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u/outrushoutdoors · 3 pointsr/SuperiorHikingTrail

I M a big fan of fancee feast alcohol stoves and have been using them for years. I've made mine for around 10 to 12 dollars. There is a small learning curve to them, but they are very lightweight, silent, and you can find the fuel in just about any gas station. Shug does a pretty good job showing them in this video

I used to use your standard msr jet type of stove and they work great. Just really loud and the fuel is kinda bulky/costly.

For a pot, I use this stanley cookset Stanley Adventure Camp Cook Set 24oz Stainless Steel

Or a small grease pot from Walmart.

If I know I am going to be gone for a while and want to keep my fuel weight down, I bring my fancee feast stove and a twig stove (bush buddy). This allows me to boil over a wood stove when I have dry sticks and I have the option of putting the fancee feast stove inside the bush buddy when I want to boil over alcohol.

u/Nod_lew · 3 pointsr/SuperiorHikingTrail

Thru-Hike the Superior Hiking Trail: A comprehensive guide about planning, resupplying, safety, bears, bugs and more

Get the Kindle app for your phone and you’re set and can even reference it from the trail. Resupply info, by itself, is well worth the price of the book.

u/duluth55811 · 1 pointr/SuperiorHikingTrail

thanks for the reply!

I've been looking at the Sawyer PointOne Squeeze Though i've been seeing some having problems with their bags leaking for this model, but doesnt seem to be a major issue. It is though, a lot cheaper than the GravityWorks .. but i must agree, the look and ease of the gravityworks makes me want to spend the extra cash to get it.

u/Azdle · 1 pointr/SuperiorHikingTrail

I don't see a problem with it, especially if you sleep hot like I do. I just did a night at split rock with only this: and a sleeping pad.

Just bring a pair of sleeping-only socks because your feet are going to end up poking out in the night and you'll want a dry pair to be ready for that.