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u/[deleted] · 4 pointsr/Swimming

The acceptable house rules may vary from place to place. If you are alone in a lane, enjoy it! But mostly like you may need to share. In some places sharing means each stay to half of the lane, only 2 people per lane. In other places, sharing means going in a circle around the lane, that way 3+ can share. In the later case, hopefully people are near your pace, but more diligence is needed to know when to pull over and let faster people by. (Stop at the walls, not the middle.) Can also ask the lifeguard on duty what the lap rules/practices are.

You can also do a workout with sets in a lap pool. I know it was something that I was concerned about when I got back into swimming a few years ago. I used a book that provided some structure for independent training, Swim Workouts for Triathletes. I found it pushed me to do better distance, but not too much on speed.

My other suggestion for you, join a masters program. They provide the structure you've had in the past. Your speed/pace doesn't matter, there are people of all levels. My masters team has people that do training sets of 100 Free anywhere from 2:30 to 1:00. This has helped me get faster and swim better distances. For reference, when I joined last year, my 100 yard training pace was 1:45, now sitting around 1:30. I also tried out open water swimming and absolutely love it. I swam a 1 mile and 2 mile "race" last summer. Super fun! The other fun part of a masters team, it is pretty social. I've met some awesome folks of all ages since joining.

u/fatsmcgee · 1 pointr/Swimming

Personally, I have had more success focusing on what the arms should be doing rather than focusing on what the elbow shouldn't be doing. You want to "reach over the barrel" and put your forearm and hand in a position where they can act as a paddle, pulling straight back. When your elbow drops, you are pushing down on the water as much as pulling back.

Different visualizations,cues, and drills click for different people. By far my favorite resource on developing a strong pull (which centers around a high elbow catch) is this book:

I would recommend looking up "high elbow catch" on youtube. There are many excellent instructional videos out there. I'd also recommend looking at videos of elite swimmers, like this guy:

Or any of the swimmers here:

You are right that limited flexibility can hinder the correct pulling position. You will get more flexible just by swimming, but you can also do stretches out of the pool to improve flexibility quicker. The book I linked to mentions some of these stretches. This is also a good protocol:

u/hemlocky_ergot · 1 pointr/Swimming

I think it would be really beneficial for you to break up your swims a little. It really will help with your stamina. Instead of attempting a straight 2,000 meter swim, why not try 4x500m with like two minute breaks between every 500?

Or you could do 10x200m. Or you could do like 200m swim, 200m pull, 200m kick.

When I first started swimming I got this book:

And it really, really, really helped with my workouts. Building up the endurance and mental strength to do a 10k (even in a pool) really is an effort. Also, from what I heard, if you don't do the right drills or have the right technique you can cause injuries. This is why things like catch-up, fists, and body rotation drills are so important.

Also, with the longer distances, it really helps to do flipturns, it increases your speed and I've been told it reduces stress on your shoulders.

I don't know much about how to keep track if you can't wear a watch, maybe you could google it? Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I'm not as experienced as a lot of the distance swimmers in the forum, not even close- but I can try to help. There are a lot of amazing distance swimmers in r/swimming.

u/Hanako_T · 1 pointr/Swimming

We must evaluate the automatic swimming watch and lap counter more objectively. The automatic swimming watch, such as SWIMMO, is good. And the lap counter is also good enough. Depends on your swimming level and your choice.

Automatic swimming watches, which detect your turning and stroke with embedded sensor/ accelerometer, work perfectly for some normal-to-advanced swimmer. If your turning skill or stroke skill wasn't good enough, or swimming in a crowded pool, the sensor will always can't detect your action efficiently, and will record mistake.

But as to lap counter, such as COUNTU Goal, it is manual operating. You know, lap counter fit for any level swimmer, pretty easy to use. Like COUNTU, it can alarm you according to preset lap or time. I thought lap counter is enough for the majority.

u/Exponan · 1 pointr/Swimming

I wear a Casio W800H-1AV all the time when I guard and teach. It has a stopwatch which I've used to time myself doing lap swims. I`ve swam tons of lengths, dove down 5m, and spent hours in the water with it without any problem.

It's $12.19 right now on amazon

It's 100m Water Resistant, the only thing to note is that the watch face can get scratched pretty easy. But it's really easy to use and it's cheap.

Absolutely love it and highly recommend it. Sometimes I don't know what I'd do without it.

u/tom_choe · 1 pointr/Swimming

I use COUNTU Goal as my daily swimming tracker. It’s finger ring device and fairly easy to use. COUNTU Goal has a very useful function, lap/time vibrate alarm function.

COUNTU Goal can record the following swimming matrix: Total time, Total laps, Average time for each lap, Fastest lap time, slowest lap time, Individual lap time for every lap…

As for automatic tracker, they always lost track because of swimmer's technique level or pool environment. So I recommend COUNTU Goal more.

Hope useful. Good luck.

u/kaythetall · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I'm a couple months in practicing on my own. I had lessons as a kid, but hadn't really swum more than a few meters (other than lounging around) in twenty years.

I've gone from around 90 seconds to go 50m to about 55s, swimming twice a week for half an hour. I feel like I'm making slow but steady progress, but I also am reading quite a bit from the library. The drill structure in Total Immersion sounds goofy, but is very rewarding so far. It does assume some swimming experience. And Swimming Fastest is huge but very detailed on proper form.

I never really felt like Youtube videos could explain what and why things were happening. I need really, really slow-motion that I can watch for multiple swimmers to see what they do differently, and the same. That doesn't seem to exist at high rez.

u/greatsharma · 1 pointr/Swimming

I recommend COUNTU Goal, even though it can't match your requirement.

COUNTU Goal can record the following swimming matrix: Total time, Total laps, Average time for each lap, Fastest lap time, slowest lap time, Individual lap time for every lap… More important function is its vibrate alarm function according to your preset lap or time.

It's very easy to use, and very tiny device like a finger ring. More important, only $38.

Hope helpful.

u/arosey · 1 pointr/Swimming
  1. Increasing both your aerobic and lung capacity. When doing laps in freestype, take set rest intervals. 10 seconds rest after each 25m may be good to start, then string together longer distances (50m with :20). A great way to build lung capacities are touch-and-gos in the deep end - start at the wall, swim down to the bottom of the pool, touch it with your palm then swim up and touch the wall again. Do those a bunch at the end of each workout.

  2. Integrate weight training, definitely. Focus on pulling movements and your core muscles. You use your abs and hips far more than most people realize in swimming.

  3. Like /u/fiddlestix42, I prefer the Swedish goggles. It's important to note that you shouldn't make these too tight, since they don't have a rubber or foam gasket and can really start to hurt after long sessions. I love them.
u/gobiasblue · 1 pointr/Swimming

This book is great for technique and has some good swim workouts. 60 feet is a bit short but fine to get started. You're actually better off not pushing off the wall as far and really trying to get some good long strokes in.

u/TheGreatCthulhu · 1 pointr/Swimming

spartanKid at least is too young to remember the Man From Atlantis TV program.... :-)

Ernie Maglischo's Swimming Fastest is the definitive swimming book and based the measurements/studies you've talked about. People such as Doc Counsilman spent their career on the fluid mechanics measurements of swimming. It's only recently (last 10/15 years) for example that the actual propulsive forces have been properly identified.

It is actually a great book, particularly enjoyable to those of us with a geekish aspect, I think you'd enjoy it. Long chapters on drag forces, propulsive forces, biological energy systems, metabolic training effects along with the specific strokes, distance & sprint training etc.

u/xswim · 1 pointr/Swimming

For your purpose, swimming lap counter is recommended.

I use COUNTU Goal as my daily swimming tracker. COUNTU Goal can record Total time, Total laps, Average time for each lap, Fastest lap time, slowest lap time, Individual lap time for every lap…. Plus it has a very useful function, lap/time vibrate alarm function.

As for me, this small finger ring tracker is very useful. Hope helpful.

u/richard-pak · 1 pointr/Swimming

My workout is only swimming. I had Garmin device previously. Honestly, they are good, but a little expensive. And mostly, I only want to record my lap number and time. So currently, I always use COUNTU Goal as my daily swimming device.

COUNTU Goal is finger ring device, pretty small. It can record Total time, Total laps, Average time for each lap, Fastest lap time, slowest lap time, Individual lap time for every lap and a very useful function, lap/time vibrate alarm function.

I thought it's enough for my swimming workout.

u/ebola1025 · 1 pointr/Swimming

This is what i use for laps/ lengths. It's great, and there's a few different models available. I've never personally tried a watch for swimming, but somebody mentioned one from Garmin so maybe check that out too. Good luck

u/lnenad · 5 pointsr/Swimming

Can i recommend this book to you, it is really good and really well written. It has exercises for all areas of swimming and explains why those exercises are good for you, as a swimmer.

u/Bitter_Side · 3 pointsr/Swimming

This book

Though designed for triathletes, it actually has a wide variety of workouts. I found it great at offering a structure and variety. I did about every workout in the book before I joined a masters team.

Best part about the book, it can get wet! So can bring it poolside.

u/pitagrape · 4 pointsr/Swimming

Complete Conditioning for Swimming. Great book.

Beyond books, I'm becoming a big fan of YouTube vids and instructional series. I just watched and took notes on the Race Club's kicking series - good stuff!

u/FRE802 · 3 pointsr/Swimming

I'm in the same position. I was a competitive swimmer when I was younger and now I'm getting back into it. What's helped me is setting a schedule with goals for each workout - i.e. today is my speed day, Friday is my distance day, and Sunday is my drill day. Doing this keeps me focused, helps me tailor my workouts, and gives me measurable progress. I've just started using a swimming workout book (link here) and I like it so far, but I haven't been using it long enough to give a full review. You might also want to talk to your master's coach and see if you can figure something out that works with your schedule. For instance, you could join the team swims every Saturday morning and have your coach give you the next week's workouts so you can do them on your own time.

u/G_Jeong · 1 pointr/Swimming

Currently, I use COUNTU Goal to record my swimming workout. COUNTU Goal is an durable and easy to use sports timer and lap counter, it can record Total time, Total laps, Average time for each lap, Fastest lap time, slowest lap time, Individual lap time for every lap… More important function is its vibrate alarm function according to your preset lap or time. But it’s not an automatic device through inertial sensor, and you need to press button to record laps when turning.

Actually, I used automatic swimming watch to record my workout, such as Garmin and Fitbit. But I found they make mistake occasionally, if your turning action is not so good, or some person push in the pool. So I thought maybe manual device is suit for me better.

Hope my experience is helpful for you.

u/Thisnameiswaytoolong · 3 pointsr/Swimming

I bought one of these Lap Counters It works really nice. It slips around your finger and you press the button with your thumb during a flip turn. I got the one that also keeps time for me. I really love it.

u/doublestop23 · 1 pointr/Swimming

Here are some books that might help:

u/MiniXP · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I just finished reading Swim Speed Secrets, which talks a lot about the pull phase of swimming as being the part where most of your speed is coming from. I have been doing tris for a couple years now and wanted to start to focus in on my swimming technique more. I liked the book for this and I am already seeing some improvement.

I know some people don't like this book because it leaves out some of the other parts of the stroke, but I think as long as you are aware of that it is a good read.

u/saitoxx · 1 pointr/Swimming

Must be COUNTU Goal.

I use COUNTU Goal as my daily swimming tracker. It’s finger ring device and fairly easy to use. COUNTU Goal has a very useful function, lap/time vibrate alarm function. Would recommend.

u/stephishking · 2 pointsr/Swimming

My favorite is Gold in the Water by PH Mullen. It's really inspiring. Reviews and stuff on Amazon

u/Zankwa · 2 pointsr/Swimming

You can buy little sprays of swimming anti-fog off Amazon or probably at a sport store. Usually spray it once at the beginning, but sometimes you don't need to do it every swim. Been using this one and find it works well.

The fogging is basically your original anti-fog coating that may have come with the goggles is already wearing off. There's not much to do besides spraying it with anti-fog and rinsing it. Rinse is thoroughly as you don't want this in your eyes.

u/choseph · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I have some blood vessels close to the surface, so blowing out through my nose under water can give me random bloody noses for the season. I get your sensitivity too (only outside, not pools).

Get some nose plugs. I tried 3-4 different kinds and finally liked the cressi. When I first started wearing them, I had to adjust them every second lap. Then my breathing improved to not contrort my face so much and I rarely if ever adjust them, in pool or a 2.4mi OW. I like the cressi because I can make them the right tighness and they grip better than those crap plastic or other materials.

u/guscrown · 2 pointsr/Swimming

Hi /u/murphalicious55, I'm not sure if I am in any position to give advice, since I've been swimming for a small period of time.

These are the things that I did:

1.- Swim more. I go to the pool 4 times a week, and I average around 2500yd per session.

2.- No lollygagging in the pool. I use to swim with a team of Triathletes, but I found that I tend to socialize more when other people are around, and I would take very long breaks at the wall. When I'm alone, I just keep on doing my own thing.

3.- I bought a book. I bought this book and it's companion workout book. Really good information.

4.- I have a friend that has been a swimmer since he was a kid, he is a very competitive Age Grouper in Ironman 70.3 races, he's usually 1st or 2nd out of the water. About 2 times a month he comes to the pool with me and shows me some drills, and also takes a look at my stroke and tries to correct it.

I'm planning a 3 month swimming block that will begin in October, and I will concentrate on the swim and see if I can reach my goal of swimming 25min for the 1500m swim in an Olympic Tri. That's a 1:31/100yd pace (1:40/100m).

u/Panfrances143 · 2 pointsr/Swimming

Same boat. I use this book. Ive found that unless i have a workout spelled out for me I'll be in the hottub after 1500 yards lol

The Waterproof Coach: The Waterproof Workout Book for Fitness Swimmers and Triathletes

u/HistoricalEfficiency · 2 pointsr/Swimming

Look into a masters program/team. They take people of all levels, so don't be fooled by the masters name.

If you don't want to join a masters team or there isn't a swim team nearby, look into books or online workouts that cater to multiple weeks and variation. Before I joined a masters team, I was using Swim Workouts for Triathletes. I know you mentioned, you won't or can't do triathlons, but this book provides nice structured swim workouts.

u/waspbr · 1 pointr/Swimming

I swim with the sony NWZ-S13 waterproof walkman, which also has bluetooth support so they aren't limited to use in the pool. Of course you cannot use bluetooth inside the pool.

If you dont care about bluetooth they have a cheaper line.

They work great as long as you take the time to choose the right earbud size for your ears. Also, never press the buttons underwater, but this is a non-issue.

u/MissCarlotta · 1 pointr/Swimming

You can get Ultra Swim online at a variety of retailers, though during early summer it also crops up in stores like Target and Wal-Mart. Individually it should run about $4 a bottle and its available as an add-on item at that price on Amazon

u/Polyfauna · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I use quick spit spray and it’s worked well for me.

Jaws Quick Spit Antifog Spray, 1-Ounce

u/Derp_McNasty · 4 pointsr/Swimming

Workouts In A Binder It has thick, waterproof pages as well.

u/alasknfiredrgn · 1 pointr/Swimming

College and Olympic swimmers are all racing in jammers these days which influences the sport a lot. You don't want loose shorts for lap swimming because its like pulling a parachute through water. They actually make "drag suits" just for that reason, think ankle weights while running/walking. Age group and high school swim teams that swim at my pool (San Diego, CA) are a mix of swim briefs (speedos) and jammers. Masters swimmers like me are all over the place but about half of us wear the square-cut trunk style suits like this. Jammers take to long to dry in my swim bag and I dont like all the fabric squeezing my thighs. I'd wear briefs if I was still under 18% BMI. But I'm closer to 25% and dont want to be "that guy". I feel the square cuts are more appropriate for us old guy lap swimmers and masters. Thats just my opinion though. One of the advantages of being old guy/banana hammock is that usually zero fucks are given, regardless of emotional trauma they might be inflicting on innocent bystanders in the vicinity.

u/garrettofdoom · 1 pointr/Swimming

I always have trouble with my mind wandering and can never reliably keep track of where I am in my set so I use a lap counter in the pool. Something similar to this:(

I wear it on my pointer finger and push it right before ever flip turn. At first I had trouble rememebering to push it, but after a session or two it came completely naturally.

Thus far it's been the simplest, cheapest and easiest way i've found to keep track of laps.

u/nova_rae · 2 pointsr/Swimming

I listen to music while I swim. My only complaint about my headphones is that I can't pull my cap over them. I use Sony NWWS413LM 4GB Sports...

u/trogon · 1 pointr/Swimming

I use these:

They have rubber grips which keep them from sliding. I have the same problem.

u/De1ph · 6 pointsr/Swimming

All goggles no matter how good they are lose their anti fog coating sooner or later. I simply started to use this and the problem went away completely: