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u/[deleted] · 3 pointsr/StraightPegging

For the best beginner experience, the dildo needs to have an adequate insertable length and a comfortable diameter. I advise strongly against pegging kits I've seen from otherwise great brands; they are a waste of money and can provide a bad first time pegging experience. Why? Dildo is too short at 4-inches and harness is flimsy (straps don't provide a snug fit low enough on her pubis bone which you need for control). I've been pegging for 15 years and have taken many pegging v-cards. My number one recommendation for a dildo is the Vixen Creations Mistress Dildo. You can find it on Amazon for $42. The best reasonably priced harness I have used as of late is the U Strap Avalon Jock Style Strap on Harness also available on Amazon for around $30. I have suggestions on how to improve the harness out of the box if you go with this one. DM for those. I suggest water-based for pegging because silicone lube ruins silicone toys and lube gets all over the giver's hands making them very slick. The giver needs her hands free and clear to guide the dildo. I keep a damp black washcloth by me at all times when pegging to deal with excess lube on my hands. I use Wet Light Liquid Water-Based (also available from Amazon at about $8) All USD. I can give you reasons why all of the above are my tried and trues for budget friendly pegging but this would make the post long. Wishing you and your pegging princess happy pegging. Welcome to the #peggingrevolution. :)


Didlo (link is to a glitter dildo, but they come in black too):


u/queenofkitchens · 7 pointsr/StraightPegging

Thank you! ☺️ I’m pretty fond of the way it looks myself! It’s a Sportsheets! They’ve got a version that has the bullet vibe pocket, but lots of reviews I read say the pocket doesn’t put the vibe in the right place. It didn’t seem like a necessity for me at this point, so I couldn’t see paying almost double for something that may be useless. I also considered a brief style harness since they look great for beginners, but I wanted the sexiness factor a jock style harness has. They just look sexier to me.

I will! When we talked he asked what about it exactly turned me on, if it was a dominance thing. I didn’t really have the right words to express it then, but I knew it wasn’t that hardcore femdom type of stuff most people automatically pull up in their minds. Now I realize it’s about the sensuality, vulnerability, and trust. Often we don’t see the vulnerability from men. And if I’m being honest, it’s just him I want to peg. I’ve never ever thought about it with any of the other partners I’ve had.

I’ve got a video I want us to watch together that I think really conveys that level of sensuality and vulnerability I’ve got in my mind. We just haven’t had time to watch in recent weeks. I think I’ll start with that versus just popping out of the closet all geared up. 😆

Thanks for the birthday wishes! I never dreamed I’d be buying myself gear for my 30 something birthday!

u/TRIPLEOHSEVEN · 2 pointsr/StraightPegging

Firmness is fine, but width on a soft dildo beats a thinner hard dildo any day of the week.

I recommend the Outlaw by Vixen, its large, yes, but it is also deliciously soft and fills me up as it pounds my prostate just right. Plus she can slip in in DEEEEP and that's a whole nother amazing feeling once you build up to it.

u/kjnsh7171 · 1 pointr/StraightPegging

Sure man - I'll even do a follow-up comment when I have a chance to talk to him about it (he's out with the kid right now).

I know that he did a workbook, here's the link to the one he chose, I think per recommendation from the counselor:

He not only went through and did every exercise in order, he went through it a second time with a good friend. Per him, this one was most effective.

Here's another book he read, to directly deal with panic attacks (to be fair, he gave this one mixed reviews):

He used meditation a LOT - mostly apps on his phone, the usual ones that you've probably heard of - and for a while did meditation every single day. He still does meditation from time to time when things get overwhelming.

Lastly but not leastly, he went on a very low dose of Lexapro. He's calm enough now that I wonder sometimes if he still needs the meds, but frankly, it's his body his business and for all I know the meds are what is making the calmness happen! ^^; I do think it's important to note that he's never had to use a higher dose, and I think the techniques he learned which halted the spiral.

Last, CBD... do you mean cannabis, or controlled behavioral therapy? We have not done marijuana since The Incident and likely never will again ^^; I think some of what he worked through was controlled behavioral therapy.... but I'll ask him tonight :)

u/Landscapeplease · 2 pointsr/StraightPegging

Make some time for yourself. Plenty of time. Get a bottle of lube and a smaller size dildo. (Not a hard vibrator) cover your bed with towels. Slowly start to play with yourself. Find what feels good. Keep a slow pace. Remember that your exploring. After sometime, your going to feel a warm comfort come over you. Your going to want to speed up. Go into the shower and continue picking up the pace. It might get messy. (I suggest buying bidet)you can use it before, during and after. You will feel an orgasm build. It will be like no other. Don't force it. If you get there, congratulations. If you don't, try again in a couple of days. Once you get more comfortable with your body, start involving your wife again.

u/PeggggedHubbbbzzz · 2 pointsr/StraightPegging

So much fun! Impressed with the vibrant quality as well. We used a lot and probably could get another 1 or 2 uses for each of us.

Cheaper than lube!

u/TOC87 · 2 pointsr/StraightPegging

Not really pastel, but Vixen Creations makes the Mistress in turquoise

It's a good beginner size too.

u/Nubbies907 · 2 pointsr/StraightPegging

It takes some time but you’ll get use to it. Just need to learn to relax a little and tell the wife not quite so hard and fast. Slow grinding action and do not pull all the way out. Do you feel like the length or the girth is giving you problems?

My wife doesn’t give me much of a warm up. I use my butt plug to get things ready for her. No fingers or anything else. She starts out with the Vixskin Slim in a slow grinding motion until she’s worked her way into my ass hard and fast. Never pulling completely out, then she switches. Over to an off-brand dildo that she got at a local bookstore that is 2” x 8”. She says it makes me squirm more, but she breaks me in the same way she does with the Vixskin Slim. If she feels I haven’t had enough, but she’s getting a little tired. Then it is onto a hand-held medium Falcon Manrammer. She never pulls quite all the way out so that air is pushed in. But you’ll feel well used once she is done.

u/adickted2 · 1 pointr/StraightPegging

I bought one on amazon.Unfortunately couldnt find to send the link.After digging further,Happy to share

Works for both of us !!

u/jon_esp · 2 pointsr/StraightPegging

Nice. Silicone trivets (the thing you put under a hot pan or pot to protect a table or counter -- look in the kitchen section) frequently have a workable pattern. Holes in right places, flexible, and durable as hell. [Five] bucks and a couple of belts or scarves, and you get to smile inside as your uptight sister-in-law asks you to pass the mashed potatoes.

u/frappypants · 3 pointsr/StraightPegging