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u/therealbman · 17 pointsr/StartledCats

Spray all your cords every week.

Wrap your really expensive items in capsaicin electrical tape.

Neither will harm your cat but they definitely won't enjoy either taste. You should make an effort to organize and hide your cables in plastic sleeves/PVC pipe/something that looks good first.

One of my cats LOVES soy based cords. Won't touch anything else. The other won't eat any cords at all.

Finally, add some more positive play time to their day. Your cat may just be bored.

u/Nistune · 3 pointsr/StartledCats

I also have this cat tree and ours love it. But we do have small cats.

Our tripod cat absolutely loves the basket thingy, and it's her main sleeping place, however our other cat who is slightly bigger doesn't like it. They both enjoy perching on the middle level, and our bigger cat loves the very top perch.

I would say it's good if you have medium/small cats but if you have huge boys parts will be a squeeze.

Here it is for anyone looking for it.

u/LollyHutzenklutz · 2 pointsr/StartledCats

If you’re still checking this post, here’s the link! It’s $65 (plus shipping if you don’t have Prime - thankfully I do), which is pretty good for the size and quality. My cats don’t use the hammock or tiny cubby holes, but otherwise really love it.

u/ColonelBewbs · 1 pointr/StartledCats

I got it on Amazon actually, the boyfriend and I had fun putting it together.

Bought it "used" for cheaper but got it looking like new.

P.s. sorry about the late response I logout of my account to change what might I see on the front page.

u/Geographer · 1 pointr/StartledCats

These things are amazing.
(corporate shill here btw)

u/catmyonlyfriend · 1 pointr/StartledCats

It's Pusheeen! There's different ones too. Like this cookie one.

That's pretty much all my christmas list is.

u/PenguinColada · 1 pointr/StartledCats

It is the SSS cat trainer. Pretty much canned air with a sensor.

u/SenorDing_Dong · 2 pointsr/StartledCats


I also recommend this. The first time my cat played with one of these he spent about 15 minutes going crazy and then another 15 laying around panting.

u/KashEsq · 1 pointr/StartledCats

This worked remarkably well at keeping my cats off the kitchen counter

u/alanika · 42 pointsr/StartledCats

Ssscat. Although the replacement canisters are kind of expensive, I recently found out that the top is fairly universal and apparently you can just use compressed air from Staples or something. We have gotten to the point that we don't even need it on our counters anymore, and mostly use it if we want to keep the kitties out of a room temporarily, we just set it outside, and they stay away without scratching at the door. We usually don't even turn it on anymore.

u/AngelOfLight · 15 pointsr/StartledCats

Over here. They are remarkably efficient. Just one zap was all it took. Now she won't even go near the mats. I'm pretty sure the batteries went dead a long time ago, but she won't approach them for anything.

It's harsh treatment, obviously, but we really had no alternative. We just could not keep her off the sofa, and we had to replace two furniture pieces before we found the mats. My wife was ready to take her for one final trip to the vet. The mat probably saved her life.

u/srslythoooo · 4 pointsr/StartledCats

I think it’s worth a try. Here’s the one I have.. It’s small enough to move it around if you need to, and the canister lasts a while.

u/Sirucus · 3 pointsr/StartledCats

it seems like this is the closest thing but that looks 1/1 scale considering its size compared to the cat.

u/scratchfury · 10 pointsr/StartledCats


u/JHoNNy1OoO · 1 pointr/StartledCats

I bought mine in July of this year off Amazon. As you can see in the description 3 C batteries. If I would have known beforehand, the trigger would not have been pulled!

u/Bollomatron · 3 pointsr/StartledCats

Trixie TX2 Automatic Food Dispenser, 300 ml/ 27 × 7 × 24 cm, Granite/ Black

Might not be the same in the US???

u/IAMAgentlemanrly · 19 pointsr/StartledCats

Shoots a little bit of air at them. Here's the product

u/scubadoodles · 20 pointsr/StartledCats

Hold please...
Book 1: I Am Maru

Book 2: I am Maru 2 (Maru Desu 2)

DVD: I Am Maru Mugumogu [DVD]

Shirt: CafePress - I am Maru. Light T-Shirt - 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Sorry if the format is a effed up. Did this live from the toilet on mobile. (Fixed)