow StargateNovels on Twitter for updates!

u/tb21666 · 2 pointsr/Stargate

Wherever you so choose once you pick it up..?

u/BrainWav · 3 pointsr/Stargate

That works out to $100 for the whole series.

Amazon has the complete series for $55 right now. And it's a nicer package. I hated the full-size DVD boxes, especially as they switched to thinpaks in season 7 or 8.

u/ChiperSoft · 1 pointr/Stargate

And sadly they've been out of stock all year :( However if you're willing to pay extra, these guys have some.

u/kami77 · 3 pointsr/Stargate

It's in 1080p, but it's not 1080p quality. It's just DVD quality.

A blu-ray release is still a possibility, but earlier seasons may not get the HD treatment. We do know seasons 8-10 are available in HD, but up until now 1-7 were SD only. All the effects for the show for those early seasons were likely rendered in SD, so it's doubtful they'd get redone.

Updated visuals are from the "final cut" version of the pilot I think, which is shorter than the original. I believe it was only released as a stand alone DVD, not part of any season set but I could be wrong: