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u/Kevaughn · 1 pointr/Sudbury

I'll give away my 2gig ipod shuffle 3rd generation to make up the karma instead. It has no headphones or Charger, but you can get one from amazon for 1 penny.

If you want the iPod just reply to this comment. I will choose a winner when I get home from festivities on Christmas night.

u/pdblouin · 3 pointsr/Sudbury

Then again, during peak times Uber has pretty crazy surge pricing to balance supply and demand. Edit: People are always suprised at surge pricing, with very little sympathy as the app makes it annoyingly clear. And another example from New Year's.

Taxis being forced to have a fixed price means that can't happen, so demand outstrips supply. Some argue that it's more accessible for everyone when prices are fixed, but the flip side is that yeah, no one can get a cab at peak times, so it's not really more accessible.

I personally like the adaptable prices. Many transit systems also have peak prices so that people who aren't forced to use a service at peak time will have an incentive to offload their usage to when there is less stress on the system.

Where I lose most people is when I point out that peak pricing could do great things for parking and roads, too.

u/cmeilleur1337 · 1 pointr/Sudbury

Happened to me in Capreol last year. My Wifes Kayak. We had photos of it and plastered it all over facebook and i believe i posted it here as well. We ended up getting it back because we tracked it down ourselves and turned the heat up. Local law enforcement was a joke when it came to it. It was taken by some rather unsavoury people that have their hands in MANY dealings, which we reported to LEO's and they seemed to not give a shit. When we got it back, it was found in the bushed no more then 200m from their back yard....

As for ways to lock it up a simple cable lock should do. It can be put through the drain hole. Not fool proof, but still an inconvenience to anyone trying to steal it.